Joe Bonamassa Style Blues Lick – 5 Cascading Notes Per Beat! (PMT College)

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Collings Guitars Are Special In Many Ways

If you ask Bill Collings what makes his Collings guitars so special he will tell you that the key to building a great guitar is precision. It’s hard to make a great sounding guitar. And it’s even harder to replicate that great sound over and over again.

Piano Lesson – How to Play a Piano, Step-By-Step

The piano holds a high spot in music history. It is a rich and versatile instrument. The fundamentals of piano playing are structural and simple; however, it can take years of intense study and practice to become a master. The piano will become less of a mystery to you when you understand the way the notes fit with each other and follow this up by practicing melodies and chords. When you have studied sufficiently to understand the mechanics of music, you will be able to compose on your own. This is a very impressive skill to have.

Ballet Class Music While You Drive – Are You Joking?

I’ve been a fan of all types of classical music since…I was born, I suppose. Having consistently listened to the wide range of styles within that genre for over fifty years, I really wasn’t expecting at this stage of my life to encounter an undiscovered (for me, at least) pocket of classical gems. Well, the news is, I did just that recently when I came across ballet class music for the first time. I even listen to it in my car.

Guitar Accessories: A Case for Cases

One of the many guitar accessories that you can’t do without is a guitar case. It is so important to your guitar that many manufacturers include the case in the price of the guitar. Many manufacturers make cases specially designed for particular models and ship the guitars inside these cases to the retailer. This practice makes buying the guitar without the case difficult – and rightly so. Read on for more valuable tips on how to make choosing the perfect guitar case simpler.

Guitar Buying – Looking for Your First Guitar

If you’re just starting out as a novice guitarist, you may ask the musical question, “What’s the minimum I need to spend to avoid winding up with a piece of junk?” That’s a good question, because modern manufacturing practices now enable Luthiers (the fancy term for guitar makers) to turn out some pretty good stuff for around $200 – and even less sometimes.

Best Songs on Acoustic Guitar – Part 4

The list continues. Here is another batch of songs worthy to be considered some of the best acoustic guitar songs.

Best Songs on Acoustic Guitar Part 3

Here are a few more songs that deserve to make the list of best acoustic guitar songs. These songs feature the acoustic guitar in a certain way that sets them apart from the rest.

Jackie Evancho – Raw Talent Personified

This is the story of Jackie Evancho, an 11 year old singer with a voice for the ages. A soprano singer who sings classical as well as pop music with ease. Her debut song ‘O Holy Night’ went platinum in December 2010 and ranked #1 on Billboard’s Classical Albums Chart.

Unlock the Power of Your Sound System With a Guitar Amplifier

Lack of volume and absence of special features, are among some of the most frustrating problems many people are experiencing to enjoy are great tone in their respective guitars. However, a guitar amplifier can make a big difference. There are actually several components needs to be consider to make guitar amplification possible. Nowadays, many guitar amplifiers are made of effect processors boxes and speakers, so most of them are sold to many people as amplifiers.

Fender Mexican Stratocaster Versus Fender American Stratocaster

Not all strats are made equal. Here are key points to help you decide which one you should buy.

Best Ways to Learn to Play Piano Online

There is nothing that cannot be found on the Internet. If you want to take a quick course of any sort, all you have to do is log on and find the course of your choice. The same thing goes if you want to learn to play piano online.

The Yardbirds – 5 Best Songs

The Yardbirds had three of the hottest English guitar player of the 1960’s: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. Each broke new musical ground. Here are The Yardbirds 5 best songs.

Vocal Training With Breath Control

As many beginner singers learn quickly, controlling breathing is one of the most fundamental, and one of the most difficult challenges to overcome. But, when you control your breath you will control your voice as you learn in these vocal training tips.

Audio Production Software – About Sounding Great

I don’t suppose you imagined an audio production software was something that was going to do any kind of sound or noise. Well if you did you are right, but the main purpose is much more than that.

Saving a Favorite Guitar Pick

In the fifth row back, just to the right of the stage you stand watching your idol on stage. Then, he smiles and throws his guitars pick into the crowd, right into your quivering hand.

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