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Fingerstyle Solo Guitar – Lenny Breau Was A True Innovator!

Solo fingerstyle guitarist Lenny Breau was a very innovative player! He was equally at home playing jazz, country, flamenco, classical, and Indian music.

Best Album Titles From One Letter to Ten

The only thing to dislike about the excellent new album by Death Cab for Cutie is the title, which is Kintsugi. According to the band’s web site, Kintsugi is a type of Japanese art form that involves fixing broken pottery. Given the fact that the songs on the album reflect broken relationships and friendships, the title does seem appropriate.

Jeff Beck ‘Truth’ (1968)

Think Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin created Heavy Metal? Think again. Jeff Beck amped his guitar to eleven in 1968, armed with future pop rock legend Rod Stewart as his singer and Rolling Stones guitarist as his bass player.

Solo Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar – Earl Klugh Is A Living Legend!

Solo fingerstyle jazz guitarist Earl Klugh continues to dazzle listeners with his beautiful renditions of jazz and pop standards. Playing a nylon string classical guitar he has created a unique sound and style that is admired by listeners and critics alike!

Playing Blues/Jazz Guitar Solos – Lonnie Johnson Was One Of The First!

Lonnie Johnson was one of the very first blues guitar players to cross over to playing jazz guitar solos. He was a superb blues and jazz guitarist – even by today’s standards!

Dirty Hands Vs Clean Piano Keys: The Best Advice for Cleaning Piano Keys Confirmed by a Real Expert

What’s the best way to clean piano keys? As a piano teacher, I deal daily with kids who harbor all kinds of germs under their fingernails. Learn the best way to clean the keys on your cherished piano based on expert advice.

Composing In New Rock Environments

There are many components that come in to play for the solo composer in today’s Music marketplace. Whether one is composing for Classical music or creating an action scenario for film or T.V. there are many factors usually considered for writing music for self or for public broadcasts and performances.

How To Find The Guitar Exercises That Will Improve Your Guitar Playing Fast

Are you absolutely positive, beyond any doubt, that the guitar exercises you practice are actually making you a better guitarist? If you aren’t 100% certain you are using the most effective guitar exercises in your practice routine, then you need to take these 5 essential steps to get you back on track towards reaching your musical goals.

Song Epics: The Band on the Run Reaches the Stairway to Heaven to Meet Judy Blue Eyes

The baseball season is built on the number three. Each team gets three outs per inning, and each hitter gets three strikes before he is called out. Each league has three divisions, and most of the match ups are three-game series.

Jazz And Classical Guitar Solos – Beautifully Played By Gene Bertoncini!

Gene Bertoncini plays just as beautifully on a nylon string classical guitar as he does on a steel string archtop jazz guitar! He performs solo guitar arrangements of jazz and pop standards along with famous classical guitar compositions.

How To Develop Guitar Playing Creativity

Do you think that in order to be a creative musician you must possess some “natural talent” that only a few lucky musician were born with? I know I have… and guess what: this negative belief almost killed my dream of becoming a great guitar player.

Ten Bands Named After Songs, In Honor of Deep Purple’s Jon Lord

Rock icon Jon Lord, who co-wrote “Smoke on the Water,” passed away last week. He was influential over several genre of music throughout his life, but he will best be remembered as a founder of the group Deep Purple. With the band, Lord managed to record several other huge singles, such as “Hush,” “Woman from Tokyo” and a cover of Neil Diamond’s “Kentucky Woman.

Jazz Blues Guitar Solos – Adrian Ingram Plays With Passion!

Adrian Ingram plays jazz blues guitar in a style that reminds listeners of the great Wes Montgomery! His soulful playing is inspiring and exciting to hear.

Patti LaBelle: Singer, Songwriter, Author and Actress Plus Character Traits of Good Deeds and More

You will read not only about the important awards that she has won but also the attributes about her character that give credit to this lady singer who truly is a legend. She has sold over 50 million records worldwide and ranked #41 on VH1’s Greatest Women of Rock n Roll. Patti received an Honorary Doctor of Music Degree from the Berkeley School of Music in California. She is a published author with her autobiography ‘Don’t Block The Blessings’ and several cook books. She has been an actress on stage and screen productions that add to her credentials as an artist.

The Offshoots and Subcategories of Instrumental and Experimental Rock

here are a very wide variety as well as many branches that can extend themselves from the Instrumental Composer and bands as well as those who take on experimenting with their craft in Rock or any other format of Experimental Music. One who does not need to worry of vocals can have a more variable palette on what can be written and performed within the wide span of the scale and chords mixed with the endless variations accomplished by rhythm is almost astounding and considering music theory and whatever instruments that are available: the possibilities are almost endless.

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