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Warp Riders by The Sword

The Sword, made up of vocalist/guitarist John D. Cronise, guitarist Kyle Shutt, bassist Bryan Richie and drummer Trivett Wingo, hail from the alternative music mecca of Austin, TX. Do not dismiss these guys as some wimpy alt-rock band however, these guys are metal. That’s right kids, the land of SXSW has delivered unto us what is quite possibly the best metal act of the 00′s.

Take Care, Take Care, Take Care by Explosions in the Sky

Explosions In The Sky is an instrumental group founded in Austin, Texas, consisting of drummer Chris Hrasky, and a trio of guitarists: Munaf Rayani, Mark Smith, and Michael James (who splits time between guitar and bass). Often described as post-rock, their music uses typical rock band instrumentation to explore a slightly different musical terrain and texture from what is normally found on rock radio. At times their music can have an almost orchestral quality to it and at others it’s a distortion-laden triple-guitar attack.

U2 Origins

If you studied popular music of the last three decades, you’d be hard-pressed to find a band with the influence on music as well as social and cultural issues as the group U2. Front man, Bono’s strong belief in the triumph of the human spirit over the sometimes horrible human condition is more than well known.

What Do You Need To Put On A Gig?

Are you planning on putting on a gig? This article will give you a few tips on what you will need and how best to make sure it will be successful.

Popular Karaoke Songs And Their Origins

Since the 1980s, singing popular karaoke songs has grown from modest roots to become a worldwide phenomenon. Depending on whom you believe, the practice of karaoke, was created either by Roberto del Rosario of the Philippines or Daisuke Inoue of Japan. The former is the one who holds the patent and claims to have invented it in 1975. He called it the sing-along machine, but only took out the patent in the 1980s. Daisuke Inoue, on the other hand was said to have devised the system, to take a break from his musical career of accompanying singing businessmen.

What Makes Most Bands Split Up?

Are you worried your band might break up? This article will look at some of the main reasons why bands break up, so that hopefully you can avoid it happening to yours.

Learn How to Play Guitar for Beginners – A Must Read

Musical instruments are always special to us. Good music is not only soothing for the ears but also for your mind.

Top Tips to Learn to Play the Guitar

Do you love the guitar? There are lots of people who are interested in music. Music is life for many and they love to live with music.

Parachute And Their Crusade For Fame

Parachute is a pretty young pop rock band, as well as its members. After graduating from college in 2008, some enthusiastic dreamers formed the band that was first called Sparky’s Flaw until one of the biggest skincare brand – Nivea – asked the change of the name. And so, Sparky’s Flaw became Parachute, a “blue-eyed soul, adult pop, Maroon 5-style faux-funk: it’s the Goldilocks of pop-rock, neither too hot nor too cold, but just right” as Fly Magazine depicted it, that started a massive attack for popularity and fame.

What Is Wrong With the Rap Beats?

In this article I discuss the a little bit about the history of rap music and how it basically has peaked in the decade of 1990-2000. What is wrong with the Rap Beats talks about rap music before 1990, rap music after 2000 and about what made the music so good from 1990 to 2000.

Buying A Beginner Drum Set – Know What To Look For

Buying a drum set for the first time can be scary and confusing as well expensive. Which price tag should you go with? What is considered a good drum set, not too expensive but yet not junk? How do I know what a drum set should come with in order for it to be complete? All of these questions and more will be answered!

Popular Karaoke Songs Sang By The Beatles

If there was one pop group that truly captured the spirit of the swinging sixties, then it was the Beatles, and any karaoke event centred around a sixties revival would be sadly lacking without plenty of popular karaoke songs by the Beatles. During the years they were active, from 1962 to 1970, the Beatles produced an incredible 214 original compositions. Often their B-side recordings featured hits as well and some of the LPs intended for the American market, differed expensively from British productions. On the first five albums, love featured prominently as a theme which was perhaps no surprise. John Lennon was at the time very much in love with his wife Cynthia, while Paul McCartney, who dated several girls throughout their rise to fame, also embraced the concept of romance. John Lennon’s young son Julian also inspired a few songs, for example ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ which originated with a picture he drew in pre-school and ‘Hey Jude’, an expression of empathy for the boy by Paul McCartney, during his parents’ divorce. With Beatle mania sometimes reaching fever pitch, this talented group left a treasure trove of memorable recordings.

Some Popular Karaoke Songs By ABBA

During the seventies, the Swedish hit-making machine ABBA were a force to be reckoned with, and today many of their recordings have evolved to a new existence as popular karaoke songs. ABBA was founded by Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Anderson, two Swedish musicians who soon recruited their womenfolk, who were talented singers in their own right, to join them on stage.

Connecting Through Popular Karaoke Songs

Our dreams and aspirations, invisible to those around us, make up a large part of who we are, and singing popular karaoke songs allows us to express those hidden fragments of our being. ‘My heart will go on’, sung by Celine Dion, was the moving theme song played right at the end of the film ‘Titanic’. With its sad but beautiful message about the eternal nature of love, it has become an ideal expression of romantic love, a firm favourite at Valentine or with dating couples.

The Health Benefits Of Popular Karaoke Songs

Popular karaoke songs may appear to be a random indulgence for pleasure, but it has also been said to improve your mental and physical health. Studies have commented on the advantages of music therapy, which stimulates brain activity. Listening to music with a fast tempo, you grow more alert and your concentration levels rise. Slower music, on the other hand, will help you relax and do away with feelings of stress, depression and anxiety. A Professor from Japan, Takeshi Tanigawa specifically studied the effect of regular karaoke sessions on patients and found that they were slightly less prone to heart disease and strokes.

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