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Moving a Piano Without Wondering How Many Pieces It Will Arrive In

When you’re moving out, some items are typically more complicated to transport than others. This usually concerns large, bulky items – things like your couch, fridge, oven, as well as more unique items like a piano. Pianos in particular can be very tricky to move, especially more expensive and exquisite ones.

Music Students and Their Levels of Ability

Music teachers often generate credulity when they are fortunate enough to produce a talented and successful pupil. I believe that it often takes more teaching skill to coach less talented ones although making manifestly less spectacular progress but with at least as much effort (and often a great deal more) on the part of pupil and teacher.

Top 10 Songs Of 2013

As we call this year to an end, sing a holly jolly Christmas and wish everyone a Happy New Year, how about we take a look at how the music industry changed our lives in 2013. First in line…

How to Start a Garageband for Under $1000

Looking to kick-start your recording career, or have a bit more fun jamming out with friends in your amateur band? Laying down some tracks doesn’t require booking pricey time in a big-shot recording studio. With the right equipment you can turn your home garage into a simple recording space for under $1,000 and get your garage band going.

The Guitarist’s Quest for Absolute Zero

As the temperature falls to absolute zero, normal physical laws start to break down and things get smeared together. The same type of thing happens with the human mind. In a moment of time, knowledge and experience gels together with emotions and feelings and instincts and allows people to see something in an entirely new way.

Best Green Day Record To Own on Vinyl and Why

Love them or hate them, Green Day is a polarizing band that continues to blaze a trail for punk rock glory. They released several albums on vinyl, but which one is the absolute best? Well, here you will find out which one is worthy of your wax collection and turntable.

How To Market Christian Songs

Have you written a Christian song and you’re wondering what to do with it? Are you uncertain how to market it properly? Do you want to publish it to inspire Christians and influence non-Christians? This article will get you started with simple, concrete steps to marketing your Christian songs!

The 8 Best Hip Hop Songs of All Time

Hip hop music feels the depths of your soul. There is nothing quite like the sound. Discover the 8 best hip hop songs of all time and get your jam on.

Beneficial Event and Party Planning Suggestions to Ensure Great Results

Planning for an important corporate event can be somewhat overwhelming at times, especially if you are the one putting the event together. Never let a simple oversight that could have been quite easily averted ruin your effort and hard work.

Juke Joint 555 in Harlem, NY

Small apartment in Harlem, NY transformed into a juke joint. Read about what happens live!

Reasons to Love Music – And Why You Should Too

Ever wonder why many people find it comforting to listen to music? Finding someone humming to a tune or singing a song out loud is nothing surprising. We are all too familiar with how music is said to bring joy to our life and for all the good reasons.

Music: Is Music Important?

For some people, music is a vital part of life. It is there when they are feeling up and during those moments when they are feeling down. It is then not just a nice addition and something they simply enjoy, it as much a part of their life as breathing is.

Great Options With In-Ear Headphones

When someone is listening to music or anything else, they want to have a system that sounds good. It can only sound as good as the speaker or headphones that are putting out the sound though.

People Are Finding Different Kinds of Music Headphones

Listening to music is supposed to be enjoyable. If someone does not have a good quality sound system to listen to it on, it can be annoying instead of enjoyable. Music headphones will provide several options for the consumers.

An Amazing Musical Instrument: Trumpet-Trumpet Playing Tips

Most of us regard trumpets as a musical instrument, while this is true; trumpet players in large armies used this as a signaling tool to reach various divisions of the army. The players were even provided extreme protection because of their significant role.

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