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Exquisite Moments In Popular Music

A great bass line, a great riff, a wonderful performance, an outstanding lyric, or a rapturous harmony is all it takes to elevate a song to the sublime. These are my picks of those details of a song that keep music lovers giddy and wanting to listen over and over.

How You Can Make Beats Easier and Faster – 3 Things a Good Beat Maker Has

However, there are 3 things that every good beat maker should have that keep things easy and less complicated. You don’t need to have experience or talent to use them. Usually, they are designed in a way that is self intuitive and very user-friendly that you can easily figure out.

Make Your Own Beats – 4 Tips To Make Better Beats

The one thing that differentiates a good and a bad beat is your creativity. There are many other factors but creativity is the key. So, you got to be creative in making your beats. Here are a couple of tips that could help your creativity juice keep flowing.

The British Came

Back in 1965, something unheard of happened in the United States. This is the Billboard chart from May 8th of that year:

The Three Badfinger Songs With A Beatles Connection

Badfinger were one of the first groups signed to the Beatles’ new record label, Apple, in the late 1960s. In a previous incarnation, they were known as The Iveys and had enjoyed a moderate hit in Europe with the song Maybe Tomorrow. Badfinger’s new association with The Beatles at that time gave them great kudos and access to a pool of talent and resources that most artists would have given their eye teeth for.

The Finest ELO Songs On Out Of The Blue

A series of bands following The Beatles who decided to occupy the similar environs of melodic pop have largely been disregarded by many inhabitants of the mainstream music press. One of those melodic pop collectives who I believe have been unfairly overlooked in this respect is ELO, the band taken to prominence in the 70s and early 80s by Birmingham songwriter and performer Jeff Lynne. I would consider the 1978 album ‘Out Of The Blue’ to be their best work and there are several songs on there that could seriously be considered amongst their finest.

Getting Started in Jazz

OK so you love the music of jazz and want to take up an instrument to play. What do you do next? Well if you decided that you can start taking lessons online please stop right there.

Making Your Dreams Come True In The Music Industry

Today it’s getting harder and harder to make it in the music industry because of the all the competition. Everyone is trying to make a song and come up with the next big dance. People see the pot gold at the end of the rainbow so their working their butts off just to get a piece of the American dream.

Larry Mullen’s Band?

The group U2 has its history like any band. From meager beginnings in Dublin, Ireland, to worldwide fame and stardom. If you know anything about U2, you know that charismatic lead singer, Bono, has been the focal point of the group.

The Birth of a New Sound

The term, “Rock ‘n’ Roll”, was first used by Cleveland disc jockey, Alan Freed, in 1951. The music style of rock ‘n’ roll evolved from ‘rhythm ‘n’ blues’, which came from the blues.

To Make Beats Online You Must Know Your History

If your grew up in the 90’s like I did then you will know that back then the only way you could make music which was with some expensive equipment. Back then people would have studios in the weirdest of weird places that would keep up the neighbors all night because of all the loud beats.

Creating Music Is For Everyone

Creating music is a slow and pain staking process to the hearts of your listeners. As an indie musician I experienced all of this.

Rockabilly’s Essence Is As Elusive As It Is Compelling

I’ve often said that there’s something about rockabilly music. Something that just makes you feel good. It makes you want to move when you hear it. It picks you up and makes you smile. But as often as I’ve said that, I’m not sure I’ve ever been able to successfully describe what that “something” is. What is it that makes rockabilly so wonderful? It’s an indefinable essence that seeps into your soul and lifts your spirits.

My All Time Favourite 10cc Songs

I first came across 10cc around 1973, not long after they’d had their first UK number one with the song Rubber Bullets. I thought they were American, judging by the lead vocalist’s falsetto on that memorable hit, but soon discovered they were from Manchester in the north of England. I was re-acquainted with them when they were the subject of an ITV Schools Programme in 1974, when the recording session for the song The Dean And I was filmed.

Elvis Presley And The Music He Helped To Popularize

Hearing an Elvis Presley vinyl on your home turntable, you are often immediately reminded of the man’s standing. Rock and roll as the art form we know would likely not be extistant if it were not for his guidance. With his good looks, women all over the nation were enamored with him, and the tough guy image that he put forth gave many young men something to identify with.

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