Ferndale Tenor & Concert Ukuleles – Full Range Overview & Comparison

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How to Practise Guitar

The article provides a set list of general guidelines to help the beginning and intermediate guitar player get the most results out practising guitar. This helps avoid wasting a lot of time in getting mediocre results.

Understanding Musical Theater Song Performance Through Analysis of Cole Porter’s “You’re the Top”

So, you’ve spent your whole life learning how to sing, three months learning the notes to your favorite cabaret song, and six months perfecting your technique on that song- or perhaps you’ve been learning to sing for a week, you know most of the notes, and your technique is shaky at best. Either way, you are guaranteed to have a successful performance if you know all of the words to your song, and you know exactly what they mean. It’s one thing to know the definition of a word- in fact it’s expected that you, as a…

Guitar: Man’s Best Friend in Music

A guitar is a stringed musical instrument with a flat rounded body that narrows along the middle and extends to a long fretted neck in which the strings (usually six) are attached. There are two primary types of guitars, the acoustic type and electric type.

A Simple How-To to Help You Improve Your Singing Voice, How To Sing Better For Guys

Singing is a skill that everyone can do. However, being able to sing well requires time, energy, and practice in order to be able to show your voice at its highest potential. This tips and techniques are a simple guide of how to sing better for guys.

The Best Guide to Washington DC Nightclubs and Nightlife

Washington DC is the rare city that has plenty of room for the younger urban crowd as well as a crowd that has a high-brow approach to a night on the town. Wine bars are quite popular in Washington DC. With so many politicians, lobbyists, and professionals visiting the city for work and/or recreation it makes perfect sense to have a wide range of bars and clubs designed to appeal to this particular audience.

Amazing Grace “Victor Wooten”

Without a doubt, Victor Wooten has to go down in history as one of the best bass guitar players of all time. Notably in his performance of the song “Amazing Grace,” Victor Wooten has displayed his enchanting ability to play the entire melody with harmonics with virtual ease!

Improving the Singing Voice

People who have established that they really have some talent for singing may train and work on improving the singing voice. Most singers are also blessed with an extra range which they can make use of if they know how.

What to Know About Major and Minor Scales – The 4 Guitar Chords You Can’t Ignore

Learning chord theory is vital if you wish to increase your guitar playing skill level. A chord is known as a group of 3 or more notes and all music is composed using chords and scales. There are 4 key categories of chords you should learn even though there are various chords out there.

Songwriters and Performers – Three Tips For Effectively Marketing Your Music

Music marketing is a topic often completely ignored by songwriters. In fact, it may be the most important piece of the puzzle. If you want to get anywhere as a songwriter or a performer, you have to learn how to market yourself and your music.

Steps to Hire a DJ, Singers and Bands

When you are hosting a party, one aspect that everyone enjoys is music. Your guests will talk about the music at your party for days to come, if you choose the right singers and DJs. Selecting the right DJ, singers and bands for hire can result in your party being a splendid success.

Speakers: Issues That Require Speaker Repair Services

It’s one of those problems that creeps up on you when you’re least expecting it, but you notice it almost immediately when it occurs. Let’s say you’re driving around running some errands and listening to your favorite song, when suddenly a fraction of the sound becomes distorted. You start to hear a slight buzz, or a crackle when highs come through.

Finding Original Beats Online

So you’re an artist in need of original beats. It happens to us all. We’re in dire need of some tracks and don’t know where to start.

Dance Beats For Songs

In the recent years, dance beats have become more prevalent. Now, more than ever, pop is the pinnacle of mainstream music. Producers online are starting to realize the trend.

Details of Free Downloadable Music

Today, music is not the same as it was say some 40 or 50 years ago. If you ask your parents or brothers or sisters who were born during this era you will certainly hear stories of music being made available in tapes, cassettes and other such storage devices.

Out of the Game by Rufus Wainwright

If you’ve never heard the name Rufus Wainwright, you’re probably not alone. He’s been an active part of the music scene for years now, but that particular sort of radio-heavy popularity has always eluded him, although he did come close in 2007 with Release the Stars, his most successful, high-profile album to date. After that, following the death of his mother, musician Kate McGarrigle, he put out a somber collection of heavy tunes entitled All Days Are Nights: Songs for Lulu. And now he’s back with an excellent return to his pop-based roots.

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