The History Of WAY HUGE Pedals! – With The Man, The Myth The Legend That Is Jeorge Tripps!

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Making the Most From Your Wedding Entertainment Options

One of the most important things when you’re organizing a wedding is ensuring that all your guests will be properly entertained. There are various ways to go about that – and certainly every kind of wedding would require something different in order to please the guests that are attending it. In every case though, you should hire a wedding band to liven up the place, especially if many of your guests share some common music tastes.

Learning How to Sing Correctly

Most people can sing whether they have the raw talent for it or they simply do not have it as long as they can carry a tune. However, learning how to sing correctly may spell the difference for aspiring singers who would like to make it big with their raw talent. There are certain things that people need to understand and learn if they would like to sing better.

Interesting Information About Justin Bieber

Any time you hear Justin Bieber’s songs you will understand that Justin will defeat any other teenage artist on earth. He’s a wonderful singer! His first song “My World” sailed out all over the internet pages and brought him fame as well as the love of his fans. It turned out to be a smashing debut!

Drum Solos – The Highlights That Every Drummer Wants

When you are a drummer, drum solos are excellent instances when you can highlight your talent and skill. In each drummer’s career, he needs to be able to make those solos that are meant to establish himself as a talented drummer. You will need to know what a drum solo will require of you.

Acquiring Bass Drumming With The Best Program Online

Ever dreamed of becoming an expert drummer? Well, if this is one of your earnest desires, you can make it possible today! Nowadays, you can have different bass drumming courses which will help you train and become more skilled in handling your drums.

Bass Guitar Scales: Their Role in Music

It has been said that scales is considered as the foundation of music. Not solos, or rifts, but scales. At the same time, one of the most played instruments is the guitar.

Major Vs Minor Keys and Chords

A very common question I receive is “what’s the difference between major and minor keys” How could C maj be the same as A min? In this article we’ll dig in-depth in to the questions and shed some light on a simple but misunderstood concept.

The Top 5 Best Above and Beyond Songs, And Why

Above & Beyond has quickly risen to the top of the Trance genre with their superb song craft. Here’s a list of their top 5 best songs.

Improving Raw Singing Talent

Some people simply have the raw singing talent which they can improve or enhance. They may do it for personal reasons or as a way for them to be known and to earn as well.

Build Your Skills With Jazz Drumming System

Music is a fundamental part of everyone’s existence. In fact, many people have developed strong fascination in music that they try to learn how to create their own. One of the things that people do in order to show their musical prowess is by playing musical instruments.

Bass Drum Secrets: Taking Your Drumming Skills To The Next Level

Learning to play different musical instruments can be delightful. Today, there are so many people who try to learn how to play their own music with an instrument. One of the instruments that they aim to become skilled in is the bass drum.

Nirvana Found Success With Grunge

There are just a handful of musical artists that can truly be deemed revolutionary. These are the artists who became the standard bearers for a new generation’s musical tastes. This was true of Elvis, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and the Bee Gees. Each one of those artists opened the door for many who followed by creating unique sounds and musical compositions.

The Latest Top Country Songs

Country music has evolved over the years. With its subgenres such as bluegrass, honky tonk and lots of others, the variety of this genre never gets the avid listeners tired. The songs below are arranged in random orders so you’ll have to decide the best country songs according to you preferences. Tell me what you think.

How Ancient Poetry Has Begun To Affect My Songwriting: Part 1

I consider myself a well-rounded person who leads a balanced life. I work hard in the studio and play hard on stage. I manage my time well between strumming soulful ballads, creating complex vocal compositions, and rocking out with my proverbial chicken loose.

Learn Guitar Scales: How To Play The Jazz Minor Scale

Do you know the easiest way to learn all the important minor scales and accelerate your own individual guitar style? You will when you read and use this article.

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