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Exotic Woods Used For Guitars

The quality of wood is the most important factor when building a wood instrument. For the back and sides of acoustic guitars, woods like Brazilian rosewood, walnut, and koa are ideal.

Free Hip Hop Instrumentals – Is There A Benefit To Providing Them?

If you’re an aspiring rap artist or singer, you’re probably not even thinking of benefits or disadvantages, as long as they’re free. If you’re an upcoming producer, you’re probably wondering why anyone would allow their instrumentals to be given away for free. Am I right? Is there a benefit to it all? Read on to find out more.

Guitars Lessons for Beginners and Why It Took Me 30 Years To Get There

I was 15 years old the first time I got curious of that old scratchy classical guitar, leaning against the wall in my brother’s room. I sneaked in there and grabbed it. Unfortunately my brother came home right then. It would take me thirty long years before I finally took guitar lessons. In this article you will read about where to find someone who can teach you to play the guitar.

Why You Should Learn Songs and Chords for Guitar First of All

For what reason do you want to learn to play the guitar? You may think that is a durned stupid question to ask but… Why, really?

The Roger Waters Biography – The Man From Pink Floyd

Roger Waters is best known for the band member, lyric writer and leader of Pink Floyd. He is also the mastermind behind the third best selling album of all time, ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’. In this article I shall shed some light on Roger Waters Biography.

A Better Guitar Pickup

If you are planning to buy a new guitar, go for the Eric Johnson Fender Stratocaster or the 1968 Gibson SG. Each has its own advantages.

The Pink Floyd Biography – The Highs and Lows of the Band

A fantastic Pink Floyd biography. All about the band and the members. With 30 years of pure musical entertainment from the roots of Pink Floyd right up to the band’s split and beyond with the Gilmour Years. Grab a cup of coffee and read.

How to Prepare for a Music Festival or Concert

This article discusses the necessary steps to follow when preparing to attend a concert or music festival. It informs readers where to purchase concert tickets, how to make travel plans, etc.

Ibanez RG350M Guitar Review

Guitar lovers know that the Ibanez name means guitars that are solid, steady, and ready to rock hard. The Ibanez RG350M is no exception. Ibanez continues to occupy the top spot in the market for creating guitars that can handle everything from a sold out arena to an up and coming garage band for a price that allows you to own a high-quality guitar before you go platinum. The Ibanez RG350M has many of the same features that make Ibanez the choice of hard rockers everywhere, along with some additions that will allow you to pull off the hardest chords while sounding like a rock star.

Top 50 Christmas Songs (Original)

I have always felt that Christmas Music I hear during the season, really inspire me in more ways I could have ever thought. It gives me a new sense of wonder and spirit. It adds to the cheer on the whole. It is for this reason I would like a separate host of songs which play this role to my Christmas rather than just songs I sing. When it comes down to finding the right songs, the question at this time really is which ones, really add to ‘spirit’ of the season and actually give you that feeling of warmth, love and Christmas cheer? What really do you want to hear from your favorite artist? Is it a carol, is it a popular Christmas song or is it an original Christmas song? When I sit down to actually answer this question, I’d rather hear a new original song.

Beware Of Illegal Downloads Landing You In Court

The music business was slow to catch on to the importance of downloading. File sharing sites sprang up which grew very big very quickly. Eventually the business woke up to it and started aggressively pursuing both sites and individuals through the courts. After all it is theft of intellectual property. Particularly in the USA the music industry has been lobbying extensively in Washington, in tandem with high profile legal action.

Laney Amps

Laney Amps are a great brand of amplifiers from the United Kingdom. If you’re in the market for a good and reliable brand of amplifiers, you need to check this brand out.

Beat Maker Software – Is Midi The Way To Go?

Midi composition software has been recommended for making beats and backing tracks. This article explores the usefulness of midi software as beat maker software.

Get The Right Clarinet For A Beginning Student

As a parent, you should try to get your children involved with music. It doesn’t matter if they join the school band or take lessons privately.

Classic Jazz Radio – Jazz Musicians

Do you know what makes a really great jazz musician? You will when you read and use this article.

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