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Making Rap And Hip Hop Beats – Sound Like The Pros

Would you like the opportunity to make beats like your favorite hip hop or rap star? If you would, then of course you need to choose a good quality beat program to help you achieve this. With so many beat makers to choose from it can be a bit challenging deciding which to use. This is especially true if you are new to making beat music.

Is There Such a Thing As a FREE Download?

There is no such thing as a free download! Even though it’s true to say that a fan can download a song for free or for supplying their email address. In such cases the Artist or Label meet the cost.

Tips When Buying and Using a Guitar Pick

The guitar pick is one useful tool that offers a lot of benefits. Using one produces a more vibrant sound as compared to playing the guitar with just your fingertips.

Some Thoughts On Buying Guitar Effects Pedals

If you are thinking about buying a guitar effects loop pedal you will already know that it records short passages played on a guitar and plays them back in a repeating loop. Did you also know that these loops of sound can be mixed together to create complex rhythms and harmonies from layers of simpler musical parts? A loop pedal is usually used as a backing track that you can play along with.

Steel Drum Music At Your Wedding Ceremony

Having steel drum music for your wedding ceremony works really well. I have played the steel drums at many weddings in my career and not only have the bride and groom loved hearing the music but all of their guests also loved hearing the tropical steel drum music being played.

Eco-Friendly Guitars – How to Make Your Music “Green”

Dating back to 4,000 years ago, the guitar remains one of the oldest and most widely recognized musical instruments still played today. Wood is the main material used in guitar construction, and in most cases, exotic woods on the brink of extinction are used. But with increasing concerns about deforestation, the time has come to find more sustainable materials for constructing this all important musical instrument.

Something Else By The Kinks – A Review

Something Else By The Kinks (often referred to as just “Something Else”) is frequently cited as one of The Kinks’ very best offerings. It is laid back Britpop at its finest, with the songwriting of Ray Davies hitting a mature and refined feel. It’s no surprise that it ranks in Rolling Stone magazine’s 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time (#288). Here’s my take on why.

Tips for Learning an Instrument

Learning an instrument is a valuable hobby to have not only for entertainment purposes, but also to help train your mind to be flexible and receptive to new skills. Often, the most beneficial aspect of the journey is understanding work involved in the process. The successes of this process depends on your ability to train your ears and coordinate your fingers to work together.

How to Become a Singer

The process of becoming a singer is not as difficult as most people think. Even if you have acquired a modicum of skills, you can already proceed to the next step as long as you have the enthusiasm and the motivation to succeed. Let us say that you already have some vocal training under your belt.

Everything You Should Know About Buying a Guitar

Whether you are looking to embrace your Rock ‘N Roll dream or just learn a new instrument, there is plenty to be learned about purchasing a guitar. Because a guitar is an investment, you want to ensure that it meets your standards both in appearance, price, quality and for the type of music you plan to play.

Do You Need Help Choosing The Rock Guitar Of Your Dreams

There are some decisions in life that are difficult and then there is choosing the rock guitar of your dreams. The choice is endless, Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, Epiphone and each of them with countless models and even variations within the model to confuse you further. So where do you start?

10 Singing Tips For Beginners

Whether you just want to sing for fun or because you want to become a professional there are a few fundamental tips that every singer should know about when they are starting to sing. I have summarized the most important of these in this article below.

Piano Buying Guide

Buying a piano can be a confusing event. Especially when you have so many brands and models to choose from. So to help you take the right decision, here is a basic piano buying guide:

Rockabilly’s Gene Vincent Made Some Of The Wildest Contributions To Rock And Roll

Gene Vincent isn’t exactly a household name to modern fans of pop music. But to Rockabilly fans, he’s one of the all-time great idols. Vincent and his band the Blue Caps accounted for some of the absolute wildest moments in early rock and roll history with an all-out, go-for-broke style. So much so that Rolling Stone magazine has called Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps “the first rock and roll band in the world.”

Have You Ever Tried Buying Left-Handed Guitars?

If you have ever tried to buy left-handed guitars you will know that whilst there are numerous right-handed versions in stock at any one time, the left-handed versions are generally not in stock, not available or on a long lead time. It seems like the ratio of lefty models available represent far less than the 15 percent of people that need that type of guitar. The ability to go out and buy a guitar for lefties is generally accepted and understood as being more difficult, but it really should not be impossible.

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