Joni Mitchell Gear Guide – The Guitars & Alternate Tunings Of ‘Blue’

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The Ramones and Beatles Still Relevant and Rocking?

Today’s high tech music sound has engulfed those sounds and bands that started it all. Or has it? Maybe pop music has lost its way in the overproduced mainstream superhighway to nowhere and needs an Indie map to find its way home.

Jamming Is the Life Blood of a Band

Jamming increases a band’s ability to get better. Here are a few tips on how to have a better jam session.

Bad Blood: Led Zepplin Vs Taylor Swift – The Volume Wars

The volume wars are ongoing. Examining Taylor Swift against Led Zepplin will give a good example of the disaster music has been lead into.

Political Campaign Songs Part 2

Which political songs do you like? Which are no good? Here is a short article on some of the new and old political campaign songs

Cleaning Bass Strings Saves Money

Cleaning your bass strings this special way will save you money. It is easy and free to clean your strings. Do NOT boil them!

Better Live Music Performance Tips

Follow these easy steps to a better live musical performance. Getting set up and warmed up for a show will be much more relaxing if you follow just a few easy steps.

39 Great Oil and Gas Songs That Help Pump Your Employees Up Before Work

What songs are famous in the oil and gas industry? What songs do your employees often listen to get pumped up before work? Below is a nice collection of great oil and gas songs that have been sung with the whole and entire soul.

John Lennon and the Greatest Political Campaign Song Ever

John Lennon wrote one, Frank Sinatra sang one. Political songs can be fun and liven up any campaign.

Why Pay More Than $500 for a Wedding DJ? Insight on a Wedding DJ Business

Were you surprised when you found out how much it would cost to have even a simple wedding? Why do wedding vendors, including disc jockeys, charge so much money for their services? What is the difference between an affordable $500 DJ and a more expensive one? How important is the role of entertainment at wedding receptions and how much should be spent on it? What do you do if you’re on a tight budget?

Which of the Two Dozen I Want You Songs Would You Want?

During a trip to a flea market last weekend, I saw an item of 70s nostalgia that even an avid fan of that time period like me would not want anywhere in his home. Though it is now considered an art object priced at ten dollars, the thing scared the daylights out of me when I was a child. The item is the iconic military recruiting poster that reads “I Want You” with a Uncle Sam pointing directly at the viewer.

Michael Stipe – Indie Icon

Michael Stipe formerly of Indie music giant REM shows how to go out in style. New Indie bands are coming up. Catch the Indie Band ride.

3 Absolutely Essential Tips For Buying Used Jazz Records Today

One of the premier opportunities you can find when looking for music is found in vinyl records. With these 3 tips, you can take a look at the used record marketplace, find jazz records, and perhaps even profit if you’re planning on reselling. There’s greatness out there, and your search can begin today after you look at a few tips.

Best Way To Develop The Art of Playing Tabla

Tabla is an amazing art which is being embraced in Indian classical music Industry and there are amazing Tabla artists present in all over the world. A few rules are needed to be followed by every beginner and in the next few paragraphs I will reflect my light on them.

Music Addiction

Music mean sounds arranged in a way that pleasant or exciting to listen. ”People sing music or play it on instruments.”Music appeal to the soul more than to the ear as someone has said that it is food for the soul.We now have pop music or modern popular with a strong rhythm and simple tunes that thrill young people and make them walk rhythmically and dance passionately.

Songs That Opened With Threats and Ended Up As Hits

My favorite radio station has adopted an all-Christmas format for the Holidays, even though it is still early November. While I appreciate an occasional jolly tune, I cannot listen to carols and jingle bells for the next two months. Before I could turn away, I heard the opening lines of “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.

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