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The Popularity of Latino Music in the US

One of the countries that have experienced immense influence from tropical music elements is the U.S. Today, the American music scene teems with a high number of Latino artists from both the homeland and naturalized immigrants who carried with them the distinct elements of Hispanic music into American soil.

An Independent Artist Is Nothing Less Than an Entrepreneur

Gone are those days when music was just pursued as a hobby. Now people are taking it up as a full-time profession. While some do it the traditional way, others dance to their own tune via independent music.

Tips for Learning to Play the Guitar Quickly and Easily

Learning to play the guitar is something you can accomplish very well with time. Be realistic about learning, have a positive attitude and be willing to dedicate the time to learning and you will be playing the guitar with confidence one day soon.

Listening to Music at School

“Where can I listen to music at school?” Bored students often utter that question, especially when faced with subjects that they are not really interested in learning.

How To Solve Your Guitar Playing Problems Fast

Are you constantly frustrated due to a lack of progress in your guitar playing? You’re not alone – all guitarists must overcome this frustration at one point or another. The reason why you are struggling to advance your playing is you have developed several bad playing habits that keep you from reaching your full potential. In this article, I will help you understand what these habits are and how to solve them.

What Is A Bass Guitar?

Many people out there are unaware of the difference between an electric guitar and a bass guitar, often assuming that the bass is just another electric guitar. The power and importance of the bass guitar is something woefully overlooked.

Guide on Where to Buy Sheet Music

If you are a musician who wants to know where to buy sheet music, then you have come to the right place. While you will be able to find local stores that offer music sheets, most of them have limited song lists. If you want to get a wider selection of music sheets, the internet is your best option.

Is Inspiration Crucial In Our Lives?

All of us should accept that life can occasionally get tougher due to our health, sickness and because of work pressure or personal life pressures. Life generally will have ups and downs and we cannot always expect happiness all through our lives.

How To Write A Song Title

This article will teach you how to write a song title that is exceptional. Unique titles have been common to some of the biggest hit songs in the history of music. Having a title that grabs attention will help you break through the noise made by thousands of songwriters vying for the attention of music industry professionals, and ultimately, listeners.

Meinl Cajons

Cajons, also called box drums, are gaining in popularity all over the world. Invented in the 1700s by African slaves in Peru, it is now being used in all kinds of music. Due to the portability, affordability and the coolness factor, I think we’ll see even more people playing the cajon in years to come. If you’re looking to buy a cajon, I’m writing a series of articles on the different options available.

Alliteration in a Song

Alliteration in a song happens often and there are many good reasons to use it, it will indeed make your song much better. Learn what it is, what it isn’t and how to make it work to your benefit right here!

Are Melodious Songs Departing From Bollywood?

When I hear the word ‘Melody’, names like Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan, Sonu Nigaam and Shaan come to my mind. Since my childhood, I have grown up listening to their soulful compositions created by ace Bollywood music directors. They had a romantic appeal in them, which used to strike an instant chord in the listener’s mind.

Keyboard and Guitar Amplifier – A Beginner’s Guide

Learning to play a musical instrument can be an extremely rewarding experience and can bring you years of satisfaction. Even though many people start learning to play an instrument when they are young, there is absolutely no age restriction.

Why You Struggle To Attract New Guitar Students

Are you tired of struggling to fill your guitar teaching schedule with new students? This is a very common problem amongst teachers in the guitar teaching community. The reality is, you MUST know how to attract a lot of guitar students on a continual basis in order to make good money teaching lessons. However, this is NOT done by only advertising as much as possible. You need to clearly demonstrate to all potential guitar students that you are the number one choice for a guitar teacher in your local area.

Absolute Best Live Doors Record To Own on Vinyl and Why

The Doors have a myriad of releases that are live, raw and uncut. Finding the best one is hard, but there is one that you absolutely must by on vinyl. Vinyl records have made a comeback, and if you’re a fan of The Doors, you have to pick up this one remastered edition of their performance from Hollywood California on 180 gram wax.

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