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A Short History Of The Steel String Acoustic Guitar

A short history of the steel string acoustic guitar. The acoustic steel string guitar as we know it today evolved in America around the end of the nineteenth and into the early part of the twentieth century. The majority of instrument makers at that time were European or of European descent. They were immigrants who wanted to leave the miseries of impoverished lives behind them and search for a new and better life in America.

Rod Serling, YouTube, and the Three Year Old Guitar Player

Okay, confess it. You have all, at one time or another, come across some type of freakish, jaw-dropping musical video on YouTube. You know the kind I’m talking about; like a video of a three-year-old guitar player performing Bach’s three-part inventions with his toes.

You Bought A Guitar To Punish Your Ma

So the guy got a guitar to punish his ma. I imagine he punished his ma because he played loud and obnoxious and because he was a beginner and didn’t know what he was doing. We’re going to focus on the second part.

The Solid Body Electric Guitar

The solid body electric guitar. The solid body electric guitar originated from early, amplified acoustic guitars. These were simple acoustic instruments with pick – ups attached to them. Like so many innovations in the history of the guitar, the solid body guitar came about as a result of the quest for greater volume.

The Beatles 50th: It Was a Long and Winding Road

I had pretty much the same experience as everyone else I’m sure, meeting the Beatles so to speak and being blown away by them. The Ed Sullivan Show that February 9th may not have changed everything, but it was unforgettable. One thing I remember was the next day in class at my all boy high school. One of the kids, who happened to play the drums, said, “Ringo doesn’t even hold the sticks right!” I mentioned that to my father who said, “Apparently, he doesn’t have to.”

Blues In A Three-Piece Suit

Recently, I was watching an old music video clip of B.B. King on “YouTube” from a show in the United Kingdom filmed in 1978. Its a funny thing, but it was one of my favorite songs of his called “Hold On”.

Guitar Music And The Basics Of Music Notation

Guitar music and the basics of music notation. Conventional music notation is a complete self contained language. It allows music to be written down on a page and thereby recorded or communicated without it having to be heard. It is a well known fact that many great guitarists do not know how to read music and still can play great guitar music.

5 Easy Steps to Keep Your Guitar in Tune

This is a simple step by step instruction on how to quickly tune a guitar to E major. This is also an easy way to keep the guitar in tune and how to quickly tune it if it gets out of tune for example while on stage performing and you don’t have time to plug in a tuner. This is for a beginner to intermediate guitar player.

Random Access Memories Is Daft Punk’s Best Album

Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter are Daft Punk. Although the two Frenchmen have crafted some amazing music, Daft Punk’s best album by far has to be their 2013 release, Random Access Memories.

Cassadaga – The Best Bright Eyes Album

One would be hard pressed to find an artist that has held more influence over the modern American indie folk and alternative scene than Nebraskan native Conor Oberst. Though everything he creates is watched closely by a devoted following, his most influential and widely beloved works are the product of his band Bright Eyes. Cassadaga beautifully combines all the of elements that made Bright Eyes so successful and elevates them to their highest position.

Best Bright Eyes Songs

Bright Eyes is an indie alternative/folk band formed by singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Conor Oberst, backed by a rotating troupe of collaborators from his local Omaha music scene. With so many amazing songs it can be hard to know which ones are the best. Here you’ll find the five best songs from Bright Eyes as ranks but a rabid fan.

Guitar Lessons On Simple Chord Construction

Guitar lessons on simple chord construction. It takes a minimum of three notes to make a chord, and any combination of three of more notes – however “discordant” they may sound together – can be considered as a chord of some sort, On the guitar, it is possible to play chords with as many as six different notes in them.

Saving Money With Used Guitars – What to Look for to Get the Best From Your Music Store!

This article discusses what to look for when buying used guitars; it is useful for many skill levels but is aimed primarily at players who do not have extensive experience. The article deals with many aspects of determining a guitars value and whether it is worth buying.

Guitar Lessons Using Open Chords

Guitar lessons using open chords. The first goal of any guitarist who has ambitions to play popular music is to build up a chord repertoire. This is difficult at first as you try to learn all the shapes your hand and fingers must know before you can play chords that will produce a musical sound to form a melody.

8 Powerful Tips On How To Make Millions With Your Music Career

Every One of Us is a Singer or Musician: Ask me how? Well I want you to know that everyone of us sang our first song, the splitting second we were born. That shrieking cry and crackle becomes your first HIT song! Even as we grow into adulthood our very heartbeat is our rhythm drummer, every laughter is a sound, and each step we land on the ground is an integral member of the band.

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