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Add iTunes Missing Info With TidySongs

If you would like to know how to fill in missing music info in your iTunes library, you have come to the right place. This article tells you everything you need to know about fixing songs details in your music library, so that you are not missing artists names, song titles or album title anymore.

Singer Maksim Will Talk About Life Behind the Scenes in New Video

Singer Maksim will soon present her new music video for the song “How to Fly?” Director Pavel Khudyakov and operator Maxim Osadchy worked on the music video together with Maksim.

Surround Sound Systems: State Of The Art Advances

People all over the world love the works of the entertainment industry may it be through movies being shown in theaters, television and the computer or listening to music via his or her iPod, radio, stereo system and etc. Entertainment of such gives a relaxing mood and a scapegoat for most who are in the brink of depression and desperation for a good quality of time far away from the tiring tasks of life. Basically, this soothing offer by the different medium of entertainment greatly portrays a big role in the lives of many.

The Most Influential Rock Bands of the 80’s and 90s

It was in 1988 that George Harrison of Beatles fame met for lunch with Roy Orbison and Jeff Lynne (ex ELO) in a Malibu California diner. George in conversation explained that over the next few days he was going to record a B side to his latest single “This is Love” and invited the two to tag along to help with ideas.

Illegal Downloading of Loops, Samples, Music Software Isn’t Free After All

Many people who download loops, samples, and music software think that they are getting usage of materials that would have otherwise cost them at what they consider a much better price, free. But is it really free? There are other factors to be considered when searching the web for illegal downloads on unmonitored forums or illegal torrent sites.

Sky Lanterns For Any Wedding Occasion

Decoration is an art. It is not only matter of prestige and sophistication, but a matter of creating a peaceful and lovely ambience. It has direct impact on your mind and your attitude. There is no doubt in the fact that a beautiful, well-decorated room will attract the attention of the guests…

MIDI Files: A Great Way to Create Websites With Musical Background

You might wonder about including a musical background on your web page. It is now possible by using MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) files. This type of files contains set of instructions which can read and send certain messages (notes, volume, pitch level and so on) to another instrument.

Create Your Own Beats With MIDI Drums

MIDI drum loops are an asset to music buffs, who love to create beats on computers. These instruments are generally used by professional studio drummers. While playing on MIDI drums, you have full control over the beats and can fine tune them as per your taste and temperament.

How to Choose the Best Beat Maker Software?

All you music lovers out there, are you tired of finding a good online beat maker? Well, read this article in which there are some good tips to find the best online Beat maker Software. There are many softwares available online.

If You Want To Learn Bass Guitar Easily, Stop Dreaming And Start Jamming

Never before has it been so easy to learn the bass guitar. If you are ready to let your desire turn into reality, read this article and let your dream of playing the bass guitar come true.

Best Guitar To Buy – Decide Which One Is Best For You

The wonderful thing about playing a guitar is the fantastic diversity of styles and sounds that guitars produce. Why are they so special? Let’s consider these points…

How To Find The Right Guitar Strings

When it comes to the guitar you need to know what type of strings to use. Learn the most popular ones to have.

3 Outstanding Music Albums You Absolutely Must Hear Before You Die

Every once in a while in music, you come across an album that is so authentic, and so jam-packed with intriguing songs that you can’t help but want to share it. While there are certainly mega-hit albums to be found that are chock-full of popular songs, there are always a few impressive albums that fly under the radar year in and year out. That’s why we’ve put together this list of three of the best albums you may have never heard of, and certainly need to hear before you die.

Tips on Using a Beat Production Software To Make Your Beats

Thanks to the many softwares that have been developed it is now easy for aspiring producers and beat makers to produce, mix, and master their own unique beats. Even though each beat production software is different there are some basic steps you can take with most of them to start off on the right foot when it comes to making nice beats.

D-Block Mixtapes – The Early Years

When people go out to buy mixtapes, they look not only at the artist but at the label that released the tapes. Signing to the right label for the release of a tape can be one of the most important decisions a hip hop artist makes for their career. D-Block mixtapes have helped start off many successful careers for the artists who are lucky enough to be on their roster.

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