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One Republic: Native Sons

Drawing from the great pop and rock sounds of the 80s, One Republic continues to crank out great songs. With Ryan Tedder at the helm, One Republic is back with a grand offering in ‘Native’.

Home Studio Equipment Basics – Start Your Own Home Studio

Starting your own home studio can be challenging and very costly. That’s why budgeting and planning is essential.

Recycled Percussion Rocks The Quad

Recycled Percussion is welcomed to their new home inside The Quad Hotel and Casino. They bring their high energy and brand new show back to the Las Vegas Strip.

Fifty Years of the Ortofon SPU Cartridges

The Ortofon company was established in Denmark nearly 100 years ago. Acknowledged among audiophiles, DJs and studio engineers for its range of record player cartridges, almost certainly its most famed product is the SPU cartridge, which is still being manufactured by Ortofon over fifty years since it was first introduced to the market.

Classic Rock Star Wars: David Lee Roth and Van Halen

One act is synonymous with great music and long-standing feuds: Van Halen. In the years since being with, then not with (then with again) the flamboyant David Lee Roth, Van Halen has carved out its very own niche in legendary classic rock feuds.

The Story Behind Simon And Garfunkel’s Greatest Hit Songs: “Scarborough Fair/Canticle”

Simon and Garfunkel’s arrangement of the classic English folk ballad “Scarborough Fair/Canticle” is as seamless as a mosaic. The song itself was hundreds of years in the making but ended with a significant contribution from Simon himself, who salvaged some of his own work to help finish this masterpiece. Read on to find out how they did it.

UFO: Strangers In The Night On Vinyl Review

UFO’s Strangers In The Night (SITN) is generally acknowledged as one of the all time live albums in the heavy rock genre. The British band had hit the big time and cracked America on the back of their preceding two albums – Lights Out and Obsession – so a live album was the next logical step. SITN most certainly does not disappoint in any way and still stands up to scrutiny today. Indeed, some 35 years since SITN was first released many of the songs still form the backbone of UFO’s live set.

Classic Rock Star Wars: Axl Rose Versus Pretty Much Everyone

There have been some great feuds in the annals of classic rock. Axl Rose has been at the center of quite a few of them.

The Myth Behind Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon”: Telling A Story You Didn’t Even Know Was There

Sometimes songwriters write songs without knowing what they mean. Stevie Nicks’ “Rhiannon” from Fleetwood Mac’s eponymously titled 1975 album was one of them. Only after the song was recorded did Nicks find out that her song had another meaning that she wasn’t even aware of. Read on to found out what Nicks discovered after the fact.

In Search Of The Most Depressive Song

In search of the most depressive song could walk us through many decades and many topics. I have selected songs based more on the story within the song. Not so much songs actually based on the experience of depression.

The Best Three Leonard Cohen Albums and Why

Leonard Cohen has to be one of the world’s greatest songwriters of all time. To choose his best songs is tough, so I have gone for the easier option of looking at the three best Leonard Cohen Albums.

Classic Rock: Redefining the Sound of Pop and Rock With Queen

Queen was a band that absolutely redefined pop and rock music. With worldwide popularity and enduring impact, we delve into just what made them such a great force in classic rock.

Top Five Best Quiet Songs by the Lou Reed / The Velvet Underground

When people think the Velvets / Lou Reed, they often think noise and craziness. Some of their best known works, or most infamous works, are scrawled masterpieces, loud and in your face: Sister Ray, Waiting For My Man, Metal Music..

The Best Example of Roger Water Lyrics in Amused to Death

Amused to Death always seems a greatly under-rated album. I believe that had it carried the name of Pink Floyd attached to it, then it would have received the attention it so greatly deserved.

Exploring The Various Types Of Guitars

Very few genres of music are complete without a guitar tuned up for play. Most music buffs will be pretty familiar with the fret-board, and will in turn know the kinds of guitars better than most.

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