Gibson Les Paul Classic Ebony Review & Demo! – The Most Versatile, Classic Looking LP Out There!

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Musicians For Hire – Reasons To Choose Wisely Before Booking Your Entertainers

What if you were having a wedding and you booked the services of a band that were poor or unreliable? Thankfully most of us now have access to the Internet so we don’t need to rely on newspaper clippings when choosing a musician, at the very least you can get to hear a bands talents and you can see what they look like before you even decide to give them a call.

The Yamaha LL6 Acoustic Guitar and the Properties of the Wood Used in Its Manufacture

An insight into the probable durability, longevity and ageing affect on an instrument can be gained prior to purchase due to the common use of certain woods in the manufacture of the guitar. As woods are the most critical components in both the construction and final sound of a guitar it should be viewed as an important element when deciding on whether to purchase an instrument. The Yamaha LL6 uses Rosewood for its back and sides and has a solid spruce top, the heavy and oily Rosewood chosen primarily for it’s comfort to the human touch with the mellow tone…

Construction Features of the Yamaha LS26 Acoustic Guitar

The Yamaha LS26 is an outstanding musical instrument, hand made and utilizing exceptional traditional Guitar manufacturing techniques coupled with modern new innovations. The back and sides of this instrument are made of Rosewood and use a new non-scalloped bracing design to attach to the solid Engelmann spruce top which has been treated using Yamaha’s original wood reforming technology (A.R.E).

How to Find a Local String Quartet

He’s popped the question, you’ve chosen the ring and you’re in seventh heaven…your wedding day! When you’re planning the event it seems eons away doesn’t it? Are you dreaming of sunshine, the venue, champagne, that special dress, the honeymoon – mmmmm!

Songwriting Therapy 101: Using Music to Heal

Music can bring up some powerful reactions. Learn ways to process how you listen to music to get the most healing benefit.

Rockabilly Bands Made A Big Sound With A Simple Gear Setup

Since it first hit the scene in the 1950s, rock and roll has taken many unexpected turns in style and substance. Along with those turns, the gear that rock bands used naturally had to change as well. In some cases, it was the development of new gear that spawned new forms of rock and roll. For instance, who in the 1950s could have predicted the way synthesized music and the instruments that create it would impact popular music? But rockabilly music started out simple and for the most part it remains simple today. And that simplicity requires relatively simple musical gear. Modern rockabilly cats might use a few more tricks to create their sound than the original pioneers did, but still the setup remains pretty simple.

5 Best Driving Songs

Driving a car is one of the best times to listen to music. Many of us have the radio on or a CD playing to us from the moment we get in the car to the point we switch off the engine. And there’s some good news if this describes you, as a recent study has suggested that drivers who sing along to songs are likely to concentrate more on their driving and feel less sleepy.

Pain Leads to Great Songwriting

Rachel Berry, Finn Hudson, and Mr. Schuester from the hit show Glee teach us all a thing or two about writing great songs. Learn how tapping into pain can help not only in the songwriting process but also in life.

Guitar Maintenance Tips – Temperature And Humidity Control

You can prolong the life of your guitar if you take good care of it. There are few important things you have to keep in mind when owning a guitar. Temperature, humidity, using the wrong cleaning solution, all can ruin your guitar if you don’t know how to take care of it.

Orianthi Biography

Orianthi Panagaris was born in Adelaide of Greek and Australian descent and was encouraged by her father to learn the acoustic guitar at the age of six. She started playing electric guitar when she was 11-years-old and began playing in bands at the age of 14. She launched her professional career when she was 15 when she was concentrating seriously on her writing.

Bundy Clarinet

The Bundy Clarinet is a sister company of the Selmer Clarinet. To learn more about this instrument that has come to be one of the best loved instruments in the world, check out this article.

Classic Rock + Heavy Metal

Classic Rock [klas-ik rok] noun – definitive album oriented rock music of the first or highest quality, class, or rank, serving as an enduring standard, model or guide. Heavy Metal [hev-ee met-l] noun – aggressive and heavily amplified rock music, commonly performed by groups that wear spectacular or bizarre costumes.

Improve Your Song Writing Skills

Music adds color to our life. It does not only add color but describes various types of emotions. When we talk about music, songs are also there. Songs are compositions or musical pieces that are performed through singing.

Background Music Adding Fervor to the Mundane

This article aims at highlighting the mandatory presence of music licensing companies. It also brings out the utility of the background music in the contemporary times. Reading this article will enable one to comprehend the same better.

Analog Music – Vinyl Records As the Mother of Modern Discs

Music has developed throughout the years. From genre up to the style of the band members, all you’ve seen is how everyone has evolved from the past to today’s modern music. Even musical recording has evolved from analog music recording to digital recording.

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