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Guitar Lessons – Ways That You Can Learn To Play The Guitar

What is the best way to learn to play the guitar? This article helps to answer this question for people who want to learn to play the guitar either in a band or as a solo guitarist.

Music and Idea Generation

Discussing idea generation, and where you find inspiration. Is that inspiration from within or without? Let the glowing ember be ignited with passion and be creative.

Keeping The Faith: Wigan Casino (1973-1981)

Formerly a ballroom known as The Empress, this iconic nightclub became the very heart of the Northern Soul scene in the UK throughout the 1970s. The scene had its’ roots in Manchester’s Twisted Wheel nightclub. This had been a former coffee-bar, thriving in the white-heat of the rock n ‘roll invasion in the 1950s. Wigan Casino had the space & tailor-made wooden floor for dancing that The Twisted Wheel lacked.

Pink – The Most Under-Appreciated Artist in the World?

Pop artists around the world make millions from their fans. How many of them truly repay the favour and give their supporters real value for money? This article takes a look at why Pink is perhaps one of the most generous, yet under-appreciated artists on the planet.

Carry Your Keyboard Safely With Keyboard Cases

Are you a musician who loves his instruments? Do you need to travel a lot to perform at various events? You must have faced a lot of worries while travelling long distances in terms of the safety of your instruments, right? Well, there is good news for you now. A number of brands have come up with excellent keyboard cases that guarantee safe transit of your favorite instruments. These keyboard cases have been used by musicians from across the globe and promise excellent safety and reliability while carrying keyboards on long distance trips.

Gordon Lightfoot’s “The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald”: The Song And The Ship, Part 1

Gordon Lightfoot immortalized “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”. Building a sense of mystery and adventure on the high seas Lightfoot’s picturesque lyrics practically paint a movie in the listener’s mind. But not all of it was completely accurate. Read on as I separate the fact from the lyric.

My Take on Stagecoach 2013

Yes friends, I survived Stagecoach 2013. I am still not sure how I survived, but the point is that I did. I want to start by giving a little bit of advice to those who organize “the coach.” Change the festival dates to February. I am pretty sure we would all rather be a little cold at night than dripping with sweat in 106 degree weather for three days!

Making Music Your Business By Traci Truly (Synopsis)

Synopsis – “There is nothing you love more than making music and performing. Yet, you also realize that to make money doing what you love, there is a lot you need to learn. To be successful you need more than just talent”.

What Do You Think Makes Good Dance Songs These Days?

What makes good dance songs good? I guess the best way to tell would be to ask what song makes you jump up and dance right now? Some songs that make me dance, other people hate and vice versa… What do you think makes a good dance song?

Songwriting – Copyrighting Your Music, Pt 1: Should You Do It?

This article will talk about the general perception of copyrighting among songwriters. In a follow up article, we’ll look at how to actually go about copyrighting your songs.

Bob Dylan’s “Blood On The Tracks”, Part 5: The Fatal Extension Course

Jakob Dylan, one of Bob Dylan’s children, has stated that “Blood on the Tracks” was “my parents talking”. But part of what drove them apart was not “irreconcilable differences” or an extramarital affair. It was something so ordinary I’ll wager many of you have done it too… though certainly not with the same results.

Johnny Smith – Jazz Guitar Chord Melody Solo Master

History has it that jazz guitarist Johnny Smith decided to play the guitar at age five, originally motivated by his dad who was a five-string banjo performer, and turned out to be equally as outstanding on the violin, trumpet, and viola as well as the guitar. He likewise called Chuck Wayne, Jimmy Raney, Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Pat Martino, Jim Hall, and Harry Leahey as single-line jazz guitar players he admired.

Get the Best Wedding DJ for the Big Day

Are you planning a wedding? Wedding planning requires tonnes of work and there are lots of things to plan. If you are stuck with finding a DJ, there are tips you can use for finding the best wedding DJ.

TuneCore Review 2013: The Good and the Bad

You’re ready to find someone to distribute your music. This TuneCore Review gives you the d-low on one of the biggest out there.

Johnny Smith – Solo Jazz Guitar Master

Johnny Smith is just one of the most exceptional guitarists to come to prominence after Charlie Christian and Django Reinhardt made their marks on the jazz guitar music scene. Equally at home with a jazz group or a studio orchestra, as a bandleader or an unaccompanied soloist, in a duet with a vocalist or a pop music tape-recording session, he is just one of a little handful of jazz artists whose work achieved fantastic public recognition at the very beginning of his professional career.

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