8 Of Dagan’s Favourite Riffs From His Favourite Albums! – “The Riffs That Improved My Playing!”

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3 Questions to Ask Your Online Vinyl Records Seller

Many people enjoy collecting an old, rare record or vinyl, for their own listening pleasure as well as to add to considerable collections which can increase significantly in value with the passage of time. There are now many shops both offline and online offering the sale of these special items, which means that more people than ever before can obtain these products.

Tips for Buying Rare Vinyl Records

People like to collect rare vinyl records for many reasons, including purchasing them for personal reasons and seeing them as a valuable investment of money. For those who are looking start collecting these kinds of items however, it can be difficult to know how to pick out a quality item and whether or not it will be worth the money.

4 Professional Tips on Mixing and Mastering Audio

Music mixing is a task that forms an important part of music creating. The procedure of penning down the lyrics, creating a tune, syncing the lyrics to the tune created, recording it and finally mixing and mastering it makes it a complete music track.

Writing Great Song Titles

Song Titles – Titles are so important when writing songs. The Title is like a great book cover, a great title can capture the listener before he/she has even heard your song and more importantly will help the listener to remember it. It’s the sales pitch for the entire song.

Writing Melody

Melody – The melody or tune of a song is what most people hear when listening to music, the chords, drums, bass are very important in supporting the melody but the average person hears the tune. The best melodies are simple, easy to remember and easy to sing along with. However the goal of good melody writing is to make the tune simple but not boring or run of the mill.

Best Eight Songs About Bands on Tour

Not only does the warm weather welcome the return of baseball, but it usually offers a chance for you to satisfy your musical thirst. This spring and summer will be a special one on that several pop-rock bands are scheduled to play in the area. The duo who had the most hits in the late seventies and eighties, Hall and Oates, are touring for the first time in over a decade.

The Power of the V

A good song will always build to a climax, a moment when the music and lyrics combine to reach that emotional intensity which a listener will naturally identify. Even nursery rhymes tend to have a focus point in the bridge,chorus or in the last line of the verse. The number one musical device to create this climax is normally the dominated or the V the chord built on the 5th degree of scale of the key.

Van Morrison at St David’s Hall

The legendary Van Morrison can be a bit hit and miss in concert, depending on the whereabouts of his flighty muse. Tonight’s gig at St David’s Hall was, thankfully, one of the good nights with Van ransacking his back catalogue for a clutch of blues classics that went down well with a devoted crowd.

Swn Festival

The Swn Festival brings together over a hundred bands to play in and around Cardiff City Centre on a wild weekend in November. There’s a chance to spot the next big thing as well as catch up with old favourites in this unique gathering of talent.

BBC Wales Horizon Tour Roadshow

The BBC Wales Horizon scheme promotes young Welsh musicians, giving them advice and support as well as allowing them access to festivals throughout the U.K. Some of the supremely talented artists to benefit include Climbing Trees, Aled Rheon, Gabrielle Murphy and Houdini Dax.

Houdini Dax Live at the Rhondda Hotel

Houdini Dax make heart throb pop tinged with garage rock, write chorus’ as big as skyscrapers and have a rhythm section to die for. If there’s any justice in the kingdom of pop, these guys won’t be pretenders to the throne for much longer!

5 Incomplete Questions Guitarists Often Ask & What You SHOULD Be Asking Instead

Countless guitarists ask themselves and others all the wrong questions when trying to fix the issues in their guitar playing. These questions are usually ones built from past “conventional wisdom” that never really got results to begin with. When you ask yourself these same questions, you will make things ten times harder for yourself when it comes to improving your guitar skills.

Lady Sings the Blues – Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson’s faultless interpretation of the Great American Songbook places her in the very front rank of British Singers.Taking on some of these legendary songs would be daunting enough for a singer with twice Ferguson’s experience. A mesmirising album that has shamefully gone under the radar.

Songs About Wanting a Friendship to Become a Romance

A young woman recently wrote to Dear Abby about a problem she incorrectly felt was unique. On the contrary, the same situation she discussed has caused awkwardness since the Stone Age. She and a male friend had been hanging out for three years, attending movies and having dinner.

The Dark Legacy of the Beatles

The Beatles were arguably the greatest rock/pop band. The day they arrived in America, fifty years ago, they looked like polished, young gentlemen who played music about innocent teenage love. However, within a couple of years, that image changed and they became a diabolical influence on American culture.

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