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How to Buy the Best Turntable for You

A comparison of standard features found on most turntables and some not so standard. Outlines features important for DJ use and home use.

Cheap Bass Guitar – What You Should Know

This article would be able to help you if you are stuck in your thoughts of whether you should get an expensive or a cheap bass guitar. This article would discuss on some points that could be the reason as to why you should buy a cheap guitar or go for the expensive ones. Everything would be really up to you. This article would never attempt to sway your decision to either favor as that would really be just yours to make.

Tips For Choosing A Good DJ Laser Light For Your Home Mobile Disco

A laser light is actually effectively a brilliant gadget that converts sound straight into electrical pulses and then it displays this as pulses of light through a small laser head. Most lasers include things like an inbuilt mic which is used intended for obtaining the actual audio of your current songs and then utilizing the low frequency bass from your audio input which after that it converts lighting pulses and into a laser lighting display.

Duffy’s “Endlessly” Is Brave, Short and Sweet

“Endlessly” has everything, from ballads (“To Hurt To dance”, “Don’t Forsake Me”) to up-tempo retro disco songs (“My Boy”, “Girl”) and Duffy is even raping in the intro to “Lovestruck”, it’s funky too. Of course, the album is no music landmark, its makers didn’t think they were creating one either, but it proves craftsmanship of everyone involved.

Music Licensing Tips: Connecting With People In The Industry

Something that I have heard over and over from people working in the music licensing business, is if you want to find out about licensing opportunities you need to stay in regular communication with the people who are representing your music. Most opportunities in this business aren’t going to come to you, but if you take the time to reach out to people you can find out about a lot of opportunities you would otherwise miss out on.

Pendulum Essential Mix – A Hallmark in Drum and Bass Music

Drum and Bass has enjoyed a high level of popularity in the United Kingdom as well as in other parts of the world since the 1990s. For the uninitiated, this sub-genre of dance music integrates elements of Hip Hop, Dub and Techno that is often characterized by the heavy use of drums and bass as the name implies. BBC’s Pendulum Essential Mix is one of the best compilations of the genre and this comes as no surprise.

The Condenser Microphones

The condenser microphone is without a doubt the most popular style of microphone used in recording studios (home or commercial). Condenser mics are sensitive and accurate, but they can also be expensive. Recently, however, condenser mics have come down in cost, and you can buy a decent one for about $200.

Songwriting Help – 3 Ways to Start a Song

Every songwriter has their favourite way of writing a song so there is no one right way or wrong way, it is up to you as a songwriter to discover the methods that work best for you and then run with it. Below I will show you some of my favourite ways to start a song…

Hints and Tips on How to Make Drum Beat Sounds Easily and Quickly

To make drum beat sounds is easy with computer based beat making programs. Here you get some hints and tips to help you with drum beat sequences that are original and unique.

Will Lady Gaga Be the Next Best Thing?

Lady GaGa has become just not only a trendsetter of present day’s pop’s culture but also in doing street fashion. The most recent year the lady ended up being the popular choice individual with regard to a lot of Italian and French fashion designers during their specific street fashion shows. Nonetheless she is not just primarily cherished by typically the couturiers inside of the street fashion scene, but numerous other stars are actually also going GaGa for this Lady.

The Best Way To Pick Out The Perfect Acoustic Drum Set

Getting your very first drum kit can be a very thrilling encounter, without a doubt! However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you could simply go out and grab the first Drum kit that the salesperson offers you. Impulse Shopping will actually not get you a good quality set of drums. Some good as well as useful information, a small amount of research plus perseverance will help you carry out what’s right and get the best quality drum set.

History of the Greatest Bands of the 20th Century – The Beatles Part 1

From three-minute pop classics to the psychedelic extravaganza of “Sgt. Pepper”, their songs sound tracked the Sixties. They were the greatest group in history. They probably always will be. The Beatles were, quite simply, phenomenal. They changed lives; they changed pop music; they changed the world. In writing their own hits, they set a pattern that would liberate popular music from its Tin Pan Alley roots and pave the way for even greater self-expression from the generations that followed.

Black Eyed Peas Album Review – Things Can Only Get Better, It’s Just “The Beginning”

I confess I had no idea the Black Eyed Peas were even working on an album, even though they announced a new album in June, until I read Will.i.am’s interview with Billboard. But combined with news that Black Eyed Peas will be performing on the Super Bowl XLV halftime show and plan a world stadium tour, for which they already tested stadiums in South America, in 2011, it kind of falls in place – let’s do an album!

Guitar String Slides

The String Slide is incredibly simple to execute and you will encounter yourself sounding like an expert in no time. If you need to discover how, just continue to read.

Tips in Buying a Beginner Acoustic Guitar

Purchasing the right acoustic guitar is probably not an easy task to do. It could be strenuous, inconvenient and in some cases you will simply feel as if buying the next guitar you see so you can end looking for one. Here are some ways on how to choose the perfect beginners guitar for you.

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