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Los Angeles and Inspirational Musicians

I’m discussing inspirational music and the queen Rickie Byars Beckwith in this article. Whether you call it spiritual, new age or gospel, it moves the listener to the core!

Adagio, Andante and Allegro

Just what exactly do the terms Adagio, Andante and Allegro mean and how do they apply to music? How do these terms impact on the performance of a piece of music?

These Lyrics Help Celebrate Birthday 75 For Bob Dylan

Had Bob Dylan chosen the interstate that runs from Michigan to Florida for the title of his breakthrough rock album, we would be listening to Highway 75 Revisited. Granted, it does not have near the ring to it that Highway 61 does, and it would be more difficult to find rhyming words for five than it was for one. Nevertheless, think how significant that title would be right now, since Dylan is celebrating birthday number 75.

What Should Matter In A Karaoke Machine?

Karaoke machines can make family events and get-togethers very entertaining because they give family members or friends a chance to sing to their favorite tunes. The karaoke songs do not have accompaniment of artist voice and lyrics are projected on a screen for smooth singing. These machines are common in pubs and bars, but individuals also buy them for their home entertainment needs like in weddings and parties.

Music Composition Software – How to Choose the Best Software for Your Needs

The best music composition software for composers and producers. No matter your musical process, this article will help you make an informed decision on which software fits your needs. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of each software.

Sing to the Tune of 10 Flowers

Are you fond of flowers and music? These flower melodies will bring you closer to nature and love.

Be True to Music and It Will Be True to You Forever

The article takes you through what is called as waste of time by the society, but is a struggle for a musician to shine like a diamond. Appreciation comes when you finally outshine everyone. The initial phase is mostly filled with not so supportive people around. But, to stand apart, all you need to do is hold your ground and never give up. It sure takes time, but proves its worth in the end. Keep a check on the points mentioned in this article and nobody can stop you from being what you have always dreamed of.

Ten Classic Hits About Criminals On the Run

The revival of vinyl has not only allowed me to enjoy hearing some modern bands on record, but it has also given me the chance to revisit some of the albums I had not heard in several decades. Some of these I had overlooked in my youth, only to now find the appealing in middle age. One example is a release by Gary Wright, who reached as high as number two on the singles chart back in the mid seventies.

Arts & Expression

I’m not a fan of that word ‘entertainment’. It always seems as if that word implies that people are boring creatures that need to constantly stimulated visually or otherwise they lose interest and wither away. So people need to be entertained and stimulated by the TV, the radio, the cinema screen and by artists.

10 Relaxing Rock Songs

In this article is listed 10 relaxing rock songs. Rock music is generally thought to be LOUD! But there is another side to the coin too. Read on to find out.

Apple Loops and Their Great Uses

Apple Loops can be defined or described as the prerecorded musical phrases or also riffs that are used in a particular Loop Browser. You can use these to very easily add the drum beats, various sounds on a project and also many types of rhythm parts. All these loops contain various musical patterns and these patterns can be repeated all over again.

Ten Title Tracks That Do Not Live Up To the Rest of the Songs On The Album

David Bowie and Glenn Frey, who both passed away in January, had more in common than just musical talent. Based on the success of their best-selling albums, they also had a knack for making titles for hit songs. Each of the albums made by Frey’s band, the Eagles, was titled after the song that became its biggest hit.

Why I Love Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Here I talk about my first meeting with spiritual guru to the stars; Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith. He is a life changer, life-saver!

Ten Songs That Make the Perfect Soundtrack For Your Retirement

I recently joined the world of retired folks, and I can definitely say that it beats working. Obviously I cannot speak for everyone, but having to rise at 5:00 every morning to face six classes of thirty high school students really took its toll. Retirement has certainly been a welcome change after thirty years as an English teacher.

How to Pack for a Festival Adventure

This article contains information on the best ways to go about packing for a festival. The article includes what to bring and the best strategy for setting up your camp. As a bonus the article also includes how to choose the best camp spot at a festival.

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