9 Awesome Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Ernie Ball!

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Want to Make Beats for Free?

Those looking to make beats for free on the Internet have probably come across plenty of options, most of which however are not nearly as reliable or quality enough to be very useful. This is why most people end up continuously looking for a new opportunity that might have hit the market.

3 Tips You Should Know If You Want To Learn How To Play Guitar Songs Easy

There are plenty of people out there that really want to learn how to play guitar songs easy. This is especially true if you’re just starting out on your guitar learning journey and you want to start playing songs that are easy for you to play and impress your family and friends.

How to Find a Free Beat Maker Program For Free

There are a lot of folks out there right now trying to find a beat maker program for free. These programs have increased with popularity and they are great for those who don’t have any studio equipment and wish to make beats on their computer.

Frederic Chopin: A Brief Biography

Chopin attended the High School of Music in his home town of Warsaw, where he was formally trained in musical composition. His 20s brought him internal conflict between his love of his country and his distaste for the provincialism of it.

How to Play Electric Guitar Songs Easily – The Simple Tips You Don’t Know About

The main reason why anyone picks up an electric guitar and begins learning to play it is because they want start playing electric guitar songs. However, learning how to play electric guitar songs can be a challenge if you don’t pick the right songs for beginners and learn some fundamental skills necessary for guitar playing.

Acoustic Guitar Reviews – Is an Online Shop Superior To a Conventional Acoustic Guitar Retailer?

Getting a brand new acoustic guitar requires a lot of choices, among which, is the place where to get one. Visiting your hometown acoustic guitar retailer has some merits however so does purchasing using an web shop. It is often a difficult judgement to consider, and it helps when you have a guideline in order to put things in perspective.

Acoustic Guitar Reviews – Washburn D10sce

I’ve been playing this acoustic guitar for some years now, and I need to state that the Washburn d10sce is amongst the greater acoustic guitars I’ve enjoyed. I purchased one immediately after finding many good Washburn d10sce review articles. I’ve had mine for three weeks and so far I am fairly pleased using it.

Top St. Patrick’s Day Songs

Call it the Luck of the Irish, Celtic music – particularly Irish music, has some of the best songs for acoustic guitar available. Keep this in mind as you begin planning for your St Patrick’s Day activities and parties. Here is a selection of our top acoustic guitar songs with Irish or St. Patrick’s Day themes so that you can start warming up your fingers.

Best Way to Learn Guitar: Read This Article to Know What

Learning the guitar is a very rewarding hobby because this will let your passion and inclination for music be showcased. But some people really find it hard on how to learn play the guitar fast. In this case, there are those who are wondering what the best way to learn guitar is. To know the spot-on-target answer for this question, there is only one thing you need to do and that is to research.

How to Play the Electric Guitar: Read the Useful Tips

People who are ignorant in playing the guitar find it so amazing while watching those advanced ones play it with passion. And the most common question they ask themselves is “how to play the electric guitar”? If your New Year’s resolution in the year 2011 is to play this instrument, then you don’t need to worry a lot because by just being determined you can reach your goals.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: A Brief Biography

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on the 27th of January 1756 and was such a child prodigy that his father Leopold sacrificed his own musical career to concentrate on teaching his son full-time. By the time he was five, Mozart had composed his first pieces for piano. he went on to become one of the greatest Western classical composers.

Things to Do to Learn How to Play Acoustic Guitar

Music is the reason why the world goes round with entertainment, fun and colors. For most teens and young adults of today, the guitar is a very ideal and cool musical instrument that produces versatile music. They also like it very much because it can be brought anywhere. If you admire a band of a singer who plays the guitar very well, you might wish you are as good as him. But don’t worry because it is not too late for you to learn how to play acoustic guitar.

Become a Big Name Rap Producer With Beat Software

As far as things go beat software is a brand new development. It wasn’t long ago that artists had to have a recording studio with many musicians who specialized in their own instrument to put together songs. As you may imagine this was a very expensive and complicated ordeal. Now, music composing software makes it so all you need to get to the top is the desire to do so.

Throw Sick Parties With Beat Software

With the creation of beat software house parties will never be the same. Parties with their own DJ’s are fairly common, but here is where we set ourselves apart. Not only do we DJ the house parties, but we DJ using music that we recorded! When people hear that a local beat artist is DJin’ at a local party things get out of control! The house overflows with excited people and the parties are epic!

Become the Next Eminem With Beat Software

When making beats with beat software the most important aspect of you beat is going to be the drums. That bass line is what makes or breaks a beat! What you should do in the beginning is spend time listening to some of your favorite urban artists like Eminem, Tupac, Kommon, Kanye West, 50 Cent, etc. Listen to their styles. Try to identify what it is about their beats that you like.

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