6 Best Rock Guitar & Amps Rigs For Under £1000! – Get A Legendary Setup Without Busting The Bank!

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Looking For A Professional Instrumental Beat Maker?

Are you online looking to be well informed before making a choice of beat makers? Read more about choosing the right instrumental beat maker here (…)

Before You Buy Beats Online, Read These Tips First

This article was written to help rappers all over the world find the right beats online so they can progress in their music careers. Hopefully this essay helps!

Ocarina Tabs for the Amateur and Veteran Alike

Ocarina tabs are the best way for a new musician to learn to play this amazing instrument. Find out where to get them and also how to read them!

How Can the Mic Stand Show Your Individuality?

This is a well – known for you music equipment – a microphone stand. But the mic stand is not just a free-standing mount for a microphone. For many singers the microphone stand is an irreplaceable accessorize to their image and style. With the help of such stand the singer can show her or his individuality.

Exclusive Beats – Never Ending Story?

Non exclusive rights…? These are individuals who want to have the legal rights to make use of the music but do not care if plenty of other people also have the same music.

5 Things That Make A Fitness Sound System Different From An Ordinary PA System or Home Stereo

It’s no big surprise that so many fitness centers and exercise classes start with using a less-than-ideal sound system. After all, it’s supposed to be about fitness-not listening to music-right? Well, in reality, this just isn’t the case at all.

9 Tips On How To Compose Piano Music

Have you ever felt frustrated with coming up with ideas on how to compose piano music? Now you can constantly create new, unique, and EXCITING pieces of music! Songwriting should be FUN and EXCITING! So I’ve put together a few steps that I’ve personally found helpful in sparking the creative juices of composing music…

Acoustic Guitars – How To Select The Best Guitars

Acoustic guitars are very near and dear to me. I have sold a number of them, built more of them than I can remember, and play at least one or two of them every day. You govern just how the guitar volume and tone each guitar will have by selection of special wood species, and variations in the guitar body size and depth.

Best Megadeth Albums

I’ve been listening to Megadeth since I was a kid and they really left a mark on me. The band’s been releasing stuff since the 80’s creating a long career with various periods and several releases. Right now I’d like to share with you my list of the albums that I consider to be their best ever and that have their most known Megadeth hits, or “Megahits”.

Tracking Down the Founder of Arhoolie Records in the USA

Jimi Hendrix said, “Blues is easy to play, but hard to feel.” Chris Strachwitz loves the Blues and shares his Collection with the World.

The Fun Guitar Learning With Riffmaster Pro

Riffmaster Pro is one of the ways for you to learn guitar the easiest way. Discover how fun it can be when it comes to playing Riffmaster Pro from this article now…

Yamaha NP30 Lowest Pricing on a Hugely Popular Piano

Are you looking for the cheapest way to get your hands on a Yamaha NP30? Well you’ve come to the right place…

Guitar Lessons Video to Help You Learn Guitar Fast

Guitar Lessons Video is one of the best methods which you can have when you are going to learn about how to play guitar in the fastest way. There are a lot of people who have been trying on learning guitar who find that this kind of method in learning effective in helping them learning to play the guitar. There are so many resource that can give you lesson in learning about how to play guitar in the video format.

How Do You Write Lyrics? – Help With Writing Rap Lyrics and How to Rap

The feel or momentum is the rhythm that you create through vocals. Your words hug and join along with the instrumentals you have written. For instance, if the rhythm of the instrument/music is a faster drum sequence, that means your words are going to assert a faster step, allowing your vocals to stretch and sit better on the drum beat. One of the unsurpassed ways to understand your own momentum is to take note of hip hop that you love.

Piano Tuning Tips – Learn How To Find and Choose a Qualified Piano Tuner

Finding a qualified piano tuner near you to repair those off-key keys can be time consuming. Other than trawling through the Yellow pages, the internet or friends, contact the nearest institutions to you that own pianos and ask them who takes care of their instruments.

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