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Why the Parting Glass Is Irish Music’s Favourite Song of Farewell

Hundreds of years of emigration meant that Irish people got used to being separated from their families and their loved ones. Their response to separations that they could not avoid was to remain as positive as possible and this quality is exemplified perfectly in the classic Irish song, The Parting Glass.

How Robbery and Rebellion Make Whiskey in the Jar a Classic Irish Song

The classic Irish song Whiskey in the Jar is a good example of how music can be used to poke fun at the ruling establishment. The song tells the story of how a highwayman robs an army officer before being betrayed himself by his lover. The story of love and adventure makes the song popular both with rock and folk music fans.

Make Your Own Beat

So you want to know how to make your own beat, just like the pros? If you are reading this then the answer is probably yes! A lot of people who look into doing this often come unstuck as they normally find that you need a lot of expensive equipment to make beats that sound good, and if you are new to music production, whether its hip hop, rap or dance, you can find yourself running into a brick wall.

How Do Today’s CDs Stack Up Against Yesterday’s Vinyl?

I must admit I’m old school. I was one of those kids that got a little phonograph for Christmas one year and practically went insane. Then I started playing my vinyl records, and my mother practically went insane.

BX8a Review: Pros and Cons

Several M-Audio BX8a studio monitor reviews mentions the BX8a lack durability and liability. I couldn’t help but to be skeptical about the BX8a, and I don’t blame you if you do too. And my fellow classmate in my music class(who’s a M-Audio fan), demonstrated his BX8a during his DJ gig.

About Strumming Patterns For Guitar, And Why Other Things Are More Important

So you are a beginner at guitar playing, and already focusing on strumming patterns for guitars? A noble quest, for sure, but it wouldn’t really be my choice if it was me starting out with guitar playing.

Musician’s Guide To The Martin D18 – How to Buy a Martin D18 Guitar

If you have been looking for a guitar purchase nowadays, you should definitely consider getting a Martin D18. Here’s a good inside look at this incredible guitar-and tips for finding a great product yourself.

Choosing Your New Guitar

Guitars are one of the most popular instruments. They have even made their way into popular video games. Many people do not realize that there are various types of guitars and corresponding guitar strings and each one has its own distinct sound.

Enjoy Music at Its Best With Boomboxes

The article provides detailed information regarding the modern digital music boomboxes. It also explains about the history of these musical gadgets and describes about its working procedures and key components that offer the magnificent sound. One will also know more about its popular types and its working patterns.

How To Buy A Synthesizer

Synthesizers are complicated instruments, and when considering how to buy a synthesizer, there are a huge number of variables to consider. Synthesizers have home and professional styles, analog and digital, as well as sampling and synthesizing. Each kind has a unique set of sounds for particular uses.

What’s the Best Place to See Live Music in London?

London has a huge music scene. Any artist touring the UK will inevitably end up playing one of the many concert halls in the capital city but where is the best place to see live music? Here’s our guide.

Different Aspects of a Songwriting Contest

Songwriting is an art. People, who are passionate about songwriting, interact with people having similar interest, join forums and encourage online songwriting to find co-writers and to actually learn the craft of songwriting. You cannot nurture this talent within the four walls of the room. Rather, when you share the songwriting process with someone else online learn new techniques and methods to improve your songwriting skills.

Songwriting Tips for Guitarists

A songwriting contest is basically a contest through which musicians get the opportunity to submit original music to a third party or forum, generally to win a prize or some other benefit. Songwriting competitions have existed long before the advent of the internet, but nowadays these songwriting contests are conducted through websites or musician forums.

Choose Karaoke Music for a Christmas Party

During this yuletide season, every one of us is busy planning for the left and right parties and social gatherings. Undeniably some of us cannot handle lots of pressures during this season, especially when facilitating a party whether an office party, house party with family or party with friends.

Reach A State of Ecstasy With Trance Music

While trance music relaxes and in a way desensitizes us, it also energizes and awakens us. It can elevate your body to a state of ecstasy. With beat software you can make trance music that was designed specifically to relax and transport your mind and body.

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