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How To Choose the Right Studio Microphone For Your Recordings

Choosing the right studio microphone for you, depends on what you will be using it for and your budget. It also wouldn’t hurt to consider the following things out before you spend your money.

How To Build A Home Recording Studio On A Budget

A lot of the times, people come into my home studio to record something and they see all the equipment and ask – “how can I do something like this?!” Well for starters, you can start purchasing the equipment!

AKG Perception 220 Professional Studio Microphone Review

The truth is, AKG is possibly the best known brand when it comes to microphones, and rightfully so. They are extremely consistent with their products, both in quality and affordability. The AKG Perception 220 is no exception.

Blue Microphones Baby Bottle Cardioid Condenser Microphone Review

When it comes to studio microphones, the Blue Microphones Baby Bottle Cardioid Condenser Micbrand is notorious. They are generally known to have detailed mid range recordings, which is fantastic feature when it comes to taming harsh sound sources. Before I get into the specifics of what this studio microphone can do, it’s important to mention that its ideal for male and female vocals, drums, acoustic and electric guitars, acoustic bass, saxophones, flutes, and stringed instruments.

Buying That First Ukulele – Part 3

Having good tuners and strings can greatly influence the sound and how often you play the ukulele. Cheap tuners may cause the instrument to frequently get out of tune. Similarly cheap strings may not have good tonal qualities making the ukulele sound dull. This article discusses the types of tuners and strings commonly found on most ukuleles. The article concludes with some practical guidelines to help in your decision.

Some Intricacies Of Piano Tuning

Piano tuning, in contrast to other instruments, for instance a guitar is significantly more complex to tune. Not only does it require making tiny adjustments in the piano strings to calibrate the intervals between their pitches, the interaction among the notes themselves also have to be tuned. Thus every piano may have slightly different pitches from each other, and still be called “in tune”.

Where To Find The Best Price For The Yamaha DGX-360 Digital Keyboard

The innovative Yamaha DGX-630 should be on the top of the list for anyone in the market searching for a digital keyboard. Though it is not stage ready as some of it’s rivals like Korg and Kurzweil, the DGX-630 model offers an extraordinary 88 key weighted graded hammer action, giving it the feel of a grand piano. In addition the DGX-630 features sixty four notes of polyphony which allows you to play back 16 different parts, and has more than five hundred quality voices.

Tips for Editing, Mixing and Mastering for Podcast, Game Music and Background Music

Editing, mixing and mastering are the three most important steps your audio goes through for that shining million dollar sound! Once a Podcast, radio ad or audio is recorded, it has to be cleaned up for mistakes, polished, leveled and balanced to sound professional.

Guitar Bridge – Variations on Acoustic Guitar Bridges

The bridge is one of the most important parts of the tone creation elements of the acoustic guitar, or the classical guitar. With unconventional installation, or if the bridge is made of less than prime materials, the bridge can cause the luthier significant problems.

You Are Bewitched! Doom Metal

Started by the unique Black Sabbath while they tangled Heavy Blues sounds into a Heavy style of Metal all of their own, Doom Metal has become a whole genre in it’s own right, now loved by a growing cult-following of Metal Heads. As well known bands such as Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica were shredding away at the faster Thrash Metal of the early 80’s, less well-known groups were slowing down the tempo and pioneering the Doom genre. Often using gloomy and dark vocals, Doom is usually played at a slower pace than classic Heavy Metal or Hard Rock, and is always of a scarier and groovier sound than some of the more well-known styles of Heavy Metal.

Why Lyrics Are Essential to Music

Although we can all enjoy music without lyrical content, the words are part of what really moves us when it comes to this art form. The lyrics tell us a story about the song and provide us with a way to better understand the artists who perform them.

Michael Jackson: Fans Still Fighting

Michael Jackson fans have long supported him throughout his life, trials and now death. Since he tragically died in 2009, his fans have not gone away and have not given up on their hero. While Michael cannot fight for himself anymore, his fans are still here to fight for his name.

The 5 Necessities for Your Beat Making Studio

Does your beat making studio have what it takes to make professional grade music? Listing the essential components that you need to have in a beat making studio.

Buying a Grand Piano

Buying a grand piano for your home can be quite exciting. The touch of elegance it provides can be the envy of your your friends. Grand pianos are made in various sizes. Each manufacturer builds each series of grands that can vary a few inches from that of another builder, but following are some average lengths of grand pianos: 4’7″, 5′, 5’4″, 5’10” 6′, 6’8″, 7′, 9′. Grand pianos will, especially when the lid is raised will generate a bit more sound than that of a vertical piano.

How The Beatles Influenced Popular Culture and Music

Many fans would agree that the Beatles used their charms as a kind of magic to draw many fans to them. This charm is easily displayed as a sense of being normal boys – cheerful, lovable, and always ready to smile or share a joke with others. Perhaps their friendship and camaraderie made it easier for them to be friendly with the public, press and fans.

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