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Home Karaoke – Are MP3 Machines Better Than Using CDGs?

The two most popular Home Karaoke Machines are MP3 and CDG. But which one is better? And which one should you get? Here are some quick details about the two types of karaoke machines to help you decide.

From the Edge

Before he was a world famous musician and the lead guitarist of legendary band U2, the Edge was born David Howell Evans. Born August 8, 1961 in Banking Essex East London, David, was the one of three children to parents, Gwenda and Garvin Evans.

Are These the 10 Most Influential Country Albums of All Time?

There’s always a problem when choosing ‘The 10 Most…’ of anything. What one person considers the best is not necessarily what another person considers the best. It’s only an opinion.

Queen of Rockabilly, Wanda Jackson: A Woman Who Rocks

Wanda Jackson’s old acoustic guitar will be featured at a new exhibit in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame dedicated to female artists. The exhibit, “Women Who Rock: Vision, Passion, Power” chronicles the pioneering role of women in rock ‘n’ roll, from Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith to Bikini Kill and Lady GaGa.

The Grudge by Tool: It’s Time to Turn Your Grudges Into Gold

After proving his point of the scathe of the grudge, Maynard asks us to let it go in the end. He urges us to transmute our leaden grudges into gold. I’ll interpret it as an alternate way of telling us to turn our greatest weakness into our greatest strength.

How Teaching Music Lessons Fills a Need in the Community

So many performing musicians write off teaching music lessons. Their heart is in performing, their degree is in performance and they love the thrill of being on stage. Teaching music lessons was never a goal. However, by filling a need in the community through establishing a music studio, steady income can be earned.

iTunes Charts – Own Only the Best Music Albums and Movies

iTunes store is a huge pool of digital media entertainment, where everything is nicely organized. If you have the chance to win free iTunes codes, you should take that survey or quiz because the codes will allow you to download just about anything that you want from the store, for free.

Blues Guitar Tabs: Acoustic Performances You Should Learn

When it comes to blues guitar tabs, acoustic performances are the ones which are the most in demand among guitarists. The question is, where do you find a good blues guitar tablature and how do you proceed to “deciphering” all its contents?

It’s Great To Master A Whole Song, Even If You Are A Guitar Beginner

When you’re studying the guitar, it consists of a series of practice lessons, which are fine in isolation. You’ll be learning guitar chords and playing parts of songs, but sometimes you may want to simply learn a complete song. This article looks at a method to follow when learning how to play a song from beginning to end – and to make it sound great, not just OK.

Bono Bio

Bono, front-man for the band U2. What? You say you don’t know who either one is?

Indian Instruments Retain the Elegance of Indian Music

Let us then be aware and give value not only of the modern instruments, but also to those instruments that started it all. Indian instruments should not only be stored and concealed; they need to be made known to the modern world so that individuals will grow to be aware of their real historical worth.

Guitar Effects Understood

There are so many guitar effects pedals on the market and it is hard to know what the difference is between them. It has been difficult to find agreement on how to classify effects pedals. There are six common classifications: Dynamics, time based, tone, filter, pitch/frequency, and feedback/sustain. This article will focus on the time based and filter Classifications.

Uncommon Knowledge About Stradivarius Violins

The Stradivarius violins are thought to be the best violins ever crafted. Why is this? Can they withstand the test? Determine the facts while you’re reading this.

Metallers Instanzia Show How Progressive Metal and Epic Metal Should Be Played

This melodic, progressive metal quartet, going by the name of Instanzia hail from the frozen and icy landscapes of Montreal, Quebec. Their sound is somewhat reminiscent of Rhapsody Of Fire and one time singer (DC Cooper) of melodic rockers Royal Hunt. Instanzia’s style of progressive/melodic metal can be described as a fine mixture of finely refined epic proportions blended in with progressive influences to give an interesting character and charm to their music.

An Introduction to Digital Audio Tape – Or DAT

DAT was a format which failed in the consumer market but found some popularity with professionals during the 90s and the first years of the new century. There are many archived recordings that still need to be transferred to other formats before DAT decks become scarce.

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