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Bob Dylan Biography – A Chronology of America’s Great Songwriter, Part 1

Playing folk songs in Greenwich Village for pennies, little did Dylan know that he would end up writing and singing some of the world’s most celebrated songs, whose melody and lyrics go from one generation to the next. From being a civil rights singer who went electric in the year 1965, to being a rock and roll icon who continues to mesmerize audiences until today, Dylan endures to be the world’s primary tribal poet; and his songs still are cultural milestones. Here is a timeline highlighting Dylan’s epic career.

Wedding Bands – Choose the Best Songs to Match Your Theme

Are you currently neck deep in work arranging for your wedding? The countdown to your big day is a very exciting period but it is also full of stress because you have so many different arrangements to make, all of which have to come together to make your special day something that everybody will enjoy. One of the most important tasks you will have is looking at different wedding bands in order to select one to play at your reception. Your work will not stop at selecting the musicians because you will also have to help them select the songs that will be played that day.

Bob Dylan Biography – Great Moments in His Early Career, Part 2

Until now, Bob Dylan remains a music legend as he is considered one of the most dynamic performers in history. For this reason, many are still on the lookout for interesting tidbits about their hero. Here’s the continuation of some of the great moments in Dylan’s early career.

Crooners – The Legendary Andy Williams

His voice once described by President Ronald Reagan as a “national treasure,” Andy Williams is still offering up hits like Moon River to fans of all ages. Still crooning after all these years, Andy Williams, the boy from Walt Lake Iowa, has demonstrated that rare staying power in an ever-changing entertainment business. He will celebrate his 84th birthday on December 3, 2011.

Five Top Types Of Mutes That Are Used By The Best Trumpet Players

Knowing what to carry in your gig bag is one of the first things that you learn when you become a musician. After all, your gig bag is the equivalent of a business man’s briefcase, and it should have every tool that you expect to need right inside of it. As a trumpet player, mutes are one of the most important things that you should carry in your bag.

Crooners – Past Meets Present With Modern Day Crooners

The soft sentimental sound of crooning is getting a second run. A new generation of traditional crooners is reviving old standards from the Great American Songbook. Harry Connick Jr. and Michael Buble are two notable modern day crooners selling out concert venues and topping the music charts.

From Crooners to That Old Time Rock and Roll

Contrary to the belief that Rock & Roll music was the invention by a group called Bill Haley and the Comets, the genre is a combination of several musical styles, some dating back to ancient times. Blues, country and gospel are at the root of this dominant force style music, and these genres mainly derive their beginnings from black slave music.

Black Metal 101

Within the underground music scene, there is not a particular brand of metal that is so proudly associated with evil and darkness than that of Black Metal. As the name itself describes, this type of metal has been “blackened”, or darker themed than predecessor styles of the metal genre. This is not to say that evil themed vocals and album covers determine if a band is black metal, but the sound itself typically requires extremely fast drumming, poor recording quality and screeching vocals. Although black metal originated in the 1980s, touted by bands such as Venom, Bathory, and others, the genre didn’t fully take shape until the early 1990s, which we will discuss in more detail.

3 Best DJ Mixers

The world of DJ Mixers can be a confusing one. Which are the best mixers? The 3 best mixers are reviewed in this article.

Dutch Death Metal Masters Sinister Wreak Mass Havoc On Their Latest Killer Box Set CD+DVD Set

The Netherland’s death metal extremists collectively known as Sinister have influenced many up and coming death metal acts of today and still continue to do so. What is the one thing I admire about this band? It’s not a tough question to answer, as I would say, their perseverance to stand the test of time, which is the coming and going of many different trends within the extreme metal circles.

Before Chubby Checker, Hank Ballard: “The Twist”

Though many associate “The Twist” with Chubby Checker, it was written and first recorded by Hank Ballard, who had hits with “Finger Poppin’ Time” and “Let’s Go, Let’s Go, Let’s Go.” Dick Clark was instrumental in reviving the song by having Checker record it. Checker says that he, not Ballard, created the iconic dance moves that made the Twist an international sensation in 1960.

The Classical Violin: An Instrument of Vibrations

The classical violin is one of the most common played string instruments in the world. It is famous for the sweet and romantic music it can produce, and the ability to charm any crowd with it. However, do we ever realize how did the classical violin manage to produce such great music?

Grand Piano Buying – Overview of Models and Purchasing Tips

Grand pianos are available in a surprising range of sizes and styles. It is paramount to know which model is best suited for your needs and what style will suit you best before purchasing.

The Death of Classic Rock

A fun article that depicts the demise of Classic Rock. Classic Rock, just like its own icons, became a victim of excess and Pop culture. The nail in the coffin may surprise you!

Picking a Beat Maker 101

Loads of people love music and loads of people want to be able to make their own beats. Beats like the ones they hear on the radio and at the clubs. To make these beats you need to get yourself a beat maker.

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