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If You Aren’t Using Beat Software You Are Missing Out

Beat software is not just a fun hobby, it really makes your mind work. You think, concentrate, and you almost become a part of the song you are recording.

DJ Equipment – What You Need To Start

If you fancy yourself as a DJ and reckon you can make any party go with a swing, then you will need some DJ Equipment. But what do you need to let your talent shine through. Read on to find out…

Sick Beats For Rapping – How To Assemble and Arrange Hot Beats

If you are driving around town and you hear a fresh new beat on the radio, do you wonder why it is so fresh? What makes that beat so hot anyway? Maybe you even think about doing one of those hot beats to rap yourself. There are few things that you need to get a hot rap beat. You need your creativity, a good understanding of music and of course a good computer. So how do you do it? How do you make hot new beats for rapping?

Sonic Producer Review – Making Dreams Happen

Making good music brings too much delight to people. In as far as the producer is concerned, it is a passion but to the listener, it is pure delight to be able to appreciate something that is truly a work of art. Sadly, not many people are able to pursue their dreams of becoming a music producer because of the investment that it will entail. The equipment and the studio cost millions. Nonetheless, this should not stop one from pursuing his or her dream because there is one technology that can provide you with all the basic that is required of a music production outfit.

Digitech Multi Effect Pedals: A Guitarists Review of the Digitech RP Guitar Effect Pedal Series

I suppose I could give you all the usual talk about the professional sound and user friendly interface that the manufactures love to ramble about in their “reviews”, but I know you can get that from them. What I can tell you about is how these pedals sound to me, and how easy (or hard) they are to use, and how well they are constructed, from a guitarists viewpoint.

Hot Rockabilly Legend – Billy Lee Riley

Read a brief account of Hot Rockabilly legend Billy Lee Riley. A multi-instrumentalist and vocalist – he could do it all. But he was one of those immortals who never really hit the big time.

The Pros And Cons Of Purchasing An Acoustic Guitar Pack

When buying an acoustic guitar pack there are many options. The price varies according to quality and quantity. Some box instruments can be as inexpensive as thirty-five dollars, others can cost up to five hundred dollars. They vary this much due to quality, brand name and the components that are included in the deal.

All About The Double Neck Bass Guitar

Did you know that the double neck bass guitar has been around the music industry for more than 2 centuries already? Indeed! Other than different number of strings, you can also find other models of this specific type of guitar that have the same number of strings on both necks.

10 Sad Songs for 10 Broken Hearts

Whether it’s a hard break up or mere loneliness, bad days are a must in our lives and sad songs will always be here for us like a devoted friend who remind us that we aren’t alone in this. Keep reading…

Rocket Piano – Your Professional Guide to Play Piano

One of the best piano online courses called Rocket Piano will launch your way to your dream. The Rocket Piano will teach you step by step to master the piano in the comfort of your home.

Why Live Jazz Bands Are Better Than Wedding DJs

This article argues that live jazz bands are a superior form of wedding entertainment than wedding DJs. Some of the reasons put forth in the article include the fact that live bands are more flexible and can adapt their music to suit the mood of the occasion. They are good at ‘reading’ the crowd, and can even adapt the lyrics of songs to reflect the names of the bride and groom. They are also better value for money than a DJ because for around the same price (often less) you get four or five tertiary trained musicians, and DJs are often not from a musical background nor have any experience performing live music.

Listening to Music: Then and Now

Technology has empowered our universe. It has impacted the way we listen to and attain music. It used to be that when your favorite band or artist came out with a new album, you went to the store and purchased the CD for anywhere between $10 – $20.

Hiring a Live Wedding Band

This article contains useful information for brides interested in hiring a live band, but are unsure what questions to ask and how to go about booking a band. This article also argues that live bands provide better entertainment at a wedding reception than a wedding DJ. If couples want their guests dancing all night long at their wedding live bands are their best option.

A Homemade Xylophone You Can Be Proud Of!

Have you thought about making a homemade xylophone? Perhaps, the kids have been wanting a marimba they can practice on at home? Don’t let the prospect of doing this yourself “scare the daylights” out of you! It can be done!

Negative Myths About The Acoustic Guitar Exposed

What is handed down from one generation to the other comes with its insinuations be it positive or negative. Many negative myths about the acoustic guitar without exception have been carried down to this present moment for which I strongly feel demystifying or exposing them. I feel much disturbed anytime I come across any of them. I know you will feel the same way after knowing the few that I will mention here, and by this reason help me to further expose them to our valued readers.

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