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Best Wah Pedal for the Home Guitarist

Since their inception in the late sixties, wah pedals have had a massive impact on modern music. Whether it was Jimi Hendrix’s classic “Voodoo Child” riff or one of Kirk Hammett’s famous wah-heavy solos, the wah has taken center stage on some of rock music’s most famous tracks.

Hartke Bass Amps – The A100

Hartke A100: The Hartke A100 amp is a great little amp that packs a good punch for only 100 watts. Although Hartke amps are not very well known, in general they are very dependable and can last you a long time. The Hartke A100 has all the standard controls that one would expect from any bass amp, effects loops, treble and bass controls a head phone jack, as well as a CD input jack.

Ozzy Osbourne Tickets – Concert Tickets for the Legendary Artist Can Be Found and Booked in a Blink

Ozzy Osbourne was born in the year 1948 as John Michael Osbourne in Birmingham. As the lead vocalist for Black Sabbath, a heavy metal band, Ozzy Osbourne is known to be one of the most influential artists of rock of all times.

The Significance of Christian Songs

There is nothing like melodious music that can soothe your mind and make your soul peaceful. Christian songs are one of the most popular among them and these songs actually reach out to the people all over the globe bringing along the message of joy and festivity. There are numerous singers and musicians who have launched their own songs while many others have modified the conventional Christian music with new tunes.

Inside the Compact Disc

Compact Discs have been around for decades now but how much do you really know about them. Read the article for a basic introduction to CDs.

Making Music Mobile – Piano Castors do the Job

Pianos are large and bulky making them unwieldy to move around regularly. While in homes they are kept stationary, in concert halls and on stage, they are constantly mobile.

Sade Tickets – Find These Highly Coveted Tickets Online Ahead of Everyone Else

Sade was born by the name of Folasade in Ibadan, Nigeria in the Oyo State. Her birth name means honor conferring a crown. Bisi Adu, her father was a lecturer of economics, a Nigerian while Anne Hayes, her mother had been an English nurse.

Why You Should Learn to Play Piano

The piano is an instrument that is widely known throughout the world. It has seen use from operas, orchestras, to the modern-day music videos you watch on TV. With its popularity, it’s no wonder that this noble instrument is worth studying. However, if you’re asking why you learn to play piano over other instruments, then here are a few reasons why this grand instrument should be your choice.

The Convenience of Buying Music Through the Internet With iTunes

We all use the internet today as it is becoming more of a necessity than a want. Therefore buying audio CDs off the conventional music store is becoming a thing of the past with the introduction of Apple’s iTunes online music store. We’ll talk more about the benefits and convenience of buying through this online retail giant.

Most Important Thing in Knowing How to Sing Better – Learn to Control Your Larynx

Amongst the best ways to learn how to sing better or improve your singing, one of the key factors is ridding your larynx of tension. More commonly known as the ‘voice box’, the larynx is really a small box containing the vocal cords. Composed of cartilage, the larynx is surrounded and supported by muscles.

Expand Musical Knowledge by Maximizing Music Downloads Websites

In order for people to grow musically, they will need to be exposed to different kinds of music. A music downloads website that offers membership to an MP3 pool, can help people learn to appreciate new material and learn more about music.

The History Of Karaoke

There are very few people who have never hung out with friends or went to the bar for a night of karaoke. These machines can be purchased for the home as well as finding a place that has a professional karaoke jockey who sets up the music for you. But what is the history of karaoke and where did it get its start?

The Rise Of Country Music

Over the years, country music has developed sort of a stigma as being somewhat cheesy and silly for mainstream audiences. However, over the past few years, country music has become one of the most popular genres among music fans of all ages and demographics.

Why Everyone Should Listen To Music

There are some people who cannot get through a few hours without putting in their ear buds and listening to a song. Others would not be able to name a single artist on MTV and only listen to talk radio when they are in their cars.

Electric Guitar Lessons Take a Lot of Practice and Training

Electric guitar lessons are considerably difficult given the time and expenses it requires. First of, before you can play or learn how to play an electric guitar, you must your own electric guitar. This is for obvious reasons wherein you must be able to continue and incessantly practice and train to be able to advance in learning how to play the electric guitar. Even choosing your own, personal electric guitar is really a tedious and difficult process. You are continually torn between the looks of the guitar and the quality of the sound it produces. For example, a guitar with a good brand name, a slender body, cool curves, and a varnish with your favorite color maybe, after buying it, turns out to sound really awful.

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