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Justin Bieber Biography – His Journey To Success

Justin Bieber used to be an ordinary Canadian boy, but his life totally changed in the year 2008. With his great musical talent, this seventeen year old boy has released an EP and an album and has become a superstar in the music industry. Reading Justin’s biography is always interesting since this Canadian boy has gone through a great journey to success.

U2: Album History of an Irish Rock Band Pt 2

In May of 1985, U2 released what would be their second ‘mini’ LP, “Wide Awake in America”. “Under a Blood-Red Sky”, being their first mini LP.

The Importance of Quality Music Accessories

Quality music accessories make a difference in the quality of music. Quality headphones and earphones make a positive, high quality music listening experience.

Wedding Planning Tips Anyone Can Use

Weddings do not have to cost a small fortune for them to be enjoyable. Actually, simple weddings are often where people have the most fun. Read more…

Rockabilly Stars Hit The Stage With Wild Abandon

One of the things that made rockabilly music so great during its rise in the 1950s was the all-out, go-for-broke attitude that so many of the performers exhibited. The early performers were influenced by the two vastly different worlds of country music and rhythm and blues. While they may have taken many aspects of country music and utilized them in the look of rockabilly, they poured just as many aspects of rhythm and blues music into the attitude of their new music.

Travel Guitar Reviews

These travel guitar reviews give you some basic information to get you started in your shopping and research. When shopping for a travel guitar, you should material, quality and go with a name brand that you trust.

Concert Sound for the Opening Act

I decided to write this series of articles, in response to years of listening to my musician friend’s regale me with tails of woe, about “Bad Sound Experiences.” BSE if you will. Most often, these BSE’s had a common identifiable trait (New or inexperienced sound tech) and almost all were related to on stage monitor mixes. These unfortunate experiences made playing their music un-fun and un-inspiring. Since these are the two reasons most of my friends play music… I thought I’d try to help!

Gloss Drop By Battles

Saying that the band Battles is experimental doesn’t really do them justice. It’s like saying the gamma bomb that turned Dr. Bruce Banner into the Hulk was experimental.

The Drums

Before we begin this review, I feel inclined to mention that I’m really not a fan of the whole fuzzed-out, lo-fi, unbelievably stoned beach pop thing that’s going on right now. For me, “buzz bands” rarely ever live up to the ridiculous amounts of hype they’re able to generate thanks to the miracle of the internet, but the bands in this awful, mutant genre are some of the worst offenders I’ve heard in a long time.

Flamingo by Brandon Flowers

The Killers’ first album, Hot Fuss, struck a special chord with me- and its success reminded us that modern rock radio isn’t all about post-grunge jock-rockers like Nickelback and Godsmack (though it is mostly about that). The Killers’ music was so infectious and rhythmic.

Endgame By Rise Against

Endgame, the latest release from Chicago-based punk band Rise Against, has finally made it to store shelves, and it does not disappoint. The fast paced, high energy sound will most assuredly get your foot tapping, your blood pumping, and may, in some cases, get you driving a little too fast. All the while, the strong political and social messages….

Hurley By Weezer

Weezer has held my interest for many years now, and what keeps me coming back is their consistency. Their debut album Weezer (the “Blue” album) will always have a place in my heart as one of the few CDs I will never tire of. Sixteen years and eight CDs later, the band still has it, with their latest album Hurley.

Interpol Review

It has been three years since Interpol’s last album, 2007’s Our Love To Admire, which met with mixed reviews that were far removed from the critical acclaim given to their previous albums, Turn On The Bright Lights and Antics, released in 2002 and 2004 respectively. Enter Interpol’s newest album Interpol (released on Tuesday, September 8th).

Amy Winehouse – The Diva With a Difference

Amy Winehouse is the Powerhouse of Entertainment! Take a sneak-peek into her musical career…

The Chairman Of The Board: Defining The Music Of A Generation

To some collectors anything classic can only be defined as something that is antique. All you really have to be called classic vinyl is to just be a record because recording companies no longer make vinyl like they used to. Most of our music has gone high tech these days. However, before there was a CD or MP3 there was vinyl. And before there was American Idol there was the original Rat Pack leader himself, Frank Sinatra.

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