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Olive Music Servers – An Overview

The leading manufacturer for HD Music Servers, Olive Media Inc. not too long ago unveiled the Olive O3HD music servers meant for home stereo systems. In accordance with the award winning Olive O4HD, this O3HD model provides the best combination of quality and simplicity.

Engl Amps

Engl Amps are fast becoming a premier name in the field of electric guitar amplifiers. If you’re in the market for a good and reliable amplifier, this is the brand for you.

Recording a Demo That Works

Anyone can go into a garage, play through some microphones, and then send the result out as a demo tape in hopes of getting a recording contract or higher paying clubs in which to play. The problem is that if your demo is not up to par with what everyone else is sending, no matter how good you really are, the club or anyone else listening is not going to get a true taste of what your band or what you really sound like. Instead of messing around with shoddy old ideas, go about recording a demo that can really…

Beat Maker Program – What to Look for in Beat Maker Software

Are you looking to learn how to make beats? Learn what you need to look for with beat maker program.

Musicians Need Beat Software

Do you love music? Do you have the desire to produce your own music? I’m going to bet you said yes to those questions, and if you did you need beat software. Beat software is the most amazing tool for musicians.

Tips in Finding The Best Beginner Acoustic Guitar

The ideal acoustic guitar for starters would be the one that provides a good quality tone, and also is not highly priced. This particular guitar are often of any brand name. The Seagull S6, for example, is an excellent beginner acoustic guitar which has received the best reviews.

How to Get Started in Career Writing Music and Lyrics

If you have musical ability but aren’t interested in becoming a performer you can still have a successful career using your artistic talents. You can try your hand at song writing. Many musicians on top today don’t write their songs.

Learn to Read and Write Music Many Ways

If you love to music but don’t have an interest in performing you can still have a successful career in the industry. Many people have used their musical ability to find work writing music and lyrics. If you think you have what it takes to be a songwriter, here’s a few tips to get you started.

Make Your Own Beats Online – The One Tool You Need to Make It Work

Want to learn how to make your own beats online? Then you need to pay attention, as I’m about to tell you the one tool you need to get started making hits right away!

Rap Beat Maker Software – How to Pick the Right One

Rap beat maker software is quickly becoming the new standard in hip-hop production. Discover what you need to know in order to make sure you pick the right program for you!

DUBturbo Is No Joke For Laying Down Beats

DUBturbo is the latest Digital Audio Workstation software that includes all the necessary options that come with producing fresh beats on your computer without the need for costly equipment. It is a full beat making solution available as a computer application that provides you the advantage of thousands of sounds that can be used to generate your own personal music style in whatever way you desire.

Rap Beat Maker – Why Beat Making Software Is Your Best Choice

Are you struggling to learn how to make rap beats? Find out why you need a solid rap beat maker and how beat making software is your best choice out there.

Jackson Guitars – The Heavy Metal Guitar of Choice

Jackson guitars have been synonymous with heavy metal music since the late 1970s and early 1980s. Their innovative design and superior quality make them the perfect choice for musicians such as Phil Collen from Def Leppard and Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden.

Hip-Hop Travels Even Further With Satellite Internet

If there’s any form of music that has risen to the top in a fraction of the time it has typically taken for music to go mainstream, then hip-hop can take the credit in this regard. What began as an underground music form on the streets of New York is now a worldwide phenomenon, bringing all cultures and languages together in an all-out assault on your hearing sense. Since music spreads fastest these days via the information superhighway as opposed to the radio, it has been noted that satellite internet is bringing this unique art form to regions even more remote and isolated than ever before.

Make Your Own Rap Beats – The One Thing You Need to Succeed

So, you want to make your own rap beats? Then pay attention, as you’re about to learn about the one thing you need in order to succeed as a successful beat maker!

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