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Cleaning Lyrics In Songs

Because we tend to listen to our favorite songs many times, certain words in song lyrics might possibly affect us in some way. My theory is that negative lyrics in songs are probably not good for us. When we hear music we do not like, negative messages tend to bounce off. However, when we are listening to music we like, negative messages might get absorbed into our minds more easily.

Leasing Rap Beats For Your Mixtape

This article is about the importance of having quality original rap beats for your independent mixtapes. I believe its critical for any artist to have beats that fit their personal style of music. These days there are so many online producers that offer high quality beats for lease at very affordable prices. In this article we’ll dive in to some of the reasons why you should lease beats online for your mixtapes.

Songwriting – 4 Quick and Easy Tips for Writing Better Songs

In this article we’ll look at a few quick and easy songwriting tips. It’ll be a quick start to writing better songs.

Songwriting – A Quick Review of the Different Rhyme Types to Use in Your Songs

There are a several different types of rhymes and sonic connectors you can use in your lyrics. In this article, we’ll look at what they are.

Find Out Why You Are Not Yet A Guitar Expert

If you are a music lover, then you are exposed and probably influenced in playing a guitar. In some families, love for music has been passed from generations to generations. This is the main reason why some have natural likes for this instrument.

Ghazal – The Heart Of Indian Music

There is a lot of scope for talented artistes to grow, develop better and hone the talent they have. I believe the most original form of music is Indian classical. Now, that could be Sufi, Ghazal or any other form. This kind of singing makes your voice more versatile.

Guide to Selling a Vintage Guitar

Four useful tips on how and when to sell a valuable vintage guitar. Covers all the bases.

The Musician and the Guitarist in You

When you are playing alone you are training the guitarist in you; when you are playing in a team, you are training the musician in you. I first heard of this idea from a fellow musician in my church.

Theory Is for ALL Instruments – Technique Is for Specific Instruments

For a layman like me, the way I approach music and playing guitar is as plain as how this principle encapsulates the secret to being a growing musician and instrumentalist. Why do I say so?

Look for Karaoke Machine Reviews to Make the Right Purchase

Interested in karaoke but don’t know much about it? Maybe you want you’d like to purchase a karaoke machine to use in your home. Make sure to do some research before you go out and buy one. There are review sites out on the internet that show you which one is right for you.

How to Protect the Singing Voice

There are various things that individuals can do in order to protect and to maintain the quality of their voices. Aside from avoiding spicy foods and drinking caffeinated or alcoholic beverages, they also have to remember a few important things especially if they would like to learn how to protect their singing voice. Singers need some degree of self-discipline in order to keep their vocal cords from being damaged because of carelessness on their part.

Protecting the Singing Voice

Individuals who would like to make the most of it from their voices have to protect it especially if they make use of it for their living. There are lots of singers who take things for granted like eating some kinds of foods or taking alcoholic beverages before their performances.

How Independent Dance Artists Can Market Dance Music Online in Six Easy Steps

How independent dance artists can use the internet to get maximum exposure for minimal time and money invested. Digital distribution, press releases, video, blogging, search engine marketing, and social media are recommended.

The Modes of Learning How to Play a Guitar

There are a lot of ways of learning guitar. Choosing the right way in learning guitar is essential for beginner to succeed. This article provides various options for beginners to pick up guitar courses.

Choosing the Right Guitar for You

As beginner, you will have to make some important decisions and one of the most crucial ones includes choosing the right guitar. Since there are so many options, coming in various price ranges, it can be quite confusing selecting the best. While you do need quite some time to make the decision, unless you keep some key factors in mind during selection, it wouldn’t matter how much time you put aside for it.

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