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The Best James Taylor Songs That Never Made The Charts, Part 2

Everybody knows James Taylor’s classic hits. But what are the best James Taylor songs that didn’t become hits? Find out which ones were the finest that never made the charts.

Important Things to Consider When Selling Your Concert Tickets Online

If you or your loved ones can’t use the concert tickets you purchased, why not sell them and give others the opportunity to enjoy the event? By selling your tickets you not only make a profit, but you also make someone else happy.

An Introduction To The Blues

When did blues emerge? Perhaps you may have heard the mythic “the blues been here since time began, since the first lyin’ woman met the first cheatin’ man.” The simplest and clearest definition of blues is the one used by musicians, as when they say, “Let’s play a blues.”

What Makes a Good Melody?

It doesn’t matter if you’re the frontman running laps around the stage getting all the ladies, if you’re not writing the songs, you’re not getting any dough. Only untalented idiots with no songwriting abilities say things like “I hate catchy melodies” and “I don’t want people to sing along to my songs”. But really, that’s the best thing about songwriting. A crowd connecting with and perhaps even singing along to something that you made up, on the top of your head, at the edge of your bed.

Checking Out Used Yamaha Pianos For Purchase

The Yamaha piano was first built by Torakusu Yamaha in 1900. It is of Japanese origin. Yamaha sets high standards of efficiency, quality, and performance and are the largest manufacturers of pianos in the world. The piano has state of the art design and engineering and is extremely popular. Used Yamaha pianos too are increasingly in demand in western countries especially the digital, grand, upright models.

Buying a Secondhand Piano

As a professional piano tuner, I see lots of different pianos in various states of disrepair. Here I will advise what to watch out for when looking at secondhand pianos so you don’t end up as one of the unlucky few.

The Lopez Brothers Keep Musical Tradition Alive In The Southwest

When it comes to the Lounge Music of Las Vegas, Jerry, Gilbert and Lenny Lopez have kept and continue to keep the tradition alive and kicking. Playing traditional shows around town in classic fashion they form an old school big band called “Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns.” The history behind these talented musicians doesn’t start with Sin City though, in fact it starts in the place Jerry is nicknamed after, Santa Fe!

Sound Mastering and the Loudness Wars

Ever wonder why some songs in your music library are louder than others? Find out the reasons why and learn about how this process affects the quality of your music.

Learn Violin

The violin is well loved and has been around for hundreds of years. Knowing more about the violin can help you decide if it’s right for you.

Practical Tips In Selecting The Right Piano Teacher For Your Kid

Do you want your child to learn a musical instrument or two? It’s pretty interesting, isn’t it? Getting your child to play a musical instrument can have a lot of advantages. For one, it can raise his inherent aesthetic skills even more.

Discussion on Amplifier Functionalities

Some systems contain a simple amplifier. Few of them consist of receiver with combination of radio, preamplifier and power amplifier into a single chassis unit. If in case an integrated amplifier is used it simply is connected via preamplifier and power amplifier.

Simple Guitar Care Tips

The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments. In fact, today it has become a pop culture reference and an icon in the music industry. Several musicians, singers and even dancers would credit the humble guitar with a major part of their success and popularity.

The Basics Of Guitar Chord Lessons

Are you looking for guitar chord lessons? Read on because I will be sharing some basics with you. If you are totally new to the guitar, I hope that by the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of chords and how you can learn them.

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Stevie Nicks’ “Sara”

“Tusk” was the long-awaited followup to “Rumours”, containing Stevie Nicks’ gentle, mystical masterpiece “Sara”. What was behind this song? What was it really about? Find out everything worth knowing about one of Nicks’ greatest songs.

The Best Jim Croce Lyrics, Part 3

Jim Croce wrote lyrics that could be clever, funny and touching. But which ones were his best? Check out this list of the best Jim Croce lyrics from the end of his career.

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