How To Play ‘As It Was’ By Harry Styles! #shorts

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Lady Gaga – Born This Way (Album Review)

Mama always told me to never judge a book by a cover. Well, in this case, an album by its cover. Once the cover art for Born This Way hit the Internet, I know people were as freaked out as I seeing a motorcycle with a Gaga head.

Why You Need Good Rap Beats

You might think it’s obvious but without having good rap beats, you won’t ever go far in the hip hop game. Lyrics are crucial, yes, but I would argue that the beat is just as important, or even more. A good rap beat is very important. Without it, you should just sing freestyle.

Where Could The Door Of Perception Have Gone?

Jim Morrison’s voice was a firm stone of reality, like the rock of Gibraltar, in an era of overzealous peace and love. He was raw sexuality and unashamed of his unabashed masculinity. For over forty years The Doors have been dissected and written about. They have left a deep and beautiful wound on the history of music. It is hard to find the same telepathic nuance in a collective consciousness that they held as a group.

My Top 10 Albums of 2011

It’s that time of the year again, where news publications, bloggers and music magazines across the globe gather and speculate over the unenviable task of separating the sounds of the past year which have graced our ears for weeks, maybe months on end, from the throwaway ‘seen it all before’ records which didn’t last the distance. Essentially a source of acute opinion, occasionally an album of rare quality will crop up which features on the vast majority of the yearly definitive lists, now seen as much a predictable fixture in the collective public consciousness during the Christmas period as…

Top Tips for Preventing Feedback When Using a Live Sound PA System

Feedback is the ringing or screeching sound often heard being emitted from speakers at live sound events, but what is feedback and how can it be controlled? This guide will explain the causes of feedback and the best methods to prevent it occurring.

Free Singing Online Lessons – Good Idea or Futile Fantasy?

Free singing online lessons could be just the thing for those singers who don’t have easy access to an urban center teeming with singing coaches. These singers need to seek beyond their home base to find good vocal teaching at a distance. Could this be a solution to the problem of finding inexpensive voice training? Examine the pros and cons of free singing online lessons.

Succeeding As A Rap Artist

We are living in one of the best times rights now, the Internet age. Because of this, the music industry has changed and now anyone who has the passion for rapping can become successful and live off it. You no longer have to go to an expensive recording studio anymore like you did 10 years ago.

Music Enhances Intelligence in the Unborn?

There are many myths in the world today, both proven and unproven. The most common of myths are generated by parents or grandparents to keep the children disciplined or in line. Myths tend to stem from make believe stories too, often believed by the youngest of children, or simply those who are too naive to see the truth.

Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri?

The ‘Kolaveri’ song has become a craze in the nation but no one knows why it is so famous. Now what has made it such a rage in the social networking circles and why is it on everyone’s lips?

Chill Out Evenings in Copenhagen Cathedral

Chilling Out! The author’s experience of a mystical night of candlelit musical ambience, where the romantic and the modern and the spiritual and the artistic merge. Taking place in one of Copenhagen’s most famous cathedrals, “Our Lady’s Church”, these nights of ambience are unforgettable experiences of meditative delight for both the senses and the spirit.

Banjo Blues and the Invisible Republic

The banjo seems to have disappeared from blues because of the simple but overwhelmingly important fact that our contemporary picture of the blues is determined by market concerns, record labels, and concert tours that operate in categories too simple for something as wormy-squirmy as historical truth. But in fact banjo blues is not something stuffed and sitting on a museum shelf.

Your Emotional Playlist

If you’ve taken an exercise class at your gym, the instructor most likely played upbeat, high energy music, not only because the tempo and rhythm suited the exercise combinations but also because the music was energizing. He or she selected music that would inspire you to exert yourself.

Electric Pianos And Keyboards – What’s The Best One To Buy?

Purchasing the right electric piano or keyboard is not the easiest thing to do and with so many varied styles and prices, it’s all too easy to pick the wrong one for you or your family. Here I go over the 3 main types and what they offer.

How to Properly Take Care of Your Violin Bow

Be sure to care for your violin bow as much as you care for your violin. Violin bows are also extremely fragile! If you break your bow, it is more difficult to repair than a crack in your violin. A broken violin bow that is repaired is far more likely to break again and it has lost its value. A good rule is to treat it as if it were made of glass or fine china.

How to Examine Your Violin Bridge, Strings, Tuning Peg and Assess General Condition of Your Violin

It is good practice to examine your violin each time you pick it up to play it. You want to look at its condition in general and a quick overall check goes a long way to stop expensive repairs in the future.

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