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Hitting High Pitch Notes Correctly

One of the problems that most singers have to overcome is hitting high pitch notes correctly. Often times, amateur singers are not able to do this quite well and they find their voice cracking when they reach the highest note that they have to sing.

The 3 Benefits of Made to Order Musical Instruments and Accessories

There are a lot of benefits for having custom made musical instruments and accessories. Nowadays, Pickmaster, Fender, Epiphone and other top brands have provided an option for musicians to craft their own instruments. This way, they can play better according to the anatomy of their hands.

Songwriters – How Long Should You Make Your Song’s Intro?

A lot of songwriters don’t know how long to make the intro to their song. In this article, I’ll give you some solid ideas on that topic.

Songwriting – When and How to Speed Up (Or Slow Down) Your Song’s Melody

Sometimes it may be appropriate for your melody and lyrics to sound sped up within your song. In this article, we’ll look at an easy way to do that without having to increase your tempo.

Lisa Papineau – Indie Icon

Lisa Papineau is the accomplished singer/composer known for her vocal contributions to Air, M83, Pet and Big Sir. But what’s even more remarkable than Lisa’s limitless stamina for creation, is her ability to transcend her multiple sclerosis diagnosis and thrive.

The Hurricane: Bob Dylan Chooses The Form Over The Content – As Usual

Bob Dylan began his career as a protest singer before parting his ways with folk music tradition. So when he releases “Hurricane” in 1975, the song is both acclaimed and criticized. Find out why.

Songwriting – A Great Trick For Effective Melody Writing

Sometimes when you’re writing a melody, you don’t know where you should go with it. This article will give you a good trick to use when that happens to you.

Bob Dylan: Grammys And Performances

Bob Dylan is revered by millions of fan despite having a very particular relationship with the charts and the press. But what about the Grammys? Is he recognized by the academy? And How?

Clap Your Hands Say: Mo Beauty – Album Review

Mo Beauty is the debut album from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah singer Alec Ounsworth. It is the meeting of modern indie rock with traditional New Orleans musical elements. Or how can a South Philly boy claim New Orleans?

Songwriters – Learn How to Write a Successful Chorus

It’s important to make your chorus stand out from the rest of your song, since it’s usually your song’s central element. With that in mind, we’re going to look at a few ideas for creating a successful chorus.

Songwriting – How to End Your Song With a Punch Line

Ending a song with a punch line is a playful way to take everything you’ve said in your song up until the very last line and turn it on its head. We’ll look at how you can do that in this article.

Songwriting – 3 Tips For a Strong Song

In this article we’ll look at 3 tips for writing a solid song. We’ll look at them by using Jason Mraz’s “I Won’t Give Up” as an example.

Music and Pain Relief

We can never deny the fact that music touches people’s lives. It heals the sick soul of a human being. Through music, a crying child is silenced to sleep, the troubled mind of a sad housewife is calmed, bringing back the lost moments of romance between her and husband when they have their sweetest episodes of love. Somehow, the music played made her realize to give him another chance.

Blues Guitar Lesson: 3 Note Blues Chords

Do you know the easiest and fastest way to learn 3 note blues chords and play with that real authentic blues flavor? You will when you read and use this article.

6 Benefits Of Music – How Music Can Help

Music plays a vital role in all our lives and throughout it. But not only is music used for entertainment, it can be beneficial in many other parts of our lives, including therapy for ourselves.

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