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Learning The Violin – Extra Accessories To Consider When Starting Out

I have written another article which talks about 5 essential items required when starting to learn the violin. These items are the violin, a bow, a block of rosin, the strings and a good quality music book. These essentials are all that are needed when you start to play the violin. However, there are some extra accessories to consider when starting out.

Designing Your Band’s Business Card

When you decide that your band needs some business cards or you need to update your current business card make sure that you give it some good thought before you just jump right in and get 1,000 of them made up. Business cards are still a necessity for any band (or for yourself if you are a solo artist). As I stated in a prior article about handing out business cards, they are very inexpensive to manufacture but one should still think about what your goal is with designing a business card.

Music Mixing Software – Make Your Own Beats Without Breaking The Bank!

The break was forced several years ago to computer based Hip Hop Beat Making Software. There are ample audio programs in the industry that allow you to mix your own rap beats on your computer. There’s really no need to really have to pay for high-priced pro studio systems to produce beats. These new programs have the face of old school drum computers as well as the stylish flash of solid studio sound boards. This form of software allow beginners to get started Making Hip Hop Beats in no time. Once you are more forward-looking you may want to buy and program rhythms using plug-in midi keyboards and other controllers.

Which Is Your Favorite Rock Decade?

Which was the best rock music decade? It’s obviously unfair to make a definitive statement on this subject, as it’s completely subjective to the reader’s taste, but we can trace some of the landmark changes the movement set through the years, maybe learn something in the process, and choose the one we like the best. Rock music is in fact a derivation of rockabilly, or rock & roll music (e.

Rockabilly Cats Crossed Back And Forth Over the Line Between Country and Rock and Roll

With a name like “rockabilly” it’s no surprise that the early rockers also made a splash in the country charts of the 1950s. After all, the “billy” part of the name comes from the fact that country music of that era was often called “hillbilly music” and many of the early rockabilly performers came from backgrounds heavily influenced by country music. Often they had played country before turning to rockabilly, but in virtually all cases, they grew up with country music (along with blues, R&B, and gospel music) all around them. It’s also not surprising then that many of the early rockabilly songs found their way up toward the top of both the pop and country charts.

Linux Audio Recording With Ardour

By common consent, Ardour is the flagship DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) on Linux. It is simple to use yet extraordinarily powerful. This article tells you what to expect…

Refreshing The Musical Experience: Current Media’s Lacking State

The newer generation who might have not been born during the highest point of rock vinyl distinction or have even heard the real tune and classic sound of analog formats might be baffled by the unparalleled veneration older music fanatics devout to the revival of rock vinyl records. Though shared downloads, iPods and MP3s have become more convenient music sources in today’s industry, vinyl records are left with enough breathing space to thrive.

A Little Bit About Pianos

The piano is one of the most popular musical instruments in the world. Having been first introduced in the early 18th century, it has since become ubiquitous throughout just about every modern musical genre and is played by millions of people around the globe. Pianos have not only carved their way into the musical lexicon, but they are widely accepted as the best instrument for learning the basic mechanics of music theory. However, purchasing a piano can be a significant investment, as they can sometimes cost many thousands of dollars.

Getting A Guitar Lesson Online: The Growing Pastime

Have you ever read a biography of any rock star? When ever you read through their biographies you will see that they did not earn fame overnight. Years of hard work was done in order to achieve that level of success. For most of these musicians they have practiced for years and years in order to master the techniques. Every successful musician had a dream, when he or she were a child, to become a musician or rock star. If you are one that has such a dream and want to learn the art of guitar then you must practice the techniques with discipline. A guitar lesson on line can be an great source of tuition. There are a number of websites that will provide you with different types and level of lessons. The only thing you have to do is find one that suits you.

Early Rockabilly Performances Were Immortalized on Camera

Although television had been around for much longer (having been invented in the 1920s based off of work and research that started as far back as the latter half of the 1800s), it wasn’t until the late 1940s that people really started gaining access to the technology in their homes. In the 1950s, television usage began to explode and the TV started becoming more and more a part of the modern home. This surge couldn’t have happened at a better time for rock and roll and many of the earliest rockabilly stars performances have luckily been preserved forever on video tape.

The Reason Why Every Music Artist May Want to Choose Dirty South Beats

Hip Hop music has been around for over 30 years now. It has seen its share of changes and ups and downs. From hardcore gansta music to simple and fun dance music. For a genre of music that was created in the late 70’s, it has manage to stay on top while more and more artist today are becoming very popular as a result of it.

A Guide to African Percussion Instruments

If there were only one African instrument that could define African music, that instrument would have to be a percussion instrument. Percussion is the ground of being for almost all African music. The original aim of African music was to both aid the community in everyday affairs and bring the people together for meetings and ritual events. Therefore, in African music, participation is essential, and, because percussion is most easily relatable to all members of the community, the percussion section became the centerpiece. This article outlines the more common types of African percussion instruments.

Discover the Benefits of Drumming Workshops

For musicians with a strong interest in percussion instruments, djembe drums can be one of the most fascinating and versatile forms of personal expression. You can learn all about djembe drums and the joys of music by enrolling in one of many drumming workshops. These workshops have several benefits for all types of people which are outlined in the following paragraphs.

Linux DAW – Reviewing The Free Recording, Sequencing, Sampling, Effects Software

Linux still hasn’t reached the point where a techno-phobe can run a system successfully without outside help, but frankly I’m not convinced Windows can do that either. Although setting up Linux can be a serious undertaking, depending on the hardware and software you intend to use, the day-to-day running on a well constructed system can often be simpler and more powerful than any Windows PC or Macintosh.

5 Choices for Choosing a VocoPro Karaoke System

When it comes to a karaoke system, VocoPro is one of the leaders in the marketplace from their in-home units down to their full scale models. They help you to sound like a professional. The company continues to grow with their promise to concentrate on new technology and to better their quality service for their customers.

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