The ICONIC Venues Of Hollywood’s Sunset Strip! – What Makes This Small Strip Of L.A. So Legendary!

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5 Things You Must Consider When Choosing Your GarageBand MIDI Keyboard Controller

Choosing the right MIDI keyboard controller for your GarageBand home studio can be difficult. Here are 5 things to consider before you buy.

How Napster Altered The Music Business

Music entertainment accounts for one of the biggest means of entertainment, even if it’s in the form of a record album, such as Rolling Stones vinyl, or a live concert. Almost every decade throughout the 20th century produced change to the music business, but no era altered the music industry quite like the digital era of the 90s and 2000s that revolutionized the industry. The digital age brought about the creation of the P2P music programs that drove down the prices of music albums and completely destroyed the dependence on physical CDs or records.

Is Newer Better? Old Leadbelly Record Albums On The New Luxury Players

Back in the day everyone had record players to listen to the latest teen idol on. You could have one with David Cassidy’s face on the cover or perhaps you might like Andy Gibb. Now you can’t get a record player with some teen idol’s face on it, nor are they made to just listen to record albums on anymore. The record players now are made with such attention to clearness. Now record players are not made for the simple listener; they are made for DJ’s in clubs. The synchronistic playing is the most important idea these days for the record player.

Few Could Approach The Spark Of Lennon/McCartney, The Pop Music Songwriting Team Of The ’60s

No dyed-in-the-wool record collector who indulges in rock music could possibly call his collection complete without including some Beatles vinyl in the group, because those discs helped define that wild, creative time in our history. It’s still amazing what a lively time for popular music the 1960s was, and the Beatles were in top form, producing many record albums with songs that got played on radio stations everywhere. While other acts that emerged in the era may have enjoyed greater longevity, or at least managed to stay together longer than did the Beatles, the four Liverpool lads ignited the…

Not Many Have Come Close To Equaling The King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll’s Sensational Musical Output

Little can be told about Elvis Presley that hasn’t already been reported in the more than 50 years since he made his earliest recordings in the confines of the tiny Sun Studios in Memphis, Tenn., where he made history by creating some of the most durable hits in the entire canon of American popular music. All you have to say is “Elvis,” and people around the world will right away know who you’re talking about because Presley owns that one name the way only a few significant celebrities can claim instant recognition by merely uttering their first name.

Pignose the Legendary Mini Amp

An overview of the Pignose mini guitar amp. In this article we outline the pro’s and cons and list specifications and user feedback.

The Yamaha Motif XS8 (Feature Fantastic)

When musicians think of the brand Yamaha, they think of reliability. Their reasoning for that thought is completely filled with validity. Yamaha continues to be the leading brand in a host of instruments, accessories, and musical gear.

Nirvana – A Huge Impact to The Music World

If you are among the teenagers around the world that decided to pick up the guitar in the 90’s, chances are you’ve been inspired by one band that made a huge impact at the time called ‘Nirvana’. Formed in the late 1980’s, Nirvana only lasted for 7 years when tragedy struck in April 1994. The band’s frontman Kurt Cobain was found dead in what is reported as suicide. It was the end for the band that brought back rock into the mainstream at times when ‘Boy Bands’ rules.

Gammon Percussion 5-Piece Junior Kids Drum Set Review

As soon as your child begins showing an interest in percussion, it is the best time to encourage their budding musicianship. This review reveals the pros and cons of the best-selling Gammon Percussion 5-Piece junior drum set.

The Art of Learning to DJ

Many young people love music and several would like to take up a career in the entertainment industry. Becoming a DJ is one such aspiration.

Rod Stewart Used to Be Rod The Mod

In his early days of performing Rod Stewart regularly performed with Long John Baldry in small venues in and all-around London during the 1960s. I used to watch and listen to both John Baldry and Rod long before he became the superstar he is now. This article outlines his progress from a support artist to one of the top artists in the world.

Best Songs on Acoustic Guitar – Part 9

Hello again loyal readers. It is time to add a few more memorable tracks to the on going list of best songs that feature the acoustic guitar.

Are You Bad? Then George Thorogood’s “Bad to the Bone” Is Your Song

“Bad to the Bone,” the 1982 blues-rock anthem by George Thorogood & the Destroyers, used the structure and signature guitar riff from Bo Diddley’s “I’m a Man.” Though it never charted, the song has been widely used in movies such as “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” when the meanest, toughest character is introduced. The song became the entrance theme for baseball players and wrestlers and has been used in TV commercials to sell everything from Buicks to Wrangler jeans.

Georgie Fame, a Talented British Musician

Georgie Fame was born in the UK during the Second World War. By the age of 16 he was playing full time in a Rock and Roll band. But this talented and influential musician is best known as a Jazz and Rhythm and Blues artist who has performed with some of today’s musical giants and has been a positive influence to many others. I watched Georgie perform when he was building his skills, this article is an overview of his career.

The 80’s Are Back!

80’s music is back! Live bands are paying tribute to this awesome decade up and down the country. Find out why.

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