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Choosing the Right Piano for You

Having your own piano could be a first step in building up a great a career in music. Add some talent and a well-selected piano may actually boost you right on the stage, where you could have your own gigs and where you could even earn real fans. But how do you choose the right piano for you?

Why I Think Illegal Music Downloading Is Wrong

The biggest topic of discussion in the music industry today is illegal music downloading. The vast majorities have done it in the past or still do it. This article will show why it is wrong to illegally download music.

This Was No “Party”: Recording The Beach Boys’ “Barbara Ann”

One of the best examples of the Beach Boys’ trademark tight harmonies is “Barbara Ann” from the “Beach Boys’ Party!” album, which seemed to be recorded live at a house party; in fact, the album was recorded in the studio and laughter, hand-claps and chatter were added later for effect. Dean Torrence of surf rockers Jan & Dean shared lead vocals with Brian Wilson on this Regents’ classic.

Playing The Music You Love Using Musical Influences From The Past

Music hath charms to sooth the savage beast, it is said. Truthfully, since man invented the wheel, he has had a fascination and a love for music. The current rumblings of today can trace their roots back to 20th Century movements, which in turn could trace their roots to the influences of centuries before. It is possible today for someone, who loves music to choose a form with a distinctive medieval influence without even realizing it.

Piano Tuners – How to Find the Best Tuner

You might find it tough to look for a good piano tuner since you don’t know any tuners. Well, the good thing is they are just around. All you have to do is read the tips below for you find the best piano tuner that your piano deserves.

Piano Bench for Young Students – A Buyer’s Guide

Selecting a piano seat may require a lot of time and effort especially for students who are not that aware of what type of piano seat they should choose. Therefore, to help some students in deciding upon which piano bench to buy, here is a guide that will help their selecting process an easy one.

Unfinished Benches – Reasons You Should Buy an Unfinished Piano Bench

There are three good reasons that you should buy an unfinished piano bench. This article will make your selecting process an easy job by simply reading the write up that you can see below.

The Mistake That Immortalized Cannibal and the Headhunters

Wilson Pickett’s “Land of 1000 Dances” was the biggest hit of his career. Cannibal & the Headhunters scored a hit with the tune in 1965 but the original was written and first recorded by Chris Kenner in 1962. The famous “naa na na na naa” chant so identified with the song was not heard in Kenner’s original. Cannibal came up with the hook by accident during a performance when he forgot the litany of dances in Kenner’s lyrics.

Wav to MP3 Converter – Stop Spending Money on Converters

Music is our life’s companion, but at times it is a problem to store it. All those pieces of music may become a chaotic list of whatever you once found on the net and occupy great space on your computer.

Choosing A Live Band Or A DJ To Play At Your Wedding

The live band or DJ that you pick to entertain at your wedding can either enhance your wedding or spoil the celebration. It is imperative you choose a live band or DJ who is competent enough to ensure that your guests and you have a wonderful time. A good live band or DJ is able to sense the atmosphere and adjust the tempo and style of music keep the party going. The most important tip is to make sure that you see them perform live before you commit to hiring their services. Most live bands and DJs gain popularity through their performances at events other weddings. To find a live band or DJ may be difficult at first but if you enjoyed a band or DJ at the wedding of a friend or family members or at some other event then that is a great start.

Piano Covers – Why They Are Vital to Piano Care

Piano covers provide a tremendous protection to the piano regardless of what type it is. Amazingly, they prevent all unwanted elements from having access to your piano.

How To Choose A Custom Guitar Builder

Having a guitar built from scratch is a great way to get a unique instrument that sounds like no other guitar in the world. Whether you are a player or a collector, you can appreciate the effect of having a one-of-a-kind instrument. Obviously, it is usually an expensive proposition to have a custom-made guitar, so the project should be shopped and planned carefully.

Streetlight Manifesto Discography – Why You Should Listen!

In the ska scene today, there are few main steam bands left. One that comes up time and time again is, of course, Streetlight Manifesto. Get the run down of the Streetlight discography here.

Where To Sell Beats Online

This article is going to list and break down the best places to sell beats online. You will learn a few secret tips for selling your beats and how to make the most money. If you have been wanting to sell your own instrumentals but never knew how then this article will be your guide.

How to Keep Your MIDI Keyboard Clean

The world is a dirty place and it covers everything and anything – even water. Often it doesn’t really hurt to have a little dirt over something like your shoes or your car unless you’re a clean freak. It hurts however, if you’re talking about your gadgets and electronics and this is true of your MIDI keyboard.

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