Epiphone Thunderbird 60’s Bass – A Vintage Spec Bass That Wont Break The Bank!

Guitar Tricks Free Trial

Flight Cases: Keeping Your Instruments Shape

Guide to flight cases and what to look for. Keep your items secure by using one.

Classic Jazz Radio – What Is Jazz?

Do you know what jazz is? You will when you read and use this article.

Saxophone Giants: Charlie Parker

Charlie Parker was arguably the most influential saxophone player in jazz history, and his impact on modern jazz cannot be overestimated. Countless prominent jazz musicians followed in his footsteps and pointed to bird as one of their main influences.

iTunes Organizer For Automatic Music Management

Have you ever desired to organize your music library in an automatic manner? Yes, you may have longed for such wonderful opportunities. iTunes organizing software is all you need to achieve that aim. It’s a wonderful software application that is used in proper music file management and organization.

Frequently Asked Questions About iTunes Organizer

The invention of iTunes really changed the music world for the better. Today, you can achieve a lot by using a quality iTunes organizing Software. Since the arrival of this wonderful software into the music industry, many people have continued to ask various questions about it.

iTunes Organizer And Your iTunes Library

Your iTunes library will always remain tepid when you don’t know how to organize the files in it properly. Oftentimes, managing or organizing the music and video files manually may take you months, yet, you may not achieve the needed feat. This is exactly where quality iTunes organizing software comes in. It’s a unique software package meant to help you manage and organize music and video music files.

Music License Agreement – Knowing Your Rights

The internet has made the world so much simpler in many ways but in others, things have gotten quite difficult mainly where control is concerned. There are many examples of this. For one thing, sadly the internet has paved the way for paedophiles to share and distribute pornographic images of young and innocent children.

Sound Control During Mixing: The Correct Way

The following section detail the steps that can help you control the sound of your (probably less-than-perfect) room during mixing. Get a good pair of near-field monitors – Near-field monitors are designed to be listened to up close (hence the near in their name) and can lessen the effects that the rest of the room has on your ability to accurately hear them and to get a good mix. Mix at low volumes – I know; mixing at low volumes takes the fun out of it, right?

One Direction – X Factor Superstars

While standing in the queue, waiting for their turn to try their luck, what lay ahead of them was completely unknown to the five members of One Direction. They were brought together rather unexpectedly by the show’s judge Simon Cowell but their performances had always kept up to the expectations that were set for them. Over a short time, these young boys were a major success.

The Four Types of Acoustic Guitars

Guitars are one of the most played instruments in the world. For one, it is easy to learn. Once you know how to play the guitar, you can carry it around with you during parties, gigs and even while camping. It can liven up any moment.

What To Look For In A Great Wedding Reception

Excellent tips to help you organise or recognise a great wedding reception. No matter which of these ideas you like, you will need to factor booze into the equation too of course…

Popularity of MIDI Formats Among Musicians

MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface which stores music data instead of audio in a similar manner as available on music sheet book. Therefore, these are different from most digital music files and hence, are of good quality.

Will A Beat Making Program Honestly Put Money In Your Pocket?

It’s really hard to find a job in these day and times. Money is really hard to come by. The question is can you honestly make a profit using a beat making program?

The Web’s Best Music Streaming Sites

Apparently, the music industry is currently in crisis. Illegally file-sharing leaked albums is hitting the bottom line of artists and record labels hard. They are therefore resorting to more creative methods to control the distribution of their new music.

Making Your Own Drum Beats Sounds Like a Professional

With the advancement in technology, it is now all possible to make your home-recorded beats sound like a professional. Many amateurs have been spending a lot of money on studio-recordings for getting their tasks completed on time while maintaining high standards. But, the professional midi beat makers available in the market have made the procedure simple, quick and inexpensive.

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