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Songwriting – Learn From Very Well Written Lyrics

Lyrics written with Metaphor and a specific language can have a great impact on your listeners. This article will show you how to improve your lyrics using these techniques.

Blues Guitar Lesson: Style and Craft: Pull-Off and Bends

Pull-off’s, like hammer-ons (since they are essentially the same thing in reverse), expand possibilities of speed, phrasing and articulation, sound and touch. The pull-off technique involves pressing down the primary note of the melodic line with the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd finger (the primary note may also be an open string) while pressing down a preparation note (higher in pitch on the same string) with the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th finger. Next, pluck the preparatory note, and while the string is still vibrating, pull…

3 Ways to Start The Year With a Bang and Keep The Excitement Going!

A party is only as good as the planning and organization that goes into it. The only way to have a great party is to ensure that they best of the best is brought on board as concerns food and entertainment. People will always remember and look forward to a party that had lots of fun and games, but that also provided lots of food and activities to do.

Singing Is Good for You!

Find out a little bit more about how singing can help you physically, psychologically and emotionally and find out what you can do start singing. Once you start singing, expect changes! Singing has a myriad of benefits – health-wise or in other capacities. It could be singing in the shower, a bit of karaoke or competitive singing. Not only is it fun and enjoyable (obviously once the nerves are gone!), but it is also has a measurable positive effect on your quality of life. To some people, singing might just be something you do after work or over the weekend and to others it might be their full time occupation but not everyone is aware of the benefits. So, what are they?

Blues Guitar Riffs That Gave Us Classic Rock Songs

Classic Rock music owes a debt of gratitude to the blues for giving us so many great songs but some of the riffs that have made many of those songs have become so synonymous with Classic Rock you may not think of them as blues guitar riffs any more. Here I discuss a few examples which have helped significantly to shape the sound that we now call classic rock. Some of which may be quite obvious to you and some which may not.

Your Beats Need Attitude

Your beats need sound quality and attitude if they are going to be noticed. Read here about putting attitude into your beat.

Where Is Digital Music Going?

This is an article about digital music. It discusses digital music in general and where it is headed.

The Top 3 Ed Sheeran Best Songs

Ed Sheeran is one of the best songwriters around today. His songs are from the heart and are quite simply, incredible. Here is my top 3 Ed Sheeran best songs.

The Influence of Digital Music

This article is just a summary of how I feel about music. It focuses more on digital music and the way it is actually improving our lives.

Great Guitar Riffs Can Really Give a Song Its Hook But What Are the Best Guitar Riffs to Learn?

Anyone who is a fan of good guitar music is well aware of the effectiveness of a good guitar riff and how it can make a song what it is. But how about coming up with some guitar riffs of your own to add that edge to your own music. You’ll need some good examples to work from so what are the best guitar riffs to learn to get your creative juices flowing?

The Fundamentals Of Making Your Own Music Online

In days gone by, it used to be the case that if you were someone with a musical talent and you wanted to make your own music, you had to pay out hundreds of dollars to hire a studio or to get a producer to create the recordings for you. However, with today’s technological advances it is now possible to have complete creative control and produce quality music of your choice from your own computer at very little cost.

3 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Punk Rock

Punk rock music is energetic and fun, but not necessarily well liked by many people. Well, I’m here to discuss my top 3 reasons to listen to punk.

Top 3 Best Beatles Songs – As Written By A Lifelong Fan

What kind of a world would we live in without The Beatles? My life would be empty without their being, and I have whittled down their hundreds of songs, to just 3!

About Nirvana’s Career in a Nutshell

Nirvana was a popular band from United States, established in 1987. Before the band settled, on the name Nirvana, the band tried using other names like Chew, Skid Row and Pen Cap. But, the group decided to choose the name, Nirvana in 1988.

The Top Five Best Foo Fighters Songs

A look at my pick for the 5 best songs by the band, Foo Fighters. Sure to be a topic of heated debate by their many loyal fans.

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