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Crowd Pleasing Piano Standards – The 10 Best Piano Songs of All Time

Music is truly an international language, reaching out to people of all ages and backgrounds. There are certain piano songs that are sure to please whenever they are heard. The following list of the best piano songs of all time includes a little something for everybody.

Paiste Cymbals

The Paiste family’s first involvement with making cymbals began at the turn of the 20th century when Michail Toomas Paiste, an Estonian composer and musician, opened a music store in St Petersburg in 1901. This incorporated instrument manufacture and repair facilities, and ran for many years until the Russian revolution of 1917, when Michail returned to Estonia. Opening his business in Tallinn, he starts to manufacture cymbals for orchestral and marching band use, and when his son joins the family firm they start to develop cymbals more suited to drumkit players.

The Story of Gretsch Drums

The history of Gretsch drums goes back to the 1870s, when Friedrich Gretsch left Germany for a new life in America and settled in Brooklyn. His first job was with the Albert Houdlett and Son company, making drums and banjos. At the age of 27 Friedrich opened his own shop on South 4th Street, Brooklyn, in 1883, and was also involved in the production of drums, tambourines and toy instruments for various wholesalers.

Appreciate The Full Splendor Of One Of Rock And Roll’s Time-Honored Groups On Vinyl

The Rolling Stones, Gods of rock and roll, have been recording music since 1962, and for the last 50 years they have been wowing fans of all ages. They have put out over two dozen studio albums and hundreds of singles, live albums and compilations, featuring dozens of amazing songs that have continued to bring in new fans generation after generation.

United States Night Life Shows Variety At Its Best

Night clubs in the USA take the cake when you are in search of something somewhat fun or quite creative. You’ll find many great dance clubs in almost all the cities to choose from and one or more will certainly catch your fancy and make your night.

The Youth Of The ’60s Found Their Voice Through Rock And Roll

An entire thought-provoking experience is often had by the individuals who are listening to Hendrix vinyl, Janis Joplin albums, Dylan records, etc. One may be reminded of the very power of humankind to rise up against oppression and strive for freedom, instead of just listening to the music. Few decades in United States history were as influential as the 1960’s.

Top 20 Simon and Garfunkel Hits

It’s hard to believe that they’ve been entertaining us for 55 years, but despite some personal differences, they never disappoint their audiences. Here’s a look at Simon and Garfunkel, individually and collectively, plus their 20 biggest hits.

Ode to Joy: A Joyous Celebration on May 7th

It’s difficult to imagine that the first performance of a glorious masterpiece like Beethoven’s 9th Symphony should have disappointed its composer, and caused such little excitement among European music lovers. Beethoven’s disenchantment was perhaps understandable, for he was frustrated by his deafness.

Electric Slide Songs

As the years and many gatherings have passed by, many electric slide songs were used and discovered as well. However, there were classic electric slide songs which were famous before and are still famous now. This article will give you some idea of which songs to use to accompany your electric dance performance or for any other purposes related to the electric slide.

Electro-Acoustic Guitars

Electro-acoustic guitars work acoustically in exactly the same way as a standard acoustic guitar, meaning the main factors in their individual sound will be the size, shape and material of the body and neck. They are constructed with the same basic materials that all models use: wood, steel and very occasionally composite materials. It depends on the manufacturer and brand, but the same basic shape and production methods are used to put these finely crafted pieces together.

How to Do the Electric Slide

The original 22 steps on how to do the electric slide were created by its choreographer, Ric Silver, in 1976. It’s not very complicated but a lot of simplified steps are now being taught if you try searching for other dance websites. The electric slide is quite famous in many countries. This is probably because the steps on how to do the electric slide dance are fairly easy to remember and don’t hinder our enthusiasm to continually learn while enjoying it at the same time.

Electric Slide Music

Basically, the electric slide music must be light on the foot, relaxing but not too slow, and happy in general. The electric dance isn’t much done with very fast steps. Therefore, your electric slide music must be chosen in a way that it goes with the step and counting.

Lateralus by Tool: Fathom the Power Within You

Don’t confine yourself in a circle, never. Break out of your comfort zone, spiral out, dare to draw more circles around you, and as you go along, be sure that the circles will only get bigger, and thus broaden your horizon. You’ll never know where it will lead you. That’s the beauty of the dare.

The Djembe Drum, a Great and Fascinating Instrument

This grail-shaped hand drum, known to numerous tribes in West Africa because the “djembe,” (jem-bay) is central for the musical heritage from the Malinke and Sousou tribes of Guinea in West Africa. The typical cultural and historical roots of these tribes may be traced for the excellent Mali Empire which when encompassed all of present-day Mali as well as most of the coastal regions of West Africa.

Choosing the Ideal Method By Which You Should Learn Violin

There are numerous methods whereby one can learn how to play the violin. Learn which approach is right for you in this article.

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