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The Art of Music

Music is a way of life and can help us to feel all sorts of emotions. It can inspire us to love, to hate, to cherish, and to feel good about ourselves.

The Exciting World of Music

Playing music when you are bored is a great way to entertain yourself, if you are in the mood you can turn the volume up and dance your heart away! That’s the good thing about music; it stimulates your brain and intensifies your emotions in different ways. The more you listen to it, the more you get inclined to what it really is. All the cultures from different places have dictated that music is a big part of our lives and through the years, no one had said NO to it. Instead, it has been imbibed in every aspect of our lives.

Cassette Tape Holders – What You Must Know Before Buying Them

Even though cassette tapes have been out of style for quite some time, they are still sold everywhere and some of us still have a ton of them. Unfortunately, the tape in cassettes is extremely fragile and easily damaged or distorted, so they have to be protected. Obviously, cassette tape holders are the best way to protect the tape.

Britney To Debut New Single In A Big Way

We’re hearing that Britney Spears is going to launch a Facebook campaign for the release of her brand new single, “Hold It Against Me.” Using Facebook, she’s making sure 2 million fans share a special message on their status about the new single. Then and then only then will her single be unleashed to radio stations and to iTunes for purchase.

Music As an Art and an Entertainment

When we were kids, our parents made it a point to expose us to a lot of things. They made us sing, dance ballet, act, play instruments, join art classes and many more. Our exposure to arts and entertainment deviate our attention from the structured lessons we learn in class. Aside from developing our cognitive abilities, it is important that we work in honing our creativity and motor skills. Being a well rounded person is a good thing. It allows us to adjust to our environment and relate well to our peers.

Important Guidelines to Help You While Buying a Digital Piano

A Piano is one of the luxury things that can’t be purchased by everybody. Though people are excited to keep such a tradition musical instrument but they are not able to do so because of financial problem. Even if some people have sufficient budget to pay but they don’t have enough place or room for a standard piano. If you are also facing any of these problems then you should think about buying a digital design.

Why Set-Up Time Is So Important At The Recording Studio

Before bands hit the studio we always advise them to make sure they dial in guitar tones, get fresh strings, and make sure those drums are tuned very well. The number one mistake recording artists make is to not worry about these things and assume that the engineer will “fix it later”.

Review of Rod Stewart’s “Some Guys Have All The Luck”

Review of “Some Guys Have All The Luck” CD by Rod Stewart I don’t know about you but I’ve always liked Rod Stewart’s voice. His early stuff was really passionate and “hungry” sounding, and he really helped to popularise the blue-eyed soul sound that has been central in the pop and rock music field for 4 decades. He’s clearly influenced by Sam Cooke as well as the soul masters of the 60’s such as Otis Redding as well as of course the artists on the Tamla Motown record label.

Learning to Play Guitar With Jamorama

Have you been searching for a better way to learn to play guitar or have guitar lessons or perhaps play a bass guitar solo? Tired of trying multiple avenues and getting nowhere fast? Maybe it’s time to try Jamorama and see the progress you’ve been hoping for. With courses ranging from beginner to advanced, Jamorama is there with a solution. Bass guitar, electric and acoustic guitar are all covered in this one-stop learn to play guitar solution.

How the Irish Rover Lyrics Use Exaggeration for Comic Effect

The classic folk song the Irish Rover is a great example of how Irish Music often uses exaggeration for comic effect. The comedy works because the exaggerations about a cargo including “five million hogs and six million dogs” are so wild that we know they are not to be taken seriously.

What Do You Mean by Hip Hop Mixtapes?

When you say Hip Hop Mixtapes, it means that you are talking of homemade audio or video tapes that have a collection of songs of the hip-hop genre by different people, both established as well as novice. Generally people compile these Mixtapes from home recordings and by using music from established publishers and change them to suit their taste.

The Wild Rover – An Irish Drinking Song or an English Temperance Song?

The classic Irish folk song the Wild Rover is generally considered to be a happy go lucky drinking song telling of good times and fast living. But it’s quite possible that it started out being exactly the opposite – a temperance song warning against the dangers of alcohol.

Learn to Sing Now!

Is it very difficult to learn to sing correctly, with freedom? Sometimes people spend a lot of money and many years to learn and they have not much results. Why is it so? How to strengthen the voice to make it more powerful etc? How to use good breath control to not lose your breath whilst singing etc? What about how to increase the vocal range? Lots of people ask it.

KaZantip Festival in Ukraine: The Beach Party of the Year!

The articles gives a brief overview of the KaZantip Festival in Ukraine and its evolution into a world-class music event. Details about coming KaZantip 2011 are also given, in a nutshell.

Spancil Hill – The Personal Tragedy Behind the Classic Irish Song

The classic Irish ballad, Spancil Hill, is a perfect example of how great music can sometimes be created by people who are experiencing tragedy in their lives. It was a written by a young man called Michal Considine at a time when he knew he didn’t have long to live. He wanted the song to be a memorial to him and a celebration of the people he had loved in his life.

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