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Learning to Play Piano – Can the Piano Be Learned in a Few Weeks?

Can you really learn to play piano in just a few weeks? The answer of course has to be yes and no. You learn to drive a car with just a few hours of tuition.

Beginner Electric Guitar Packages: What You Get

Start learning the electric guitar the right way with a beginner electric guitar package. These packages provide everything need to get started including a guitar, amp, gig bag, and many helpful accessories.

Learning to Play Piano – Benefits of Learning Music

Playing piano can be learned by several methods. Self taught by copying others and generally working out tunes. This can be effective and some great musicians have learned this way. The benefits of learning music out way not learning music when learning to play piano.

Which Special Occasion or Party DJs Are The Best?

We are having a party tonight, and we are going to have a great time. If that sounds familiar, then you will have to choose one of the best DJs to perform at your party. After all, a party is supposed to be a special event, and what could possibly be better for a special event, than providing your guests the very best music possible.

Guitar Accessories: Other Essential Goodies

Are you looking for the right guitar accessories? If you want to know more about essential doodads that you may want to consider throwing in your back pack, gym bag, or all-leather monogrammed accessories case, read on.

How Did Rock Music Change America

Precisely how rock ‘n’ roll got its name probably never will be definitively answered, but there can be no doubt that it entered popular usage thanks to a disc jockey named Alan Freed, a “wild, greedy and dangerous man” who was, in the mid-1950s, “the dominant nighttime personality on radio in New York City.” Almost exactly half a century ago he changed the name of his show to “Rock ‘n’ Roll Dance Party” and began to plug the music of black rhythm-and-blues performers as well as the young whites who began to copy and reinterpret their work.

Where Are the Korean Female Hip Hop Rappers At?

Where are the REAL female hip hop rappers? There are all-girl groups that comes up when searching for female Korean hip hop, such as the Wonder Girls, but they are clearly more of a pop group similar to the pretty boy groups of the USA, complete with snazzy outfits and all. The roots of real hip are not here, where stories of struggles and street life were vented and expressed, back in the 80s and 90s. Skim is a Korean rapper who incorporates traditional Korean folk music and is definitely not of the conventional mainstream (being openly queer is one of these unconventional traits), but that is what makes her all the better and extremely refreshing, in my opinion.

Create A Unique DJ Sound And Style – Get DJ Gigs!

Part of being a successful DJ is creating your unique DJ sound. Anything is possible in the DJ world. For you to have a chance at real success, locally, nationally or internationally, you’ll need to stand out from the rest and create your own unique style.

How To Become A DJ – Learn To Play DJ Gigs

Still wondering why you should become a DJ? From the girl who can’t keep away from the music at her friend’s party to the cocktail bar DJ right through to Carl Cox and Deep Dish; any music fan who feels the need to spread the music passion is essentially a disc jockey in one form or another. If this sounds like you, then you can become a DJ too.

Learn to Play Piano – Musical Signs

Musical signs form part of the code needed to read music. The signs can be fun to learn and rewarding as your knowledge increases with each new sign learned. You will in effect be learning a foreign language and learning how much fun music can be to learn.

Learn to Play Piano – 5 Elements of Music to Learn First

In order to learn to play any musical instrument it is necessary to learn a small amount about music. Difficulties in understanding the instrument are compounded when you do not understand music or the instrument. Music is quite simply a map that provides a musician with the information needed to play the right notes.

Learn to Play Piano – 5 Elements of Music to Learn Before Taking Lessons

Learning to play piano or any musical instrument needs knowledge of the code that allows music to be read and to make sense. To ensure that you are able to learn to play piano learning the basics of music will ensure you can concentrate on the instrument rather than both learning music and the piano at the same time.

Types of Karaoke Downloads Available on the Internet

Karaoke is still the craze. So if you want create your own karaoke experience there are plenty of sites all over the internet to help you do this. But first you will have to understand the different types of karaoke downloads available.

How Online Karaoke Music Has Changed Karaoke For The Better

Online karaoke music has changed karaoke for the better. No longer do you have to get up in front of a bunch of strangers and perform a song you aren’t completely prepared to play.

Flamenco – Where to Enjoy Spain’s Soul Music

Where can you witness the best flamenco? Surprisingly, the answer often enough is: “In New York City!” That’s because the best practitioners of this passionate art form spend a good part of their career performing for high pay at venues outside their home country.

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