Alice Howe “Travelin’ Soul” at Norman’s Rare Guitars

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A Great Musical Gift Idea: iPod Docking Stations

The iPod docking station is the device which helps your iPod become part of the home. You can have some really decent speakers connected to the docking station and all you have to do is nestle the iPod in the cradle and it will happily play and charge at the same time.

The Power of One Album on a Home Audio System

There is one album that is very special to me. It doesn’t matter what it is. But whenever I play it on my pro audio equipment or on my home audio system it all comes back to me, feeling the love and desire while I first played one of the songs on my guitar for my first love, then the soft longing I had in her absence when we parted for the summer, the confidence that we would see each other again soon and resume our happiness.

Experience Wireless Wonder With Sony Blue Tooth Headphones

There may be no better feeling than strapping on a set of wireless headphones. These units deliver high audio quality and superior sound results while affording the flexibility of being able to use them on the move. They offer an inner ear cup design that is auranomica and creates a comfortable fit, while being able to listen to up to 17 hours of music playback before needing to be recharged.

T-Pain Song

What makes a T-Pain Song what it is? Why has his music caused excitement?

Top Five Teen Pop Icons

They came, we saw, they conquered. These words best describe teen pop sensations. Every generation has one.

Rush – A Hall of Fame Oversight

This is about both the Rush Documentary and the Rush Live in Rio DVD. I use the music and the documentary to explain why Rush should be in the Hall of Fame and how the fans in the world really do know.

Donna Fargo “Shame On Me” – A New Classic Album Review

Greetings from Asheville, where good music is always found on the turntable, in the CD player, or in the MP3 player. Today’s Classic Album Review remembers the album Shame On Me from Donna Fargo. Though she had been active in the music business since the 1960’s, it wasn’t until 1972 that Donna first hit paydirt, as “The Happiest Girl In The Whole U. S. A.”, then “Funny Face” would top the Country charts, while climbing well up the Pop charts, also.

Dubstep And Beyond: The Electro Reggae Connection To World Music

Unbeknownst to many fans, Electro Reggae saturates the world’s musical landscape. Even before Sly and Robbie coined the term “Electro Reggae” for their 1986 Taxi Gang LP release, they had begun experimenting with dissonant, electronic sounds. Random, computer-generated blips and electric percussion permeated the Black Uhuru albums the duo produced. A year earlier they would claim Reggae’s first Grammy on the heels of such innovation.

How to Find the Best Bass Headphones

There are just people who cannot live without bass in their music. Listening to your home music device with great subwoofers is one good way to enjoy the full bass experience. But what if you need your bass supply when you are out of the house? Then you will need a bass headphone.

Alice Cooper Will Scare You To Death On Welcome 2 My Nightmare And Leave You Begging For More

Listening to Alice Cooper’s diverse vocal range and musicianship is like watching a melange of horror and drama inspired movies. Try to imagine all of this, but within the auditory spectrum side of things and it is quite out of this world.

Learn to Play Guitar Using Online Video Tutorials

Learn to play guitar with online tutorials, video and theory research Whether you want to learn rhythm, classical, lead, jazz or just how to tune your guitar. There is a mountain of resources online but as a beginner how are you supposed to know which one is right for you and where do you start? When I started playing guitar there was no such thing as Google and Netscape was in its infancy.

The Cure – Trilogy

This is a review of the Cure DVD set called Trilogy. It is a two day live concert in Berlin in 2002 that emphasized three alms that Robert Smith considered his trilogy. This is a must have musical set for all music fans.

Hip Hop Artist – Discover How To Create Hip Hop Beats

To become a hip hop artist you must learn how to make rap beats. Without this skill you’ll have a hard time convincing your manager, record label as well as possible fans that you are a rap artist. Hip hop began in the Bronx in NYC in the 70’s. With the aid of the African American and Latino communities, rap has developed from being street music to boom-box time to a multimillion dollar music industry. Rap is taking over the pop charts with new hip hop talents. This piece of writing will provide valuable information on rap and also teach you how to produce your own hip hop beats.

Hip Hop Artist – Discover The Basic Hip Hop

Given that everyone like listening to hip hop music, it is just logical for hip hop lovers to know how to dance like their favorite hip hop artist. Hip hop artist are well-known to choreograph modern-day dance moves. Hip-hop is actually a cultural movement, well-known for its impact on music as the musical genre of the same name. Hip hop music got going in the Bronx, in New York City, during the seventies, mostly among African Americans, with a few influence from the Latin American population of the area as well. The hip hop culture has gone from being a relatively underground style to being a main style throughout the world, and it has been commercialized and popularized, especially in the United States. The 4 standard pillars of hip-hop are: rapping, DJing, graffiti art and breakdancing. Five extra pillars are at times added: beatboxing, hip-hop slang, hip-hop fashion, street entrepreneurship and street knowledge.

Sex Pistols and the Punk Movement

When you hear the band name the Sex Pistols, you should automatically equate this name to the Punk Movement. They transformed the way people made music during this time period and continue to be an everlasting inspiration for all musicians of the genre. There will never be a group as influential as them on the punk scene. So where did they come from? What did they do? Why are the Sex Pistols different from any other band out there? Let us tell you why.

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