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It Pays To Have A Skilled Audio Visual Consultant Help You Choose Your New Home Cinema System

A quality audio visual system can make all the difference to a home or office. But being able to afford the most expensive components and being able to change a plug are unfortunately not the only prerequisites. In order to set up a fully functional system that performs to its capacity, it requires intelligent consultation from people that specialise in the home cinema sector.

CD Review John Hiatt Open Road

“I’ve always written songs, whether I was making records or not, it serves a lot of purposes for me. I’m good at working by myself; it’s therapeutic. It’s a means of focusing my world, my views, and explaining some things to myself.”… John Hiatt, as told to Musician’s Josef Woodard. In this article we review Open Road and how Hiatt’s views reach us.

Is It OK to Buy a Guitar Online?

I get this question a lot. And my answer is almost always no.

Mountain Jam and Arm Chair Review

I couldn’t get to Mountain Jam but was able to watch it via webcast. This article reviews that concert and webcast.

How to Find Good Beat Making Software

Beat making programs allow everyday people produce hip hop beats that are comparable to professional music producers. There is software out there that can teach you how to make awesome rap and hip hop beats yourself.

How To Make Beats – The Purpose Of Software

This article is going to break down why any beat maker would use software on their computers to make beats for the music industry. If you are learning how to make beats and what to use, keep your eyes glued because this is your golden nugget.

Indian Instrumental Music Breaks All Language Barriers

Though Hindustani classical music is mainly focused on the vocal performance but a number of instruments have also associated with it since ancient times. In other parts of the world, instrumental form of music is more popular than vocal music.

Over Ear Headphones Compared to In Ear Headphones

Are you wondering what how over ear headphones compare to ear buds? We will tell you why over ear headphones are much better then in ear headphones!

How Jerry Lee Lewis Got a “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On”

Jerry Lee Lewis’ breakout hit, “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On,” was recorded at Sun Studio in one take as a probable B-side. Lewis, backed by just drums and a lead guitar, knew it was a hit as soon as he cut it. Co-written by Dave “Curlee” Williams and pianist Roy Hall in 1954, the song was covered a few times without success until Jerry Lee made the top ten in 1957.

Learn Blues Guitar – Two Important Aspects of Playing Blues Guitar

Although many people do not know it, most of modern Rock music has its roots in the Blues. For this reason, learning how to play the Blues can be an horizon-expanding experience for many guitarists. In this article, you will discover the two most important aspects of playing Blues guitar.

Pro Audio Music Beat Maker for Digital Beat Creation Enthusiasts

Amidst the multitude of music beat maker software for digital music making on the market, Dub Turbo is a masterful tool for creating and blending R&B songs or any other form of music. If you are an ambitious DJ, producer, or just a music lover who wants to display your ability in music creation. Then DubTurbo is the best tool for you. Aggression in the music scene is pretty intense, so if you want to one-up the others at a fraction of the cost, this pro audio application is no doubt all that you need to create your own musical work of art.

The Importance of Strength Training for Guitarists and Other Musicians Over 40

Strength training and the building and maintenance of lean muscles in guitarists around and over 40 is important. In fact, it could be imperative. Playing guitar up on a stage under numerous lights and a lot of pressure from lots of people gives one good enough reason to need to be in shape. The muscles used the most when playing guitar are those in the arms and hands, obviously.

Why You Need the Best Electric Guitar Tuner You Can Get

Getting in tune and staying in tune is important to all guitarists – from beginners to professionals. Discover why being in tune is so critical and why an electric guitar tuner is a must have for anybody who is the least-bit serious about playing guitar.

The Bright Lights of Broadway – A Look at 1920s Musical Influences

Glamour, glitz and Gershwin. The 1920’s were an era that saw the rise of flappers, gangsters and Broadway musicals. Coming out of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, America was leaving rural living behind and moving to the big cities. With that came the indulgence of music, moonshine and misbehaving. Unknowingly headed for the Stock Market Crash and the Great Depression, many Americans were indulgent, lawless and living life in the fast lane. It was the time of Al Capone, Hollywood glamour girls and prohibition.

Arrange Your Music Using A Free iTunes Organiser

Most people have thousands of songs, movies, pod casts and videos on their portable and fixed multimedia devices. Such a huge amount of data can readily be managed by use of an iTunes organiser download. It is fun and affordable to download your favourite songs via iTunes.

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