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Instrumental Rap Beat – The Magic Formula For Getting to The Top

It’s the question that is on the mind of just about every instrumental rap beat artist or songwriter these days: what is the magic formula for getting to the top? The question as to what kind of magic formula is going to get you from where you are now to where you want to be is something worth examining.

Rap Beats Instrumentals – The Next Level of Beat Making

Click for free advice on rap beats instrumentals studio tips to become a better music producer, tips that can help you to turn even generic bass loops and instrumental riffs into unique works of art taking your creativity to the next level of beat making. The advantage of having access to rap beats instrumentals; as well as advanced studio ware is just the beginning of becoming a pro beat maker these days.

Rap Instrumental Beats – Three Techniques to Breath New Life to Your Music

Three simple rap instrumental beats techniques to incorporate into your music to see where your creative imagination can take you. Use these tips to your advantage and outshine the millions of other songwriters who are competing for the attention of listeners everywhere.

How to Make Your Own Rapping Beats

There is no “magic formula” to creating your own rapping beats, but there are a few techniques that you can put to use today in order to become a better craftsman. Devote time and energy to learning the tools that can help you to become a master.

Sample Beats – From The Garage to The Stage

Stop! Don’t struggle as an artist with your sample beats. Simple tips to help you reach your goals. The following easy tips about using instrumentals might be just the creative juice you need to get you moving from solo mixing in your garage to performing on the stage and even releasing your material to the audience of the world.

Bangin’ Hiphop Instrumental Secrets to Make Your Audience Remember

Click to learn secrets on how to create bangin’ hiphop instrumental beats to get people’s bodies in motion and make your audience remember you. Understand the key differences between ordinary songwriters and those who stand as giants above their competitors.

Instrumental Beats – Three Tips You Should Know

Hold On! Don’t buy instrumental beats until you read this first. Three tips you should know to gain the knowledge you need to buy beats online that suit you. Some things to consider when opting to use music backing products as the basis for developing your next single, EP or album.

Hiphop Beats With Modern Music Production

Click to understand what it takes with hiphop beats online in today’s world of modern music production. With strategic marketing and promotional manoeuvring, you can take advantage of a wide range of rap beats to mix into your music productions to help lift your recording artist career to the levels of major record label attention.

Slow Down Music And Reproduce Any Guitar Solo Note For Note

The number one reason why a musician would want to slow down music is to be able to listen to the notes in a song, especially when learning a new song, that make up a very fast riff, for example a very fast guitar solo, which when played at normal speed just sound like a blizzard of notes The most common methods used when learning new songs is to either find the sheet music for a chosen song and read how to play it, or listen to the song and learn to play…

All About Concertinas

A concertina is a free reed instrument with bellows similar to accordions. It is lighter, smaller and more difficult to play than the accordion.

The Velvet Underground’s Best Album – Top 4 Candidates and Why

An overview of the top 4 candidates for the title of best Velvet Underground album. The author reviews the top 2 studio albums as well as the top 2 live albums released by the band.

How to Find Guitar Tabs Online

Many new guitar players are unaware of the massive amount of free guitar chord and tablature resources on the internet. Learn the easy way to consistently find quality guitar music on the web.

The Best Velvet Underground Songs of All Time – Top 5 And Why

A review of the 5 best Velvet Underground songs of all time. The top 5 are reviewed and the strong points highlighted.

3 Tips To Consider With Electronic Music Software

Crafting beats from scratch is a remarkable talent or hobby that requires ambition and drive to complete a masterpiece that can bring you to the next level of your music career, counting on how serious you are towards your artistry. Inquiring minds have been growing substantially at the thought of how to produce great beats and possibly be acknowledge as an up and coming Professional Producer or just someone who wants to create a second stream of income based on their virtual creations.

Tips On Booking a Wedding Band For Your Wedding Reception

Wedding bands will make your wedding reception the envy of others, but book your band early! Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t leave it to the last minute, and some tips to help with your search.

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