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Album Review: Jason Donovan – Soundtrack Of The 80’s (2010)

This is the 5th Studio Album from the late 80’s-90’s Aussies lad Jason Donovan. I grew up on much of his stuff in the 80’s which was more-or-less my first foray into ‘Pop’, at a time I was knee-deep in Rock and Metal. So I was really looking forward to this album as 80’s was the year I became a collector of Music.

Why Is My Singing Voice NOT Improving? – Learn What You Need to Become A Top Singer

So we all know how to sing, right? Open your mouth, make the sounds come out, and you’re singing like the stars. Well, believe it or not, singing is a lot more difficult than the effortless performance by the true performers on stage. There’s a wrong way and a right way to sing.

How to Dress Like Lady Gaga for Halloween

Dressing up like Lady Gaga for Halloween is easy! Just dress in the most shocking outfit you can think of, like a dress made out of real meat, or dress like you are a female Elton John and you have it made. You can wear a wig of blond hair, white hair or every color imaginable.

Guitar Templates – How to Make Your Own Guitar Templates

You will want to make your guitar templates permanent and accurate. Learn which materials to consider for this invaluable tool and how to make a great set of templates for your guitar shop to improve your productivity and guitar building accuracy.

Vinyl Records: A Trend Of The Past And Of The Present

Even with the advent of modern-day storage media like MP3s, CDs, DVDs and Blue Ray, vinyl records are even now used for recording intents nowadays. Vinyl records have made a remarkable contribution to the industry of music once and they go on to be outstanding up to now. Taking the world by allure, jazz music producers and fans together dole out idem fervor of having their songs played on jazz vinyl.

Information Uncovered About LP Records Of The Past And Of The Present

Some say LP records are out of fad. Before the birth of CDs, LP records served as the major format of audio recording. An LP or gramophone record has a characteristic 10-12 rounded shape. Reawakened in the 21st century, LP records persist to increase in popularity and are still gaining recognition up to date.

Top 10 Beginner Piano Christmas Songs

Christmas music can be one of the most enjoyable genres to play. Many of the songs can be easy to play, and most people are familiar with them.

Top Ten Songs From Last Thirty Years

Not another top ten list!! YIKES!! Okay, yes it is a top ten list of top songs for the last thirty years, but this is a GREAT List. This top ten songs list is fun, thrilling, exciting and AWESOME!!

How To Clean Your Guitar Fingerboard

Keeping your guitar fingerboard clean is an essential part of getting the best sound possible out of your instrument. Cleaning your guitar fingerboard is something that every player can do. A dirty fingerboard can impede clean sounding fast playing.

How to Make Hip Hop Beats Online With Ease

Are you a budding musician who wants to know how to make hip hop beats? You don’t need to have formal training in music in order to indulge your passion for it. You can make your own hip hop beats in order to entertain your friends or to make music for a special occasion. These beats are basically all of the elements of a hip hop song without the vocals which you can add later on if required.

Different Models Of iPod

iPod is a portable media player which is designed and marketed by Apple. This latest device is currently consists of the hard drive-based iPod Classic, the touchscreen iPod Touch, the iPod Nano, and the compact iPod Shuffle.

Top Five Christmas Songs for Guitar

Guitar Christmas songs can be a central, uniting part of any Christmas gathering. To celebrate the time of the year and our instrument of choice, here is a list of our five favorite Christmas songs for guitar.

Do You Know How to Make a Violin?

If you are fond of crafts and really want to undertake a project that will fetch you immense satisfaction and pride, then you can consider making a musical instrument – and too, a violin. But, building any craft calls for patience, aptitude and skills and making a violin is no different.

A Quick Review Of TidySongs

It’s never easy to organize music files manually especially if you’re the type that downloads music on daily basis. The invention of iTunes has really come to be seen as the right panacea to the problem of music management.

Discovering The Best iTunes Organizer Program

In the world of music, there are diverse media players and music organizers. The recent introduction of iTunes really changed the music industry for the better. Today, one can easily download music files and equally organize them into desired patterns Among the modern day iTunes organizers, TidySongs is simply the best.

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