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Hindi Ghazals – Majestic Combination Of Poetry, Fusion Music, And Legendary Voices

There was a time when it was believed that classical music has no place in Bollywood movies made for the mass audience. People believed that the masses would not appreciate the technicalities involved in classical music when watching movies on the big screen. However, performers like Mohammad Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, Jagjit Singh, Mehdi Hassan, and Pankaj Udhas have successfully popularized Hindi Ghazals amongst the masses through their performances in Hindi movies.

Def Leppard Ballads: The Softer Side of Classic Rock

To be sure, we often associate Def Leppard with some of the biggest rock sounds of the 80s. On second listen though, this quintet from England produced some of the biggest, most influential ballads in classic rock.

Classic Rock: The Finest Pop, New Wave and Alternative Singers of the 80s

Classic rock takes in more than just the hard rock and metal of the 70s and 80s. It also includes some of the greatest work in pop, new wave and early alternative.

Classic Rock: Rock and Metal Vocalists of the Greatest Generation

With over 40 years of history in modern hard rock and metal, this heavy genre has produced some of the most powerful and adept singers in the history of popular music. Decades later, the power-performances of these great singers still reigns on classic rock radio.

Classic Rock: The Best of the Ballads Keep On Coming

Massive hit-makers like The Police, U2 and Boston offset their upbeat sounds with ballads. Check out some of the greater sounds of the greatest bands of the last 30 years.

Classic Rock Ballads

Most of us associate classic rock with big, arena-rumbling anthems. But the fact is, as many lighters have been raised for classic rock ballads than the big rock numbers.

What Makes Classic Rock Classic?

Love it or hate it, certain elements of rock and pop make it stand the test of time. Those elements take an old rock song and propel it into classic rock status.

Supersingers – Advancing the State of the Art in Classic Rock Vocals

As Jason Scheff replaced Peter Cetera’s golden vocals in Chicago, Mr. Mister’s Richard Page politely declined offers from both Chicago and Toto to propel his band into international success. Meanwhile, a world away, Devin Townsend was crafting proto-metal vocals that would lead him down a path of a modern music mad scientist.

The Minstrel Bows Out: Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon”

If you look at Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 greatest albums of all time you’ll find a surprise buried deep in the list: Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon”. The reason it’s a surprise is not because it doesn’t belong there (it does) but because when it was first released it was the equivalent of throwing a tiny pebble down a well – you barely hear it go “plink” in the distance. Find out what this troubled but talented British Folk Rocker managed to do against all odds before he died.

Al Stewart’s “Year Of The Cat”: Be Glad You Never Heard The First Draft

Al Stewart’s “Year of the Cat” was a top ten hit in 1977. But the first draft of the song was drastically unlike the sweetly exotic romance it later became. Instead it was written about an uncomfortable performance Stewart witnessed one night many years earlier, one that was anything but romantic. Read on to find out what Stewart watched that night.

The Drum Machine Beat Creator: Where We Came From, Where We Are Currently, and How We Got There

The drum machine has undergone some radical changes over the years, and what at one time seemed like a beat making option accessible to only a few is now available to absolutely anybody with a computer and the right software. Find out why YOU could easily become the next great beat creator!

AV Hire – Leave It To The Professionals!

Have you even been to a meeting, conference or product launch where there were problems with the presentations? Perhaps they didn’t load at the right time, weren’t clearly visible or just didn’t work correctly.

A Simple Guide To Using An Online Beat Maker

If you’re an aspiring musician or someone who wants to create music for plain fun, either way, an online beat maker makes a great tool for a wonderful head start. Continue reading to find out how easy it is to create beats using these beat machines.

Stop Being Safe In Your Songwriting

I recently had a conversation with a singer/songwriter friend of mine who has been doing a lot of work recently on defining himself as an artist… on figuring out what his voice is and what his contribution to the music world will be. He’s written and recorded some really good songs… very radio friendly / commercially-viable songs. He could easily have a solid career as a pop/rock star with the material he’s already recorded. But he’s come to the realization that his music is too “safe”.

How Do I Write A Song?

You would like to write a song but don’t know where or how to start. This is one of many simple sequences of events you can follow.

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