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Buddy Holly’s Rockabilly Roots Formed Deep Before He Became a Star

Of course every fan of rock and roll knows the name Buddy Holly. Before his tragic death in a 1959 airplane crash, Holly had firmly established himself as a major star. And that star was still on the rise when he died. However what most people don’t know is that Holly started out by recording some great rockabilly music that helped get his career started.

The Effect Music Has On Our Lives

Can you imagine life without music? The answer is probably NO. Music has a powerful impact on the life of each individual. It can shape the way we feel and the way we think. It enables us to express our moods and it is there at every important event of our lives.

Top 50 Songs From The 80’s

Listed below is a list of top 50 songs, I believe which defined the 80’s. For the period 1980-1989 this list is based on not only on its ‘hit’ factor at the time, but more so on its influence on the industry on the whole. Its iconic impact and relevance even today in 2011 is the reason its on-my-list!!!

Blind Tom Wiggins – A Musical Genius

Tom Wiggins was born to Negro slave parents, Charity and Mingo Wiggins, in May 1849 in Harris County Georgia, U.S.A. He was blind from birth and also autistic. For this reason he was not considered to be of any value as a slave because he would be incapable of doing any hard physical labour. Only his mother’s ingenuity kept him from an almost certain death, which often befell slave babies, considered of little value as workers.

The Influence Of Music In Our Life

You can hardly find a more effective panacea than music when you are confronted with emotional problems arising from the stressful and competitive atmosphere in which we live nowadays. Are you fed up with aggressiveness, rudeness or drudgery at your workplace?

Elvis Presley’s Love: Priscilla or Ann-Margaret?

A few days into production on “Girl Happy,” Ann-Margret came to visit Elvis on the set. We were filming all night on the back lot of MGM, famous for many classic movies going back to the golden era of Hollywood.

My Best Pinback Songs Ever – From A Musician

Pinback are a band with a very strong, long-standing, musically-inclined fan base. People love the unique blend of experimentation in their songs. I present these, what I consider The Best Pinback Songs.

Springsteen Dreams

Springsteen dreams up a great album. It’s part rock-n-roll, part Americana, and all Bruce (and the E Street Band).

Some Of The Best Albums Of The Last Ten Years

It’s hard to say ‘the best album’ without causing an argument… which can be fun! But here are a few of the best that you may have overlooked.

Colin Hay: Colin Back Into the Light

Some voices never truly go away (and rightly so). I was sitting at a garage sale the other day, and my sister-in-law had some cool stuff rolling out of her mp3 player, which was rigged up to some big stereo speakers in the drive-way. So there I was, baking my brains, when in the back of my mind I thought ‘man, I know that voice.

Producing Your Own Music – The Top Music Production Software

If you would like to begin recording your own tracks then you are going to need a professional beat software program. Never before has urban beat production be so fun, inexpensive, and easy! It is exceedingly user friendly and high quality. You actually can record broadcast high quality tracks right in your home from your current laptop or desktop computer system. Music software is definitely an economical alternative against going into the recording studio.

Violin Master Pro – Fact or Fiction?

Why is Violin Master Pro so widely talked about these days? Discover why it is so widely loved here.

Rockabilly’s Sam Phllips Had A Passion For Music That Changed The World

Throughout history there have been examples of people with a particular passion for music. Most often we think of performers who succeeded against the nearly impossible odds of “making it big” as a musician. But there have been just as many passionate people behind the scenes and it’s often been people like these who’ve made the biggest contributions to music. Sam Phillips is one of these people.

Jamorama Guitar Course – Review

From a very young age I’ve been interested in playing guitar, just listening to the greats such as Brian May, Bob Dylan, Jimmy Hendrix, I wondered if I could ever be able to play like them. I taught myself from scratch and became quite adept. However getting older and getting progressively busier with college, then university and work, I lost touch with guitar and my skill level dropped.

Protest Songs – Do They Make a Difference?

Throughout history, protest songs have galvanized the oppressed into resisting their oppressors. Martin Luther King Jr said, ‘freedom songs serve to give unity to a movement.’ The revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East have been inspired by rap music, which the authorities tried to ban, pointing again to the potential of political music to effect social change. However, the inevitable question that comes up when considering protest music is whether it really matters – does it make a difference?

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