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How to Brand Your Music? (Music Marketing Tips)

Branding is essentially important when an artist, producer or music company wants to create a name for themselves. Music Branding helps to create a unique identity about your production, business or what ever the field may be!

23 Tips for Blogging Musicians

This article covers numerous blogging tips for musicians. For musicians who want to reach more people with their blogging efforts, this article provides actionable stratagems.

The Beginner’s Guide To The Music Of Frank Zappa – The Non Definitive Version

My attempt to come up with the answer to the eternally impossible question that I am often asked about how to start the ball rolling with Frank Zappa. “What should I listen to first?” I am sweating already at the thought of it.

What Is A Simple Exercise To Improve My Guitar Picking Speed?

For the beginning guitarist most of your practice time is not going to sound very musical. Before reaching the point of being able to freely express your musically the muscles in your hands need to be conditioned. That means going through the same motions hundreds and perhaps thousands of times much like a martial artist repeats the same movements over and over again before stepping into the ring.

Why You Struggle To Think Of New Ideas For Writing A Song

Until you learn an effective method of continually coming up with great ideas for writing a song, you will struggle in your songwriting and experience a lot of frustration. Truth is, many musicians have a hard time thinking of good songwriting ideas on a consistent basis – so if you struggle with this, you are not alone. Here is what to do…

The Truth About Piano Accompaniment

Piano accompaniment is very common, even if for rehearsals. But contrary to popular belief, it is not just a side activity, but actually requires proficiency on the part of the pianist. What is the true nature and purpose of piano accompaniment?

Steve Vai “The Story Of Light” Album Review – Virtuoso Vs a Good Listen?

Steve Vai’s 2012 album continues on from an album released seven years previously. Is it it worth the wait? Or is it a case of “amazing guitarist, unlistenable music?”

Ampi Festival

Information about Amphi Festival in Cologne, Germany. Amphi Festival is a weekend long industrial/ goth music festival that happens in July each year.

The Essential Guitar Maintenance Guide

A guide about ways to do maintenance on your guitar. Make sure that your guitar is in top form and ready to rock at any time.

Reggae: Inspirational Music To African Liberation

On the radio daily in Africa, especially Ghana, was the music of artists such as John Holt, Jimmy Cliff and Desmond Decker, but the emergence of Jimmy Cliff, stole the heart of reggae lovers in African. From many rivers to cross, house of exile, born to win, my friends wife, synthetic world, sitting in limbo, music maker, you can get if you really want, wonderful world, beautiful people, Jimmy Cliff’s uncontrollable single hits changed Africa significantly, followed by his film ‘The Harder They Come’. Then a group to change the reggae scene were playing as ‘The Wailers’,…

5 Influential Guitarists in Classical Music

Every serious musician who wants to master the guitar should listen to classical music. Read this list of great classical guitarists to get an idea of who you should check out.

All About Tube Amps

All about Tubes: How do you know when an amp needs new tubes? how do tubes change the sound? what tubes for what sounds?

Popular Clubs in Hyderabad

Like the city, the clubs of Hyderabad have a long history. While a few are there since British period, others came up during Nizam’s rule. However, the amenities and facilities they provide have been updated to serve the current generation. They have many modern amenities like restaurants, beauty salons, super markets, lounge bars, etc. For always-busy-Hyderabadis, these are some of the best places to socialise.

The Saxophone’s Place In Modern Music

Saxophones are most commonly renowned for their use by jazz and pop musicians, although they are closely linked with instruments that include trumpets and trombones. This wind instrument will probably be generally employed in classical music, but is just not commonly an instrument that stands out in such musical productions. While classical and pop music are completely different music styles, composers like John Adams have been known to straddle the line that separates the two. He and others do so by making use of the saxophone as a classical instrument in his version of a Saxophone Concerto. Other’s have been written prior to his composition, but Adam’s is one of the less obscure versions.

Reasons for Choosing a Professional DJ Company

The kind of entertainment you choose can either make or break the event. If it is your first time to hire a DJ for any of your special events you need to look for professional ones. The right DJ company takes every initiative to provide its customers with the best entertainment in the music industry.

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