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The Next New Beatles Album

What would the next Beatles album after Abbey Road have been like? Since we already know the songs they had from which to choose we can imagine what it would have sounded like.

Best Sampler for DJ Sound Effects

Using a sampler allows us to generate sounds that have been recorded, or loaded via a triggering device such as a keyboard, sequencer or other methods. We can then play our desired DJ sound effects whenever we want whilst composing a new track, or whilst performing.

Guitars and Their Uses

Lots of people enjoy playing the guitar. This article outlines the different uses of the guitar for music composition.

The Mysticism of The Moody Blues’ Lyrics

The Prog Rock band The Moody Blues are know as the “veteran cosmic rockers” not only because of their symphonic sound. The psychedelic leanings of their earlier songs evolved into a spirituality rare in pop music.

Singing on American Idol

Singing on American Idol is more than just being part of a wildly successful TV talent show. It can spawn an immediate career. In fact, just watching American Idol and its competitors is like a tuition-free classroom for up-and-coming singers. It should be required viewing for anyone who wants to become a professional entertainer.

Passion – The Sam Roberts Band Live in Hamilton

Sam Roberts Band and the Rural Alberta Advantage played live in Hamilton on November 12. This was a concert that would appeal to all ages, from pre-teen to middle age adults. The performance was outstanding by both bands and the point is made in this article.

Operatic and Classical Music in Dublin

Dublin, and Ireland in general, has a rich history of music. It is one of the countries whose folk music persisted in a relatively pure form after the major World Wars. An educational visit to a traditional pub or the Irish Traditional Music Archive will open up an interesting world for students. They will learn how the folk music of Ireland was often played for dancing and lends itself well to upbeat tunes played with traditional instruments such as the fiddle, harp, flute and whistle, and the Uilleann pipes. But the Irish music scene is not all about folk music.

Youth Lagoon

Listening to Youth Lagoons new album The Year of Hibernation, released September 27, 2011, you will hear dream pop at its best with deep emotion and fuzzy guitar rifts. This shouldn’t be surprising. It is. Why? Because Trevor Powers is all of 22 years old. Talented well beyond his years, Powers has taken the lo-fi tracks on The Year of Hibernation and produced a sound that is sensitive and addicting. His whistles and soft tones sound as if they are speaking to us from somewhere within our subconscious minds.

Record Music With an Audio Interface

When you record music with an audio interface, you get a higher quality sound. There are many available models to give you full control over the sound.

How an Audio Interface Can Help Your Music Career

Everyone who loves making music and wants to make a career out of it needs to record their music. The only way to truly record your own music so that it sounds professional is through the use of an audio interface. An audio interface has come a long way over the past several years, making it more compact and much more affordable so that just about anyone can have their own studio.

Tube Guitar Amplifiers: Every Band Needs Them

When you’re creating a band, you need to think about the instruments you have and how you can generate not only the best sound but the most unique sound as well. Tube guitar amplifiers are gaining in popularity because they are able to not only increase the sound that your instruments are generating but also help modify the tone. If you already have a guitar, you don’t need to go out and buy a bunch of new guitars or even hire a new guitar player for your band.

The Japanese Bamboo Flute

These days Japanese bamboo flutes or Shakuhachi flutes are used by a lot of practitioners of Zen Buddhism and meditation as well as for playing Jazz, Classical, Japanese folk music and improvisation. The soothing sound of the Japanese bamboo flute or Shakuhachi helps guide us, breath by breath, into a more relaxed and peaceful state of being, while gifting ourselves and others with the beauty of the unique sound. The Shakuhachi bamboo flute is made from the very bottom of a bamboo tree, but versions now exist in ABS and hardwoods.

Trends Come And Go, But Vinyl Recordings Appear To Stay In The Hearts Of Music Fans

There are trends, fads and flashes in the pan that draw a lot of attention from the beginning, but then fade quickly from memory after they are dragged outdoors and seen in the unyielding clarity of pure sunlight, never to be heard from again, and often that’s probably just as well; however, this is not always true. You could try for many years but it would be unlikely to come up with a new idea that rivals one piece of technology that we take for granted, or even dismiss as no longer important, but was revolutionary in its time…

Vinyl LPs Make A Return

With today’s digital music technology, most people would be amazed to know that vinyl albums are making a huge comeback. Long-playing records are seeing an up-swing in sales, and not just from an old audience wanting to take a nostalgic trip back. Today’s young music lovers are noticing just how cool vinyl records can be. Purchasing of record albums has become a huge trend for a number of different reasons. Those reasons seem to range from sound quality and artistic album covers to the idea of collecting something antique. Whatever it is, the music labels couldn’t be happier.

Until You’ve Experienced It On Vinyl, You Aren’t Getting The Total Experience

Never quite pushed off the shelf by CDs and digital downloads, vinyl LPs are enjoying a renewed interest among music fans who are playing them. CDs are widespread, and turntables seemed to be vanishing, so what’s with the new push toward those grooved discs of olden times?

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