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How To Improve Singing – Show Off Your Golden Voice

There are many ways to improve your singing. Practice will always be part of it. Discipline and heart are also necessary in becoming a better singer.

Best Ryan Adams Albums Everyone Should Own

For a few years, Ryan Adams was churning out songs and albums faster than most people could keep up with. I’ve put together the best Ryan Adams albums everyone should own. And I’ve got some reasons why as well.

Grab Your Glow Sticks And Get That Jet Set Body Moving!

The electronic dance scene has taken the world by storm and is causing my fellow Jet Setters around the world to jump (literally) for joy. But, what do you really know about this music?

Bohemian Rhapsody – Alive and, Well, Well

What do Freddie Mercury, Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, the Moymoy Palaboys, the K-State Clarinet Choir, and Robert Wilkinson have in common? Give up? They’ve all performed Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody to throngs of willing listeners – the most recent performance being that of…

The Big Bang Theory of Beat Making

Once you select your beat making software you are going to want to get a solid kick bass sound to anchor your beat. There is nothing quite as lame as an anemic sounding kick bass drum in your mix. Read how you can fix this…

The Best Brandi Carlile Songs and Why

Brandi Carlile has one of the best voices in music today. He voice has the subtleties of Joni Mitchell and she can wail like Patsy Cline. But as a songwriter, I’m really connected to her songwriting. These are the best brandi carlile songs. I had to really sift her discography and make some tough decisions. But, after some serious though, this is what I came up with.

The Songwriting Process: Finding What Works for You

Which songwriting process works best for you? Try some of these different approaches to writing a song to find your best fit.

Lyric Writing – How to Turn Cliche Phrases Into New Ideas

Sometimes we just can’t ignore using cliche phrases, but when writing lyrics it’s best to include fresh ideas to keep your listeners interested in what you’re saying. We’ll look at how to do that in this article, while taking a look at the song “Breakeven” by the Script.

The Appeal Of New Age Piano

Just what is New Age piano music? Pianist Donovan Johnson explains.

Acoustic Tone Woods

A few things to consider when selecting an acoustic instrument, guitars in particular. An advancing musician will usually gravitate toward solid woods. If tone is of little concern, a laminated guitar will work just fine.

Seun Kuti Returns to Los Angeles – A Creative Voice for Change

Last summer I reviewed Seun Kuti’s triumphant performance in Los Angles… After seeing him again last Friday night at UCLA’s Royce Hall, and because of the wonderful response to the previous article, I thought I’d run it again.

Music Playing for Beginners

Many of us adults, and children too, are fascinated when we hear music, or when we watch music being played,whether its a music video, concert, or at an event. Music has the power to captivate us, excite us, and even to make our sometimes not so good days better. We watch in awe and in a bit of jealousy as the drummer or guitarist play the beautiful or exciting melody that has our senses flying. You think to yourself; I wish I would to be able to play like that, not for the fame, but for myself, for the feeling of freedom and relaxation, for the outlet.

Sad Song “Careless Whispers” Review

My collection of music is an assortment of love songs, sad songs, pop songs, dance hits, remixes and so on; you name it you got it here in my jukebox. Among the many sad songs that I have on my favorites, Careless Whispers by WHAM! is the most heart-touching number of all.

Alice Cooper Is the Shock Rocker

Alice Cooper, the king of shock rock is set to tour beginning in Biloxi, MS on Friday, 06/08/2012. The name “Alice Cooper” was chosen because the name was bizarre and had a chilling link to a witch who was burned for possessing magic.

Drum Machine Program Assists Novice Musicians To Create High-Quality and Professional Music

Drum machines are software programs that let you duplicate real drums, right on your computer. There are a few drum machines available online and this article explains a little about the most popular online drum machine.

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